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( May. 7th, 2009 11:41 pm)
- Had cheap tomato soup which sucked.
- Cleaned the apartment.
- Took a video of Tenchi and uploaded it to YouTube (see previous entry).
- Had dinner at a Chinese restaurant which was nice.
- Registered my new phone with Sony Ericsson online.
- Prepared mother's day e-card.
- Talked to [ profile] silicondreams about a rather crazy bandfic idea I've had.
- Paid to renew my Rockfic subscription.
- Helped [ profile] yamasagi sign important petition against internet censoring.
Just now, I was looking at his website's new starting page. Well, it took me a moment to realize it's indeed him.
And I hear a lot of people are getting really concerned about the changer of look'n'all.
My two cents:
1. People change. That's okay. You can't expect someone to keep a certain look just to avoid possible complainers. And as we know, Tobi has always been one to do controversial stuff (McDonald's chart show appearances, anyone? Hasn't hurt them yet, AFAIK...)
2. Even if Tobi changes his look, who would actually believe that his character would be affected in any way? I don't mind a darker theme/style, as long as he stays the smart and incredibly funny guy he is. Which he will. Goddammit, this is Tobias Sammet, not some casting boy band singer who twists and turns according to the general public's taste *fumes*

Oh my, this feels like "A Defense of Edguy" all over again. Maybe someone remembers that... or not. Too long ago, I s'ppose. Gotta dig it out again, 'twas one of my better pieces of non-fiction ;)

And... I can't help it... he looks damn hot in that pic on there. Want more soon, pklskthx.. My good ol' crush on him is in full blaze once again.
*points at pic and shouts* I. Want. That. Now!!!

October 19, 2007.

Also, Wacken 2008.
Seems a bunch of Rockfic-ers will drag themselves over there next year, including my sorry-ass self.
We should totally get together, what say you? =)

Finally, something I found at the Wacken site. I haven't seen it anywhere else and it wasn't on the English version of the page. Here goes:
Apparently, Tobi was supposed to give a press conference at Wacken on Saturday. However, in the morning, he had to be rushed to hospital to get his appendix removed.
Awww, poor baby. I hope he gets well soon ;_;


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