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( Aug. 20th, 2009 10:51 pm)
... and look whom I met:

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( Jun. 16th, 2009 04:18 pm)
Gamer quiz, snagged from [profile] rdyfrde =)

Your result for What Kind Of Gamer Are You?...

FSPE - Racer

5 Twitch-Fluid, 7 Simple-Complex, 10 Planning-Acting and 9 Entertainment-Difficulty!

The rest of the result (beware, LOTS of text ;) )
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( Nov. 29th, 2008 03:31 pm)
Apparently, Kai hast sent me some special Advent calendar.
Damn, now I'm dying with curiosity... O_o

Oh, and [ profile] yamasagi has been selected as a beta tester for Playstation Home. Good for him!
I can't believe that the people at SDA say the music of Mega Man II (Game Boy version) is "notoriously bad". The "robot master selected" jingle is just fantastic! Also, it's not like the first two NES installments were that brilliant, music wise. I mean, come on, some of the tunes in there were downright ridiculous... blah...
[/senseless game rambling]
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( Oct. 14th, 2008 08:37 pm)
Xbox 360 endorsing TV shows is one thing.
But those advertising people should really use their brains once in a while.
Long story short: Don't use a slogan that contains the word "heat" if the 360 is involved!
(Needless to say... I LOL'd XDDD)
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( Sep. 24th, 2008 09:45 pm)
Sometimes, even [ profile] yamasagi switches to English without being forced to do so.
See, he's currently playing "Star Wars: The Force unleashed" on his PS3. And apparently, today he ran into a very difficult enemy that kept killing him.
However, just now, when I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen, it seemed like he had finally managed to kick the baddie's ass because I heard him shout "Got you, asshole!"
Anbd now, I'll have hot chocolate and today's episode of "Zieh mich an!". Yay ^^
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( Sep. 11th, 2008 07:51 pm)
This time, I'm getting rid of my Pokémon games:

Pokémon FireRed (GBA) + strategy guide
Pokémon Emerald (GBA) + strategy guide
Pokémon Pearl (DS)

I'm selling the GBA ones because I know I'll never finish them anyway and the DS one because I can just play the rom on my M3 Simply module and don't need the "real" game anyway. However, I kept the Diamond/Pearl strategy guides (Yes, it's actually a set of two huge books) because I do plan on eventually finisheshing that one. Also, those books are just too ginormous cool to give away =)
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( Apr. 23rd, 2008 10:34 pm)
Aaarrrggghhhh!!! They're airing my beloved Stargate Atlantis pilot episode. Dubbed. So bad. DO NOT WANT A BILLION TIMES!!! *runs and hides*

Have you seen this?

Awesome. I'm SO checking out the DS version ^^

And [ profile] yamasagi is probably looking forward to the July release of "Trauma Center 2". He loved the first one.
Actually, I'm writing this to the sound of him testing something on his DS (the new-ish silver model). Gaming nerds, that's what we are. Oh yes ;)
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( Apr. 20th, 2008 08:09 pm)
What kind of a loading time is this?!

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( Apr. 17th, 2008 08:34 pm)
I just bought twelve months of Paid Account and Extra Userpics.
Yeah, I know. So wrong. But I just missed all the VIP stuff so much ;_;

Also, I'm back. Um... hi :D

Actually, I've got TONS of news, but I'll put off spamming you all until tomorrow. Look forward to it... or not ^^

Totally unrelated, but anyway.
I've been watching speedruns all day (from here, if you're interested at all). One of them was of the orginal "The Legend of Zelda" on the NES. I've beaten it on the original console but back then, I didn't know about this so I couldn't have noticed.
When the credits came up I noticed that KONDO Koji, the music composer (that's the guy who created the famous Hyrule overworld theme and all the other amazing Zelda tunes) is credited as KONCHAN.
Awww :3

... god, I'm such a nerd. And the fact that I just spent two days converting a bunch of NES and SNES soundtracks to put them onto my iPod doesn't make it any better ^^;;;

Finally... damn, it's good to be back *huggles everyone*
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( Dec. 24th, 2007 11:01 am)
In about two hours, we'll be off to celebrate Christmas Eve at my family's.
Until then, there are still a few things left to be done (e.g. Having to check my village and see what the animals are up to today. One advice: Don't even start "Animal Crossing" if you don't know what you're getting yourself into *lol*).
Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.
I'm leaving you with this lil' video. Enjoy and see you... uh... some time between now and New Year's Eve? XD
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( Nov. 17th, 2007 02:53 pm)
[ profile] yamasagi is currently on the way to pick up my stuff.
My stuff, as in both of the Avantasia EPs, the new 'Ray album... and that goddamned Java book *growls at Java*
Anyway, we also bought additional cards for "The Eye of Judgment" so now we can play against each other =) ... and Yama might actually have a chance to win against me. He only beat the computer once out of like, twenty games. I guess you need a lot of experience to get really good at it. Heh. Can't wait to try out my deck (I decided to get the fire element one) against his mixed bunch of cards. Yay! Role playing! We're such utter geeks! ^_^;;; *cough*
Finally, I got "The Order of the Phoenix" which was released yesterday at the price of 9 Euros (O_o). So we'll be watching that tonight (in English, thankfully. I mean, the dubs are okay, but I still prefer the real thing).
Sooo, good weekend ahead even though my cold has somewhat come back. Ah, who cares. Gonna have FUN now ^_^

PS:>/B> I haven't forgotten about writing an entry about my new laptop. And I'll get to that eventually - I just dunno when. But I will, promise!
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( Nov. 5th, 2007 10:38 pm)
Reason 1: They emailed me the tickets for Hellish Rock in January. Yes, emailed. You heard that cxorrectly. Apparently, that's why the shiping's free . there is none *lol* Still, each ticket has its unique reservation code so everything should be okay. In other words, [ profile] silicondreams, we has tikits!!
Reason 2: [ profile] yamasagi ordered "The Eye of Judment" which should be here tomorrow. I know I did bitch about that game quite a lot, but I'm still interested to see how it looks and works.
Reason 3: Hopefully, tomorrow afternoon, we'll get something cool from the store that sold us our LCD TV: My brand-new laptop! ZOMGWTFBBQ!!! My first portable baby that's not used! I'm not telling what model it is (tho, if you know me at all, guessing shouldn't be a problem), but will certainly return with pics and specs as soon as I manage to tear myself away from the thing ;)
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( Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:24 am)
Right now, we're selling one of our PS2s on eBay. It's here. It's also got the SingStar stuff, the dance mats and three (!) cheating devices. OMG. Huge package, huh?
The other one (mine) plus another 25 games will go on sale the moment the first auction ends (Sunday at 7 PM). It doesn't have that many extras, but the games are slightly better.
Hopefully, we'll get good prices for all that stuff. [ profile] yamasagi wants to buy new PS3 games (and his beloved Dalek) and me... I'll prolly grab some clothes, maybe the HDD I've been wanting for ages. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed, 'kay? ^_^

I also borrowed [ profile] yamasagis credit card and ordered a bit of Doctor Who merch at amazon UK.
The stuff has been shipped today and should arrive at the end of the week.
I won't be telling you what it is until I got it. However, I give you a hint: It's two gadgets and one figure, and no, no Doctor among it. There's hardly any of them available online anyway.
Anywho. Will post pics once I got the stuff :D

Getting back to the "converted [ profile] yamasagi to Doctor Who" topic... I'm still a wee bit surprised I got him that easily. During the episode, he was like "Awesome" and "The Dalek rocks" a couple of times. Cool *beams*
But then, the thing is done in a way that it has to attract anyone who has even a vague interest in scifi and dramatic stuff. Just... powerful. Yeah.
Well, I guess I have to thank the actors and especially the writers. The job they did on the new series is just too amazing.
Russell T Davies is my absolute hero <3

[ profile] yamasagi bought "Warhawk" last week. It's sort of a first-person shooter, but with additional features, like being able to drive any vehicle and fly any ship standing around. Plus, with PS3 graphics, it looks really good. He's been playing it quite a lot because he could hardly do anything against the more experienced gamers. He's getting quite good, too bad the console seems to be pretty sensitive when it comes to (natural) instabilities of the DSL line :(
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( Aug. 27th, 2007 04:14 pm)

Strikethrough/Boldthrough07 revisited. Hilarious!
[via [ profile] sorion]

Potato chips
A very beautiful, encouraging article for all writers too read. Too bad I'm rather immune against these kinds of things XD
[via [ profile] rdyfrde]

Why do germans ban all the games? Let me explain.
3r0t1c n3rd accurately describes the situation in our goddamn country. Too bad his language has a tendency to be a bit sub-par ;)
[via Kotaku]
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( Jul. 28th, 2007 01:25 pm)
Yesterday, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in Germany.
And already, they're both on top of the sales charts ^_^
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( Jul. 26th, 2007 12:33 pm)
Yama (playing KAZAMA Asuka in "Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection"): "I can see her panties! I can see her panties! She's wearing something! ... wait a second... crap!"

Gotta admit, he IS a bit slow sometimes, even with realizing his own perv-ness ;)

... though her non-default outfit is... pretty hot ^^
Here's the main reson why we got a LCD TV - Our shiny, new PS3 (got it for 480 Euros, which means a discount of 20 percent ^_^)!
BTW, we named him Ganryu.

6 pics from unpackign session, 800x600, 361 KB all in all )

So far, we only bought Motor Storm since PS3 games are ruddy expensive and there's not too many out here yet. However, Motor Storm is pure eye candy, and, according to [ profile] yamasagi (I merely tend to watch and enjoy the 1080 pixels resolution) fun as heck to play. Or at least it GETS pure fun once you're past the first few stages. The courses get a lot crazier as you go along, believe me! The intro monologue is one of the most headdesk-worthy, cheesy pieces of flat-out badassery I've ever seen (and heard). Needless to say, I adore it :X
The sixaxis controller creeps me out since I'm not made for controls like that. Also, I miss the rumble feature. A lot.

Apart from Motor Storm (Wow, that was the first Blu-ray duisc I ever touched *geeky squee*), we also got Tekken 5 (looks gorgeous!!) and Super Rub A Dub (cute, I wanna sharkie like that!!) via download, plus a ton of demos and videos.

I keep reading comments from people saying all the extra features they put in the console are useless.
Excuse me?! What's useless about true multitasking where the system can download stuff in the background and will tell you about completed files and incoming chat messages even while you're playing?
Also, I really don't mind the console's ability to connect to any computer in the same network and play the contents in that computer's Media Player library. I think that's pretty damn cool especially since the PS3 is powerful enough to play true HD videos, which is most definately too much for most standard PCs, including my Max.
So, all in all, this black, gleaming baby is certainly made of awesome. I'm sure we'll have lots and lots of fun with it, much like we had with the PS2 *fondly remembers the nights of playing Primal, with [ profile] yamasagi doing the thing and [ profile] jessybxx helping him figure out the secrets*

I also found out - by mere coincidence, as always - that the Atari Lynx was first called "Handy". The German-speaking people are prolly giggling now, since "Handy" happens to be the common term we use for cellphones. Well, I think it's a good thing they changed the Lynx's name, imagine the confusion we'd have today... or not, since the Lynx rightfully bombed *lol* [/gaming history mode]

The mouse on [ profile] yamasagis third computer broke. So I had to change the startup setting on utorrent using only the keyboard. And I'M once again glad that most of the computers back in high school didn't have a ouse at all because it taught me to do everything without one just as well (and almnost as quickly, too) :D
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( Jul. 9th, 2007 05:31 pm)
The PS3 is here and [ profile] yamasagi is out to buy our fist game ("Motor Storm").
Without me.
Aw, but why is that, you ask?
Because yours truly was hit by an alarming fit of the runs like, five minutes before we were planning to leave.
Yahoo. Not.
So, I've been left here to turn on the dishwasher, clean the table and wait for my man to return with said game and two helpings of kebap (which are on me since Yama's life doesn't seem to include money that's not on his credit card ^_~).
Well, I still shan't complain and instead, am about to take a long, relaxing shower, enjoying my new fruity shampoo <3
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( Jul. 9th, 2007 01:49 pm)

We've got a Playstation 3!!!


More (and pics) tomorrow, provided I manage to calm down by then.


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