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( Dec. 1st, 2008 10:47 pm)
The plumbing in the kkitchen is not working. Again. If this goes on lie this, we'll have to wash our dishes in the tub ;_;

Got registered at the job center. In two weeks, I'll have a counseling interview and then, me and them will look for jobs. Until then, I'll have to fill out several forms and update my C.V.

Finally, I caught a goddamn flu. My sinuses are completely blocked, causing the mother of all headaches. Not to mention I'm coughing like hell and might consider sleeping in the living room. Not that I'll be able to sleep much with my head hurting like this =_=
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( Aug. 19th, 2008 01:24 pm)
"Futurama - Day of the Tentacle" is not out yet, but I've found a DVD rip. Might as well check it out, no? Can't wait to hear Kif again :>

Like reported on my German blog, the new seasons of House and Heroes are set to start airing on September 16 and22, respectively.
As for QI, there's been no word on a specific airdate for episode 1 of series E yet. Meh.
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( Oct. 10th, 2007 10:10 pm)
For anyone who wants to see the crucial scene of 4x03 again (and again and again and...), go here. I hope it doesn't get deleted too quickly.
(Thanks to [ profile] sorion for the link ^^)

Also, the German version has reached another record in rankings. 35.1 percent. Holy damn. Is this ever gonna stop?
I mainly compiled this lil' list for personal use, but I thought some of you might like it, too. So, here goes:

Heroes (season 2) September 24

Stargate Atlantis (season 4) September 25

House (season 4) September 25

Qi (series E) September 21

Well, I guess it's time to warm up those BT clients and clear some HDD space, for the summer is over and our heroes will be back very soon ^__^

Oh! "Who wants to be a Superhero?" season 2 finale in two days. Can't wait =)

And finally, expect pictures of my Doctor Who toys to arrive tomorrow. [ profile] yamasagi and me had an awesome unpacking and tryout session this evening. And to be honest, more stuff was ordered as well, because my dear fiance just couldn't resist that black remote control Dalek. Bless him <3
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( May. 11th, 2007 01:59 pm)
On Wednesday, CPE prep class broke its own attendance record. And yes, I mean that in a very negative way.
K., the teacher and me. Three sodding people. Holy fuck.

Also, something else happened which left me utterly frustrated and terribly disillusioned. It took me a while to figure out how to tell this little tale and I'll now be doing it the other way around compared to what I first had in mind. Anywho, here we go.

It all started with S. (teacher for Wednesdays, an American who's probably in her late fifties) asking whether we're worried about the exam. I truthfully said that I'm not. Then, she asked whether P. (other teacher) has done a lot of listening comprehension in class. We - again, totally truthfully - said no. Then, she looked at me, asking "So you're not worried about the audio part of the exam even though you didn't have much audio..."
Before she could even finish then sentence, I protested, telling her that I in fact get a lot of English audio at home. When I told her that I watch UK/US TV shows/series on a daily basis, two things became quite clear:
a) She thinks The Daily Show is a normal news program. Which means she has no idea about it. I didn't even start on Colbert. Wouldn't have made sense, eh?
b) She has not even heard of House.
Y'know, I'm happy the windows were far away from me during that class or I'm afraid I might've jumped.
What causes an American to become like that?
A hint might be the fact that her husband is an English professor who owns thousands of books. Maybe they just don't get in thouch with modern media.
If it's living in Germany, I gotta warn you people out there: Stay the fuck away from this country or at least leave after a few weeks!
I... have no words.

Also, K. keeps going on about the "I know my language (Like hell you do) but I'm having problems with the topics" issue. Please, leave me alone, it's not my fault and I can't teach you how to conjure answers to nearly every damn question out of thin air either. It's a talent. Or why did you think you're working on your PhD in chemistry/engineering and not literature?
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( Feb. 4th, 2007 12:23 am)
“It’s a kind of war where enemies can either be emboldened or beweakened. So we have to enscare them to the point where they rebecave themselves. We must disimagine the very thinkment of misunsuccessiveness. That is what we have to bedo.”
(John Oliver)

Best. TDS. Quote. Evah. Nearly killed me, that one. Especially "rebecave". Grrrreat word ;) My inner linguist was crying with delight during that one, believe me ^___^

Last night, my homepage was moved to a new server.
That was neccessary because the hosting company changed their plans. I now get 10 GB of space and unlimited traffic for the same price as before (7.95€). Wow :D

I finally managed to download the "A bit of Fry and Laurie" pilot episode. Wow, loved that one. It's at least as good as the rest of season one. The way they do a lot of thigs exactly the same way the Pythons would've done, it makes me happy beyond any reason. And they're both such amazing actors! But I still prefer Hugh using his American accent, stupid as that may be ^_^;;;

Speaking of American!Hugh, I quite liked episode 3x12. I know, it wasn't that amazing from a writer's POV, but if you manage to shut that out and concentrate on the dramatic quality, it was really entertaining. Not to mention I thought Hugh looked especially good this time. Or maybe that was just because of the three-week detox ^_~

Today's show of c't TV (Did I ever explain the title of the mag/show? Maybe I should...) was one of the best ones ever. For some reason, Georg was smiling even more than usual. I mean, he always seems like a gentle, friendly guy but today... he was positively beaming O_O And Mathias was, too, and somehow, even when he was teasing his co-host, he still acted in a way that suggested he's much more fond of Georg than he wants us to believe.
Actually, the word "lovey-dovey" kept lighting up in my mind in big neon letters. I wonder why ;)
Plus, I got a real close close-up of our geeky editor in chief's hands. That totally baffled me because it's so very unusual. And to think I got to see that in 1280x1024 resolution, recorded from DVB-S right to Max's HDD - pure bliss.
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( Nov. 26th, 2006 12:20 am)

Dr. Gregory House

75% Eccentricity, 50% Confidence, 40% Kindness

Congratulations, you're the man himself, Dr. Gregory House! You're quite strange, and usually do your own thing regardless of what anyone else thinks. This is partially because a person with an ego as large as yours could not care less what anyone else thinks or feels about anything. Unless, of course, they're your patient and they're dying--but only if they're dying of something interesting! You're a definite asshole to most other people, but at least you know how to be one in style, with an awesome wit, comfortable sneakers, and a never ending variety of facial expressions.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Eccentricity
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Confidence
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Kindness

Link: The House, MD Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


And the new Qi is here as well *downloads*
I heart torrents. I really do ^^
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( Nov. 7th, 2006 06:29 pm)
No spoilers here, but gosh, what an amazing episode.
The ending made me a bit angry, though >:O
So, the new asshole.
[ profile] sorion said she prolly won't hate him as much as she hated Vogler.
Well, *I* think he could give Vogler a run for his money.
Now I can't wait for 3x06 to show up. I wanna know whether we are really being heard or whether it was just anohter of his stoopid jokes.
*shivers with excitement*
*grabs some H/W fics for distraction*

BTW, has the videos of Hugh's apparance on SNL. Even I haven't seen them yet.


Vote. All of you. Now!!!
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( Oct. 18th, 2006 01:38 am)
I'm now up to episode 3x01. I didn't want to watch the whole season 2 box all at once, that's why I'm a bit late ;)
Anyway, the people in Germany (who are still stuck somewhere in the first season) cannot possibly imagine what awaits them >:D
"Euphoria" was simply amazing.
But the other episodes rocked as well. Somehow, this show never fails to grip your attention, to fascinate and scare the hell outta you and still make you chuckle a few seconds later. What a rollercoaster ride.

And isn't it spiffy that this series sorta rules the TV world these days? It really does. I mean, just look at the German ratings. They're insane.
But damn, it's just so bloody justified.
Not to mention I have NEVER seen so many different people fall for a single show. Ever. I've heard about friends and neighbours who usually don't watch hospital stuff - heck, even those who hardly watch TV at all. But they still love House. It's incredible.

BTW, does anyone of you know [ profile] mspaint_lolz? If not, check it out, it's frickin' hilarious XD
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( Sep. 11th, 2006 05:07 pm)
I love this.
My favourite line: "Poof - cinq" *roflmao*

And I think everyone has already seen this. If not: Shame on you ;)

Some cartoons, grabbed from some IMG board )
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( Sep. 5th, 2006 10:41 pm)
Watched far too much House last night and today.
But MAN, this show rocks. Not to mention Hugh is so hot it hurts :)~~~~~
And they actually put a few more extra stuff on the second box set.
They're still pretty short but there are two commentated episodes as well which I still have to check out.
Loved the blooper reel :D
And the alternative "valley girl" scene takes like, totally crack me up *cracks up*

Oh, and I dropped 7zip in favour of getting good ol' WinRAR back.
7zip may be free and open source but the way it deals with overly long file names (or rather the way it REFUSES to deal with them) made me decide against it in an instant. Jeez... *disappointed sigh*
Oh well, WinRAR is more comfortable anyway *shrugs*

*sits on huge pile of anime music and drama CDs*
*stupid, happy grin*
Sorry, I said I won't spam you anymore, but...


Okay, the story from the very beginning.
A quarter of an hour before I suddenly remembered that while mum is away nobody checks the mail. So I went out to do so.
And what did I see lying around on the newspaper box?
A package. From Which, of course, I never ordered. Because I cannot order from them as I don't own a credit card.
So what the hell WAS THIS?
Well, something inside told me I knew what it was, especially when I noticed the size and something about it containing DVDs written on top of it.
Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut at that one that meme? ;)

Well, to make a long story short, I finally managet to tear the packaging apart and out came...

House Season Two!!

And it had a sheet containing mine and [ profile] rdyfrdes addresses and a note saying "Happy Birthday, Jessy".

Holy fucking fuck.
*rolls around on the floor, squealing like mad*

Thank you SO MUCH, dear [ profile] rdyfrde! I love you!!! Seriously!!!
As soon as I get the chance, I'm SO gonna get down to Seattle and hug you to death :D

*very happy bunny indeed*
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( Jul. 16th, 2006 05:06 pm)
Y'know, there are some things that remain.
Things you've gotten used to over the years, that you've become attached to and you don't think you'd even WANT to replace them with something else.
But once in a while, it still happens.
Today, it happened to me.
Or rather, foobar2000 happened to me.
I think I tried the thing once, but back then, I only had a half-hearted, not-so-interested look at it.
But since bro uses it and seems to like it a lot, I thought I'd give it another try.

Well, I guess that was a good idea.
If you like WinAmp and the stuff it does, you'll adore this guy. I do.
It's also not complicated to use, at least if you're used to WInAmp. And it's customizable as hell. Of course, I immediately inverted the colours to have write song titles on black backgound.
The look is simple, but that's a good thing. I never liked all of that skin stuff inWinAmp. No offense towards you skin creators out there, though, I know it's hard work and there are a lot of great-looking WinAmp dresses out there, it's just not my cup of tea!
I like this feature where you can have multiple playlists and skip between them like in any configurations dialogue.
And foobar's shuffle feature seems a lot more intelligent that WinAmp's. I mean, I don't listen to randomized music that often, but when I've tried it, I've usually been severely disappointed cuz with WinAmp, the same tracks appeared again and again, even if the playlist had 1000 titles.
Like WinAmp, you can set up foobar to minimize to the system tray. But the latter is able to display a pop up containing the track title once a new song starts playing. Neato ^_^
The file icons look incredibly cool as well.

Uninstalling WinAmp felt REALLY strange, since it's one of the programs I've been using since I know how to use a computer. Most other things have changed over time, but music player-wise, it's always been the orange bolt of lightning. Okay, I occasionally had a look at other stuff (like MusicMatch Jukebox which I still use to tag multiple files cuz I haven't found a similar powerful feature anywhere else), but none of that lasted.

Anywho, I don't think I'll regret this and I already put a copy of foobar2000 on my USB stick to install it on Kan-chan. Cuz foobar rocks \m/
The only problem is that this thing requires a music library that's at least somewhat organized and tagged. Unfortunately, this only holds true for like, one third of my stuff. Well, I'm bored anyway and our 'net connection seems to know it's Sunday, so I guess there's something to do XD

€dit: I just read a House slash story and the ENglish in there sounded REALLY strange. I looked up the writer and found out she's German. Well, thank you =_=
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( Jul. 11th, 2006 05:56 pm)
Holy shit times two.

"Histories" was great. The ending was pretty sad, but if you get a sneezing Hugh Greg in the middle (Can you say "uber adorable"?), all's well =)

And I think you haven't seen anything of House and especially of Hugh if you missed "Detox".

Cut for spoilers, probably useless, but y'know, netiquette and all that... )

"Detox" will be on German TV next week (which means it's "Histoires" today ^^). I'm really curious how my people (Yama, mum, bro) will react to this one.

Tomorrow, it's "Teaching mum how to use her new mp3 player" day.


Neat. UPP just made itself crash. Maybe I should turn off that topic change notification?
... and we're all gonna fall into a deep, black hole.
... not. At least not if I'm concerned. I've got TONS of House to watch, and I'm planning on doing the same thing I did with Max Headroom: Watching every episode twice. Some of the stuff I tend to only really get at the second time *is lame*

Anway, so we came third (Now did we flatten Portugal or did we? ^_^) and Italy is World Champion. Which is funny cuz everyone I knew rooted for France (apart from me) O_o
On Saturday, when they were handing out the medals, Angela Merkel (our chancellor) hugged Jürgen Klinsmann (our team's trainer). That was cute ^^ Call me crazy, but I really think Angela Merkel is kinda cute, in a dorky sort of way O_o
And when the fireworks went off (Who was the idiot who turned off the lights in the middle of it? XD) I got really sentimental, thinking about how this event might have showed people that Germany is NOT Nazi country and that we are, in fact, pretty friendly and nice :D
It was a great four weeks. And as some TV guys' shirt said, "After the WC is before the EC", so let's look forward to 2008's Eurpoean Championships. Wherever they are X_x

€dit: "Speciality": Rocks. OMG yeah. Best Jpop album of the year? Probably.
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( Jul. 10th, 2006 05:17 pm)
That meme thing took a lot more time than I'd expected.
BTW, did you see a pattern in there? Yes, that "choosing anime songs only" thingy was planned :)

Just ordered an mp3 player for mum (!).
An i.Beat cebrax.
I like the name O_o
And I'll be taking up on the job of teaching her how to use that guy :D

But on to the important news for in about four weeks, I'll be joining the lague of cat parents!
That's right, Yama and I will be adopting two baby cats from one of his co-workers ^_^
More about that once it's really happened.

Apart from that... utter House madness O_o
Gosh, Hugh is SO HOT IT HURTS. And his character must be one of the most fascinating ones ever created.
I'm only up to episode eight but at least I got further insight into the "original VS dub" matter. And I have to once again praise the Germans. Voice actor performances aside, the translation is amazingly faithful to the US script. That's not always the case and it's good that they did such a good job for such an astounding series. BTW, the German airing time has changed again, this time from 10:15 PM to 9:15. It seems that House is kinda popular so they're moving it gradually forward. It's now airing right after CSI Miami!

Okay, enough nonsense for today, gone to cut some CDs and maybe listen to the new album my TAMAKI Nami <3
C ya!
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( Jul. 7th, 2006 12:42 pm)
Hey, [ profile] rdyfrde, look what came:

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! *hugs'n'cuddles [ profile] rdyfrde

Er... yeah. Thanx again <3
They charged an additional 7.22€ of import tax after all. Oh well, fuck that.
Though they'll have to wait until I'm back home on Sunday. Oh well. But then, it's gonna be utter House MADNESS!!! Wheeeee~!!!!!!!!!!!!
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( Jul. 6th, 2006 07:01 pm)
I was sick of that old WIndows 2000 look on Kan-chan. Max already has Flyakite OSX, so I looked for something else.
And, surprise surprise, I found Window Blinds!
When I got that up and running and discovered it's taking up less than 2 MB of RAM (having only 256 MB does make you REALLY paranoid about this O_o), I grabbed a handful of skins and tested them.
What I wanted was one that had white fonts on black background.
Well, I soon got hooked on Dark Aqua XP. The only thing I modified is the standard wallpaper, which is a water drop. I changed that to one of my fave House pics and re-loaded the skin. Perfect!

Some pics? Here you go!

Screenshots, beware: 1024x768!!! )

I really need to take a good pic of Kan-chan himself running thatnew skin. Because he's black on the outside as well and the combination of that and the black OS looks almost too awesome :D

Apart from that, I'm reading some House fanfiction. Nice...


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