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( Sep. 2nd, 2010 09:35 pm)
Look, I made an Andrew icon ♥
I actually stole the banner from the Bizarre Foods website because I love the photo so much. He looks totally adorable, dontcha think? ;)

Okay, more useless ramblings, anyone? Here we go!

Man, my kitchen is still so horribly incomplete, not just in terms of appliances and accessories. The wall cupboard my parents had ordered for me about, uh, two months ago still hasn't shown up and the last time they came here to work on my apartment the shelf I wanted to store food didn't fit in the car. So, right now, I'm stuck with two cupboards (one below my sink and the other one next to it which also has the work surface [where I cut stuff] and two drawers) and the top of my fridge to put things. Believe me, this is far FAR too little for all the plates, pots, glasses, cutlery and so on, not to mention the actual FOOD has to go somewhere. I mean, not everything can be stored in the fridge, so what about the potatoes, onions, bread, salt, flour, sugar...
Needless to say, it's a bit full in there right now, what with it being a small kitchen in the first place. But I like when it looks like it's actually being used, which it is. The kitchen at the place where I lived until a short while ago always felt like a fries stand because most food was made in the deep fryer. Actually, the surfaces and even the floor had started becoming sticky because of all the fatty fumes. Blergh! Right now, I don't even HAVE a deep fryer and honestly, could care less about getting one. I'm trying to cook real food with fresh ingredients, not just because I finally want to learn how to do it but also because I'm concerned about me health and, last but certainly not least, my weight. Is it just me or am I starting to sound like Jamie Oliver? Well, it's no surprise since I've been watching quite a bit of him lately, and also, goddammit, that man is RIGHT. But I'll maybe elaborate on that some other time.
During the past ten years, I've taken on about 25 kg (about 50 lbs) which is just HORRIBLE and I've certainly noticed my health starting to suffer from it. I just hope it's still early enough to turn this around...

On a more cheerful note, my second try on my improvised "Khaos Kurry" (I should file a copyright for this, I tell ya XD) turned out quite nicely indeed. I managed to get the meat less chewy (Thanks for the tops, mum :*), added more onions and tomatoes to the sauce and, since, this time, I actually had remembered to buy rice to go with it, more milk to get more sauce out of it. It honestly tasted like a real dish and realizing I not only had made up a recipe, got the amount of curry right AGAIN but also improved and added to it nearly made me cry onto my plate while enjoying it.
Maybe I DO have a real knack for this? If I do, I know whose genes are at work here *huggles her mum*
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( Jul. 21st, 2009 08:06 pm)
Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter. Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter, and a picture. Post the list in your journal. Give out letters to your commenters in return. (Let me know if you want a letter in your comment)

[profile] soviet_star gave me a "T" =)

10 things with T under the cut! )

Am about to write a blog entry about the financial situation of vocie actors in this country.
I have no idea why I'm still trying to change the common prejudice of "Anyone working in the media is lazy and rich", seeing how futile it is.
But I guess I'm just that idealistic...
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( Jun. 19th, 2009 10:34 pm)
- Had weirdes breakfast ever: Krupuk (shrimp crackers) and Sambal Oelek. I think [profile] yamasagi's love for spicy stuff is finally rubbing off on me ^_^;;;

- Watched more creepy documentaries, mainly concerning Chernobly, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What's it with me and atomic stuff?!

- Why do the documentary people have to visualize the effects of drugs using cute animations? Those receptors are adorable, they actually go *munch, munch* *gulp* when ingesting the substances O.o

- I should watch more Arte. Yupyup. Gotta check whether I even get it via DVB-T...
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( May. 7th, 2009 11:41 pm)
- Had cheap tomato soup which sucked.
- Cleaned the apartment.
- Took a video of Tenchi and uploaded it to YouTube (see previous entry).
- Had dinner at a Chinese restaurant which was nice.
- Registered my new phone with Sony Ericsson online.
- Prepared mother's day e-card.
- Talked to [ profile] silicondreams about a rather crazy bandfic idea I've had.
- Paid to renew my Rockfic subscription.
- Helped [ profile] yamasagi sign important petition against internet censoring.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 11:49 pm)
Happeh for today:

- First asparagus meal of the season. OM NOM NOM!
- Finishing the translation job for dad-in-law's company together with [ profile] yamasagi. We're a good team ^^
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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 10:46 pm)
Tagged by [ profile] silicondreams. I forgot to start yesterday but will try to do eight days from now on. Yakusoku da yo ^_^;;;
Sooo, happy for today:

- Getting out of the "Ah, gonna do it all later" kinda mood into one that's a bit more like "Okay, if I do it now, I can relax afterwards". Go me ^^
- Watching lots and LOTS of Go-Onger. It's so wild and funny and crazy and emotional and dramatic. Just the way I like my Super Sentai ;) Did they actually break some record with the twelve-mecha gattai? Anyway. I was happy to see Go-On Gold and Silver dancing at the end of episode 36 <3
- Onion rings :D~~~
Whaaaat, it's over already? Awww, what a pity. I really liked finding positive thigns to post each day and reading about other people's happy happenings =)
Anyway. Today's:

- Finding the manual and software for my soon-to-be new camera on my desk.

- Buying and eating tons of yummy sushi.

- Bombarding Kai with Japanese Christmas songs ^^
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( Dec. 22nd, 2008 09:47 pm)
Alright, many happy things for today.

- Buying stuff for our Xmas Eve fondue (OM NOM NOM) :D~~~~

- Got a new, cute and warm black quilted winter coat ^_^

- Plans for tomorrow: Going to Little Japan (the Japanese quarter of Düsseldorf) to buy sushi and sweets, then filling up our supplies of Ben & Jerry's on the way home. Whee~!

- [ profile] yamasagi just ordered a new camera for himself (an Canon EOS 450D if I'm not mistaken), which means I'll get his old one once the new specimen arrives. The old one is a Kodak Z7590, BTW. An awesome, almost semi-professional device, and certainly tons better than my current C813.

Finally, a test I found on some message board, and I don't even know who the character is that I ended up getting *lol*

Final Fantasy Character Test
Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
Final Fantasy VII
- Finding a specimen of those at 6.66€
- The arrival of this
- The fact that Camp LOLcat (Our little 3-piece Wacken group) will be complete in 2009 as well!!!
- Soulbro telling me he expects my NaNo novel to sell millions of copies (So silly but soooo sweeeeet) XD
- [ profile] silicondreams signing up, too (Yeah, I have three writing buddies now <3)
- Roasted chicken in the oven :D~~~
- #nipponsei releasing five OSTs they skipped so far
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( Jan. 26th, 2008 04:11 pm)
Less than an hour until the first dubbed episode of Doctor Who will finally hit German TV screens.
Gee, I hope mum will remember to tune in. Told her a million times, so she'd better do me that favour O_o
I'm not nervous, why? *runs around, pulling her hair*

Other than that, we just put one of our (in) famous roasted chickens into the grill. So it's just about four hours until yummy time :D~~~
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( Oct. 26th, 2007 02:03 pm)
The only drawback to having Fridays off is no cheap but good uno cafeteria food. I mean, I could go there since public transport's free, but spanding almost two hours on buses for one meal? Nah.
Well, to keep myself happy, I can always look at next weel's menues *looks at next week's menues*

The kittehs are ripping apart their scratching post. There were several threads hanging down from the top and Tenchi was pulling happily at them. When I noticed he had one of them nearly swallowed, I got worried. Somehow, I wouldn't like my cat to eat string. So I cut them off and threw them away. You should have seen Tenchi's face when I did it. It had "You bastard" written on it ^_~
Also, did you know that Jiro's fur, which is usually a bit gruff, changes a lot when he sleeps and relaxes? Really, it gets almsot softer than Tenten's, which is saying something.
Our cats are weird.
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( Oct. 17th, 2007 09:50 am)
I'm not dead, just readjusting. It's the first week of class and both the number as well as the running time of lectures are still severely reduced.

Orientation week (last week) was pretty fun, especially the day all the IT first-years met and some of our seniors showed us around the campus a bit. One of them is a Doctor Who fan. I know that because he visited my blog and afterwards, he quoted a line from "Blink" on our faculty forum =)

My timetable is still not quite done because we still have to get sorted into the exercise groups. However, it seems I'll have class from 8 AM to 6 PM on Mondays (O_O), on the other hand, I might very likely get Friday off. Awesome!

Also, I've been living in the cafeteria since Friday. I'm kinda obsessed with decent food at such a good price. Unfortunately, I never got to got there at my old uni becasue nobody wanted me to spend money when mum's cooking at home. Including me. Ah well.

The first look into some of the things we'll be doing in the various classes was interesting, yet slightly intimidating. Well, I've still got help at the ready, in case I need it. However, the real things (programming [Java] and mathematics) are still to come. Tomorrow *gulps*

I also met some nice people. There's this very sweet Christian girl in economy who kept comparing me to her best friend. Awww. We'll try to have lunch together once a week even though we study different subjects. Also, there's that guy in my faculty (long, black hair, leather jacket, buttons, kinda Metal-looing in general, fellow cat-owner) who's super nice. We've been sitting next to each other in class and riding on the bus home all week. Cool =)

So, I guess things are fine over here.
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( Aug. 4th, 2007 05:09 pm)
...worked perfectly.
No green (which might have happened because of the chemical dye that's still more than resident in my hair), no brown (might happen if too much air gets to the henna), just a nice, light red (which is supposed to get darker until like, three days afterwards because the oxidation process isn't finished.
So, tomorrow - the real thing.

Apart from that, we have a bunch of fresh cookies in a box and a chicken on the grill. Yay~!
We're so ridiculously out of food, I actually dreamt of supermarkets last night O_o
If we had a paper shopping list instead of an electronic one (updated via Outlook on [ profile] yamasagi's computer and then saved to his cellphone), I'd grab a red pen and scribble "Everything" on top of it XD
The thing we have the most quantity of in our fridge right now is probably half-liter bottles of Pepsi Max.
I wonder what that says about us? Nah, I don't think I wanna know.
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( Jul. 9th, 2007 05:31 pm)
The PS3 is here and [ profile] yamasagi is out to buy our fist game ("Motor Storm").
Without me.
Aw, but why is that, you ask?
Because yours truly was hit by an alarming fit of the runs like, five minutes before we were planning to leave.
Yahoo. Not.
So, I've been left here to turn on the dishwasher, clean the table and wait for my man to return with said game and two helpings of kebap (which are on me since Yama's life doesn't seem to include money that's not on his credit card ^_~).
Well, I still shan't complain and instead, am about to take a long, relaxing shower, enjoying my new fruity shampoo <3
... snagged from [ profile] arachnerd

Here be questions... and answers, too XD )
1. Do you download music not from the popular genres of Top 40, pop, rock, rap, dance, R&B, or country?
I guess most of my music - downloaded or not - is from non-popular genres, and I'm pretty happy about that, thankyouverymuch XD

2. Are there any musicians for whom you've downloaded a significant amount of their material yet own few or none of their albums?

3. Have you ever enjoyed a downloaded album so much that you went and bought the physical album?
Sure. One of my favourite examples is an album called "Hellfire Club" by some German band called Edguy.

4. How many different ways of playing music do you own (such as radio, stereo system, computer, Walkman/Discman, mp3 player, mp3-ready phone, etc.)?
Computer, laptop, two mp3 players, phone. I don't own a stereo any more ;)

5. Do you still have and/or play a favorite vinyl album, cassette tape, or 8-track tape?

Aaand some old ones! )

Whew. I think that was enough FF to last me a lifetime. Or, maybe, not ^_~
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( May. 3rd, 2007 10:00 am)
The only good thing about really hard, cheap cereal: You don't get this dust stuff at the bottom of the package :D
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( Apr. 28th, 2007 05:42 pm)
Last night, [ profile] yamasagi and me tried Ben & Jerry's for the very first time.
Unfortunately, the only flavours we could get our hands on so far were Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkeyand Half Baked.
I tried Chocolate Fudge Brownie, [ profile] yamasagi had a tin of Chunky Monkey.
Well, what can I say.
I. Died.
Several times.
In a very, very good way.
I think this ranks along the five tastiest thigns I've eaten in my life.

Today, we came back from the road with yet another haul. Adding up both days, we spent 35 Euros on the stuff.
We're SO lost, I tell ya ^_^;;;
Next time, we'll try another store to see whether they have other types.
BTW, fun fact: Most of the places that sell B&J around here are gas stations O_O;;;

We also went to the vets to get the thing about Jiro sneezing cleared up.
Turns out he's perfectly fine and we'll gave to live with it.

Finally, we installed a net so we can at least open one of the windows in this heat.
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( Apr. 10th, 2007 02:04 pm)
On Easter Sunday we visited my parents.

- Great food and even greater fun talking and goofing around
- Bro told me he might do NaNo this year. Wow O_O Actually... Add another "Wow" because I know I couldn't do 1600 words a day
- Mum's new car (brand-new black Opel Corsa) hasn't arrived yet
- We brought back tons of stuff:
--> Some summer clothes, especially some spaghetti strap tops. Yeah, my arms are too fat for them but I still wanna show off my tattoo, so I guess people will have to live with the sight ;)
--> A few DVDs
--> My PS2 (to put in the bedroom XD) and all the games
--> Books (Mostly old stuff from uni to sell at eBay, especially a whole bunch of Latin stuff *shudders*)
--> My rice cooker (Because it's bigger than [ profile] yamasagis)

I still find it difficult to stop connecting that place to the word "home". Well, guess it does take some time...
Moreover, I can't tell whether I miss them people or not. Yes, I have issues. Big ones.


- Mr Bean's Holiday at 5:15
- Afterwards: Burger King. They have special edition Whoppers right now. OMG cucumber Whopper :O~~~


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