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( Jun. 15th, 2007 09:43 am)
Goddammit, why isn't it September yet? Wanna see the new shows... wanna seeee...

According to Wikipedia, the themes for the first eleven episides of the "E" season are:
Eyes and ears

I wonder whether the "James Bond thinks homosexuals can't whistle" thing might get a comeback in the espionage episode...
Oh dear... I think I watched a bit too much of that suff X_x

This article however, did surprise me a fair bit. I mean, Michael Palin as Qi host? Naah...

The pic of Stephen and Alan on the BBC site is just too adorable <3
Too bad that he apparently cut his hair again. Aw man ;_;

And then, I clicked on one of the streams on the right and the popup went "We're sorry. The content you requested is available for UK users only.".
Good job, BBC. Shutting out international viewers, eh? Nice. Not :|
German television has been buying your goddamned documentaries for ages. Is that how you thank us? T_T
Also, their help page is a dead link. Ow.

PS: I love my headdesk!Stephen icon ^___^
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( Jun. 15th, 2007 10:05 am)
Something I ooverheard at #eurobeat recently:
.:10·24·04:. * @FaXMactor np: USA (Extended Version) - Joe Yellow - Super Eurobeat Vol.177 Disc2 - The Best Of Extended Versions Vol.2 (Selected by DJ BOSS) - Eurobeat - 2007 - 02 - 05:18 - 199Kbps
.:10·24·44:. «@FaXMactor» the song actually has nothing to do with the USA :P
.:10·29·23:. «@zomg» Since when do eurobeat songs have anything to do with their titles
.:10·34·50:. «@hmtX^mokkori» since when do eurobeat songs have anything to do with anything

Well, I'd say truer words have never been spoken XD
1. Do you download music not from the popular genres of Top 40, pop, rock, rap, dance, R&B, or country?
I guess most of my music - downloaded or not - is from non-popular genres, and I'm pretty happy about that, thankyouverymuch XD

2. Are there any musicians for whom you've downloaded a significant amount of their material yet own few or none of their albums?

3. Have you ever enjoyed a downloaded album so much that you went and bought the physical album?
Sure. One of my favourite examples is an album called "Hellfire Club" by some German band called Edguy.

4. How many different ways of playing music do you own (such as radio, stereo system, computer, Walkman/Discman, mp3 player, mp3-ready phone, etc.)?
Computer, laptop, two mp3 players, phone. I don't own a stereo any more ;)

5. Do you still have and/or play a favorite vinyl album, cassette tape, or 8-track tape?

Aaand some old ones! )

Whew. I think that was enough FF to last me a lifetime. Or, maybe, not ^_~


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