Just now, I was looking at his website's new starting page. Well, it took me a moment to realize it's indeed him.
And I hear a lot of people are getting really concerned about the changer of look'n'all.
My two cents:
1. People change. That's okay. You can't expect someone to keep a certain look just to avoid possible complainers. And as we know, Tobi has always been one to do controversial stuff (McDonald's chart show appearances, anyone? Hasn't hurt them yet, AFAIK...)
2. Even if Tobi changes his look, who would actually believe that his character would be affected in any way? I don't mind a darker theme/style, as long as he stays the smart and incredibly funny guy he is. Which he will. Goddammit, this is Tobias Sammet, not some casting boy band singer who twists and turns according to the general public's taste *fumes*

Oh my, this feels like "A Defense of Edguy" all over again. Maybe someone remembers that... or not. Too long ago, I s'ppose. Gotta dig it out again, 'twas one of my better pieces of non-fiction ;)

And... I can't help it... he looks damn hot in that pic on there. Want more soon, pklskthx.. My good ol' crush on him is in full blaze once again.
*points at pic and shouts* I. Want. That. Now!!!

October 19, 2007.

Also, Wacken 2008.
Seems a bunch of Rockfic-ers will drag themselves over there next year, including my sorry-ass self.
We should totally get together, what say you? =)

Finally, something I found at the Wacken site. I haven't seen it anywhere else and it wasn't on the English version of the page. Here goes:
Apparently, Tobi was supposed to give a press conference at Wacken on Saturday. However, in the morning, he had to be rushed to hospital to get his appendix removed.
Awww, poor baby. I hope he gets well soon ;_;
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( Jun. 18th, 2007 01:03 pm)
Well, we finished Heroes. The whole goddamn first season in two weekends X_x

Possible spoliers ahead )

On an entirely different note, we expect to buy one of these this week. Cool, eh? :D
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( May. 14th, 2007 10:32 am)
I just drained my writing powers a great deal by creating that long and angry rant on my German blog (apporopiately titled "Eurpoes' worst losers"), so just have a few notes:

- Amazing show, the intro (feat. Lordi, wolves, monsters and TONS of fire) was the coolest thing ever. I love Finland. Kiitos for that ^_~

- The level of music quality was rather high and there were surprisingly little acts relying on ass, boobs and naked skin O_o

- Serbia was awesome and fully deserved their victory. I voted for them, Twice. Such a fantatic voice and OMFG what a passionate song.

- I adored the little movies that were shown in between the performances. I think this is the first time some of them made me laugh. Lovely job <3

- Ukraine was funny even though they need to practise how to count in German XD

- Sorry, my precious friends from the UK, but there's bad songs and there's awful songs. Your entry was off the scale ;_;

- We don't need a change of rules. Serbia didn't win cuz the other Eastern Europen countries voted for them. They won cuz everyone voted for them. If you take the non-Western countries out of the equation, rank 1 and 2 stay the same.

- I despise this country and its media for bashing the contest, its rules and the winner like this. Just because we did badly. Shame on you.
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( Apr. 10th, 2007 11:04 pm)
Bean was absolutely adorkable <3
And it sure was a bit of a contrast to the movie we watched last night. *cough*Saw*cough*
But I loved it.
Of course, [livejournal.com profile] yamasagi got the solution at a very early stage of the movie. Well, he got the culprit wrong but the reason was correct.
Ah, it's always the same. That guy has just watched too many movies so there's hardly anything left to really surprise him. Geez...
Too bad they had to cut some of the violent scenes to get the goddamn age 16 rating. And you can't even rent the age 18 DVD. Because you can't rent age 18 DVDs at all.
Holy damn. This country has a problem with violence. Hello?! We're like, adults? No?
Ah, forget it *sigh*

The site for my teaching project thingy is nearly done. Looks neato ^^
.... apart from our 'net connection being fucked again.
It runs, but everything except HTTP and mail downloads makes it either run at half speed or crash completely.

Y'know, if I were in command, I'd have upgraded to a satellite connection at least a year ago. True, it's a bit more expensive but it'd be a lot faster and maybe even somewhat stable and reliable compared to this utter shit.

Can you tell I'm fuckin' angry?

The fun thing is that mum onyl recently renewed our (or rather, their, for I don't support this in the slightest) internet and phone subscription. And is now bound to them for two MORE years! Why? Because she can call every other phone (not cellphone, mind you!) in the country for free now. Yeah, that makes total sense because everyone here talks on the phone for at least five hours a day. NOT!!

Well, right now, it means no TDS/TCR and no anime music. The only thing I can grab via HTTP are old c't TV shows. Which... is still... somewhat nice. Jeez, my parents should be happy that we're that easy to please, otherwise, I dunno what'd happen...

Okay, I need to do something else now, before I explode. Or implode. Who knows.
Last weekend, there has been an incident where two fiteen-year old highschool students murdered two people and took a girl hostage.
Now, it seems that the press is insisting on the main reason for the deed being their obsession with playing... Final Fantasy VII.
Yeah, because it's such a violent game.
Also, shortly before they did that terrible thing, they apparently watched Advent Children. And a friend said that afterwards, they behaved strangely.
Yeah, because it's such a violent movie.
Right now, I'm waiting for the entire FF series to be banned.
God, I hate this country.
Over and out.
I dunno whether I mentioned it before (and to be brutally honest, I'm too lazy to check XD), but soon, there will be a German version of Comedy Central.
Sounds good? Yeah, in the beginning, it did, since the US CC runs a couple of fine shows, like South Park, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Of course, me and various other German bloggers hoped that the German CC might air the latter two as well.
But the closer we get to the channel's launch date, the less likely it gets.
The schedule for the first week is out and they're mainly showing re-runs and recycled material. Blergh.
Well, it would have been nice to watch the "real" TDS and not those Global Editions on my TV but right now, it looks like it's not gonna happen.
Which means... back to BT.
And... god... I can't wait for TDS to start again! Tomorrow, folks =)

BTW, I grabbed "America - the audiobook". Didn't manage to listen to the whole thing yet, but so far, it's pretty funny ^^

And while I'm at it...
Here, have a TDS/Jon Stewart fic REC:
Hilf Mir! by[livejournal.com profile] cobrasnaps. Very cool, very unusual and very powerfully written :)

*checks tonight's TV schedule*
Ewgh. Bloody fuckin' nothin'.
Whatever. I have enough stuff lying around to get me through weeks without 'net - and, indeed, TV - access so no worries there ;)
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( Nov. 28th, 2006 07:26 pm)
I wish this whole story wasn't in German, but sadly, it is. On the other hand, I think I'd be a happier person if I didn't understand it.
Well, I'll try to explain it the best I can.
Today, Batz, my favourite German blogger (Gosh, I adore that man! The readers of my German blog MIGHT have picked up on that ^_^;;;) posted this entry about a German guy named Arne.
Arne is gay.
Which is not a problem.
Unfortunately, various members of his family seem to think otherwise. Especially his aunt.
She sent letters to other members of the family, asking for help in getting her nephew out of the terrible situation he somehow managed to maneuver himself into.
Luckily, they sent those letters back to Arne.
And he posted them on his Myspace blog.
I think those pages are some of the worst homophobic stuff I've EVER seen ANYWHERE.
It's the whole "Being gay is an illness that has to be vanquished", "All gay men are child molesters and will go to hell, but only AFTER we imprisoned them for their whole lifetime" thing. Written in a way that dim people might actually believe it.
Reading that stuff hurt like hell.
It made me want to cry and scream and destroy random things. At the same time.
It showed that while, from a technological POV, we might have arrived in the twenty-first century, the minds of a lot of people are still stuck somewhere in the deep Middle Ages.
And somehow, those people tend to be the so-called "religious" ones.
Somehow, I missed that connection between "belief" and "hate of minorities and people who are in some way different". Provided there is any at all.

I'll wrap this up by posting the Stephen Fry quote I used to reply to Batz's original entry:
Religion. Shit it.

Hallelujah. Not.
Okay, I'll spare you the usual "I'm a lazy lousy looser and should update them more often" and get right to the freaky stuff:

- For the umpteenth time: The Rowan Atkinson fanlisting is NOT run by Rowan Atkinson himself. Holy hell... >:O
- I'm not good with numbers and/or statistics. But like always, a good amount of the people who added their website URL to their application seem to never have heard about such a think as "linking back".
- I hate Myspace. Nothing new, I know. But going to all of those pages and instead of your button finding a ton of teenage nonsense is just so tiring...
- This is the first time I got an application email from someone who WAS already on the list. Eh...?
- People with an exclamation mark at the end of their nickname scare me to death. Imagine asking them for their name. "I'm TARUTO!!" *ears ringing*
I just found ot that El Jay actually supports embedded FLV videos (FLV = Flash Video, the file format used by YouTube and such). Yayness!
And I decided to try it.
This is a very beautiful V for Vendetta fan video set to a song we all know and love - "Nemo" by Nightwish.
Hope the code works. If it does, I'm afraid you'll have to expect more vids from me in the futue ;)
Fans of the movie - enjoy ^_^
Important: The video contains a lot of crucial scenes so don't watch it if you haven't seen V yet but intend to do so at some point. You have been warned!
(FYI: Length is about five minutes, the size of the file is 12 MB)

Oh wow *wipes eyes*

... and to think that it's quite possible for most of such videos to be gone soon since Google owns YouTube now and seems to be raiding the site for copyrighted material... makes me fucking angry. Argh!!

V is just amazing. I particularly like his introductory speech:
Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.


In German, the "using as many V words as possible" thing doesn't work since we hardly have any. So they only made his way of expression totally elaborate. Which, of course, kills most of the appeal.
I also find it extremely funny that Wikiquote included a version of the speech that was translated into "simpler words". So this is a bit hard to understand even for native speakers?

But AW! Hugo Weaving has such a beautiful voice. It's amazing how much feeling he puts into his acting even though his face is hidden behind a mask the whole damn time. Crush? Who, me? XD

BTW, like my cooking icon? I love those scenes, both the V and the Gordon one. They're really cute, each in its own little way ^_^
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( Oct. 24th, 2006 12:01 am)
I just started episode House 3x02. It was recorded from TV.
Before the thing started, it said "Viewer discretion is advised".
That made me laugh.
And it got me to write up some stuff I needed to get rid off.
Just ignore it if you like, okay?
Censorship. On TV. The hell is that supposed to do?
I mean, I am from a country where you get graphic stuff in the middle of the afternoon.
A country where US musicians are happy to be able to drop their pants and show their ugly asses on a TV show that is mainly watched by people younger than 20.
It's laughable, really.
I got my own TV set when I was fiteen.
Which is damn late compared to the stuff that goes on in this country today.
Still, from that day on, I could watch whatever I wanted.
Which I did.
And it didn't turn me into a psycho, an addict or a mass-murderer.
All that parental advisory stuff just makes bad stuff more intersting for kids.
Who then get it on the 'net or from their older friends.
And then notice it's not all it's cracked up to be.
I mean, I love you Americans.
But I don't get why you would erase images of guns from kids' cartoons when those kids' dads can buy then in the store at the corner.
Priorities, anyone?
But I still love you, even though you're quite the weird bunch ^_^
End of rant.
*goes to watch House*
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( Oct. 23rd, 2006 12:46 pm)
Do you know that feeling when something's so stupid it makes your eyes water?
I recently had a very bad case of this when I found out the details concerning the OP song of a new anime.
The anime is Pumpkin Scissors - and the name alone should have made me wonder.
So the opening song is called "Aoki Flamme". Wait... Flamme? Not the English word "flame" but tis German counterpart? Intersting.
Well, I thought, the Japanese like to include all sorts of languages in their song titles. As long as they keep it out of the actual lyrics...
How very wrong I was.
Every verse includes Yoko trying to pronounce "Gespensterjäger" [ghost chaser(s)]. Emphasis on "trying".
Not that I would've been able to recognize the words without the subtitles.
In the subs, it's even spelled "Gespenst Jäger", which is basically the same thing, just without the grammar XD
Oh god. This ruins the whole song. At least for me as a German.
I mean, I *am* somewhat used to their "creative" approach towards the English language, but somehow, I can't see the fun in doing the same thing with German T_T
Maybe I'm biased after all. No matter how much I'd want it, I'll never be able to turn into an American anyway. So there.

If you must, you can see the whole desaster here.

Y'know, the worst thing is that the song isn't half bad. This is the singer of "Zankoku na tenshi no teeze" and "Yoake umarekuru shoujo" after all. Still... *sobs*

Speaking of the Evangelion OP, the same blog also has the Spanish version of said track, complete with lyrics and downloadable mp3!
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( Oct. 17th, 2006 11:25 am)
... am I the only one in this blasted family who understands that if you have a cellphone, it makes no sense to leave it in the car oand/or never turn it on?
And funnily enough, each time, I am the one who fails to reach people when it's neccessary.
*breaks random things*

ETA: Okay, things were resolved - hopefully. Geez, I want my cellphone back (had to lend it to bro until his arrives, which will - again, hopefully - be today). I feel naked without Roku-chan O_o
Update on the "Star Trek: Borg" issue!

Since I doubt that this interests anyone at all... )
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( Sep. 25th, 2006 02:45 pm)
The Q DVD set is a mess. The DVDs are the worst ones I ever encountered. No idea who pressed them but they did a job as terrible as my DVD-RW did when I ran it via a damaged Southbridge.
My DVD software keeps crashing every three to five minutes. Even my LG drive which as a substantially better error correction than the Samsung one can't handle them. Oh crap.
Right now, I'm decrypting the discs and saving their complete content to my HDD. Luckily, I have more than enough space for the four DVDs (together, they'll need about 32 GB). Maybe I'll even be able to burn working copies of them this way. I need DVD DL (double layer) to do that, but I'd love to try that. I've never burned 8 GB discs. Might be worth a try.
Until the extraction is finished (takes about 25 minutes per disc O_O), I'll look at the pretty layout of the Q DVD box. The outside is completely metallic and holographic. Wow. It also has a lot of Q pics (the back of the inner box actually has a small gallery <3). If only the DVDs were not that pitifully made...
However, I'm gonna try and play the discs on every drive I have (Kan-chan and my standalone DVD player), maybe I'm lucky and one of them works. My hopes aren't that high. I'll report later.

My stepcousin and her mother visited earlier, mainly to pick up my uncle's laptop. When I told them about the corrupted HDD, my stepcousin admitted that she hits the thing when something doesn't work the way she wants to. Holy crap, you tech molester! Being the responsible techies we are, mum and me explained that this is a bad thing to do and they were like, "Well, nobody told us when we bought it". Er... wait a second. Is it really that far fetched to think that hitting a portable computer can damage it? I think that's as much of an adivce as "Stay as far away from anuclear explosion as possible" (via John Sheppard). Dammit, why are people with no common sense still allowed to own (and torture) poor computers? It's sad.

€dit: Okay, forget the burning thing. DVD DL discs cost about 3€ per disc. Oops XD Guess I'll wait until the buggers become affordable. Right now, they're just expensive beyond any reason.
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( Sep. 12th, 2006 07:00 pm)
I know I've said it countless times but...
Damn, I so live in the wrong country.

Case in point: This.

I saw that short video clip (those were recorded live in front of an audience O_o) that's floating around the web. And those thigns are absolutley hilarious. Not to mention I finally got to hear John use his "real" voice as Q (Him being exasperated cracks me up. Not to mention I lust him so much it's not funny anymore :D~~~).

Currently trying to download it. Might take some time but it's not impossible. Phew.

Oh, and *snort*. I can so see him doing that. What a slut ;P

... who actually got himself his own tag AND user pic now. What a pose XD
... and how they managed to ruin ALL of the characters!
Yay! ... not XD

So this thing happened last Wednesday.
I was watching the interview with that young woman who had been imprisoned by a guy for eight and a half years but during the commercials, I switched around the channels a bit and suddenly found myself in the middle of a SG-A episode. A dubbed SG-A episode. A second before I started yelling and destroying random pieces of furniture, I decided to take this opportunity and make some notes about the stuff they did to the characters. That way, I'd have some real arguments against the bloody dub of doom.
Fun fact: I actually did this in ENglish almost automatically cuz I know nobody would read that if I put it onto my German blog and... let's face it, you guys simply got better adjectives than we do ^_~

This was an episode from the second season and that's why Lt. Ford isn't mentioned. And I really would've liked to hear Radek Zelenka, too (maybe in his case, they didn't remove an accent FOR ONCE, but my hopes aren't exactly high) but he didn't appear during the five minutes I managed to stand this crap.
I also researched the names of the pathetic idiots voice actors just for the sake of completeness.
Anyway, here are my (slightly exteneded) notes, sorted by character! Grab your vomiting bags, hold on to something and have... fun X_x


John Sheppard
This is the only character where I can tell you the name of the voice actor without research: Marcus Off, who also played Eric Idle in Monty Python's Flying Circus and Jack Sparrow in You-Know-What. And you know how much I love him in both roles. But John Sheppared is probably the single wrongest thing he ever did! I mean, John's behaviour and the stuff he says tend to be kinda dorky (space bugs, anyone? XD) but he's also very brave and saves the days on Atlantis on a somewhat regular basis. But the dub really reduces him to the silly comments. Which hurts. Badly.

Elizabeth Weir
(played by Elisabeth Günther)
Heck, no. Now, Elizabeth can be TUFF when danger looms large. But in general, she really CARES for her people a lot. Well, her German version sounds more like a teenage bitch than anything else. Yuck.

Rodney McKay
(played by Axel Malzacher)
OMG I always hated Axel Malzacher and now it's just getting worse >:O Okay, Rodney is an ass. But he's a brilliant, funny, loveable and terribly charming ass. Not to mention he's a lot hotter than I tend to admit to myself, ahem XD Anway, the dubbers somehow succeeded in taking away all of his charm and leaving only the ass behind. Great job. Not.

Teyla Emmagan
(played by Natascha Geisler)
The leader of the Athosian people is friendly, caring and compassionate. Her German version sounds as if she had an IQ of about 12.7. Wow.

Carson Beckett
(played by Tobias Lelle)
Okay, it's impossible to recreate a Scottish accent in German language. But it's still irritating because there's certainly something missing. And that's not the worst aspect of Carson's dubbed version. Oh no. As I told [livejournal.com profile] silicondreams, he's my favourite character in SG-A. Why? Because he's cute and gentle and easily scared ;) In contrast, the German Beckett sounds as if he was being constantly annoyed. Where is my adorable, shy Carson gone? Oh god, this is just so terrible!!! *sobs*

Ronon Dex
(played by Ole Pfennig)
Heh. He's the only main character that sounded somewhat similar to the original. Strange.


Y'know what? Right now, I firmly believe the vocie actors were chosen by throwing some dice T_T

And we can do better, we really can. And we did.
For example, I have heard John de Lancie speak. It was only a short piece and it was years ago, but that really burned into my brain (God, I had have such a crush on that man, but more about the embarrassing stuff tomorrow ^_~). And his German VA (Hans-Werner Bussinger) really sounds remarkably similar. No kidding.

Okay, this doesn't change the fact that I want to watch the Q episodes in English but anyway. We can do better.

Coming up: 40 years and not counting anymore: Star Trek and me - Of crushes on ominpotent creatures and slashy POVs before I even knew what slash is ^_^
Well, I'll be leaving for Yama's place tomorrow so I felt like leaving a little pressie =)
Click here to download (11.4 MB)!
I hope it works, I had some problems uploading the last 60 KB or something O_o
And this is what it contains:

Shining star
[128 kbps / 3:28 / 3.17 MB]

artist: NAKAJIMA Tomoko
anime: Futari wa Pretty Cure
CD: vocal album "Dual Vocal Wave!"
no lyrics available T_T

When I listened to this song for the first time, I *died*. No kidding. It takes about 20 seconds to capture your attention completely, and if that fails, just wait for the transition between the verse and the chorus. Guitar, anyone? But apart from the awesome guitar stuff, just about every aspect of this track is absolutely spectacular and never fails to make my jaw drop even though it's a bit old already.

"Yume yo habatake / two hearts"


I believe in
[128 kbps / 4:21 / 3.97 MB]

artist: NAKAJIMA Tomoko
anime: Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
CD: vocal album "Extreme Vocal Luminario!!"
no lyrics available T_T

Same artist, similar ingredients but still different enough to be as loveavble as "Shining star". Excellent guitar solo as well :D


[128 kbps / 4:49 / 4.41 MB]

artist: savage genius
anime: Erementar Gerad (OP)
CD: OP single
lyrics (+ translation!!)

If only the first album by savage genius ("Kaze no kesshou") had been anthing like this 2nd single of theirs T_T This is really fast and extremely catchy. Makes you feel like having been run over by a truck, but this time, it's a truck that consists of awesome melodies and great vocals, so it's not too bad ;)


Heh. This was fun.
Wow, I feel like Genki / KnO (my anime mp3 request sites) have come alive again. Eh... nope, that wouldn't be too good. Zombie websites, ewww XDDD
Anyway... Enjoy ^_^


Unfortunately, while I did some research for the rrack info, I came across some German Pretty Cure sites as well. The series has been running in a dubbed version for some time now. I once watched the opening and well, lucky I'm such a calm person or I might just have punched the screen >:O And the fact that there's a German version of "Shining star" nearly made me cry with anger. That's just so sick!

Speaking of sick, look at this. Business opportunity? Ewgh. So they(TOEI) are trying to sell the rights and they actually believe the thing could be a success. And you know what? IMHO, they're just plain wrong.

I felt like writing a little essay ^^ )

Sorry for the rant, but maybe it's interesting to someone... anyone... maybe not. At least I had fun writing it ^_~
Which reminds me... I still need to get #3 and #4 of the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Special Soundtracks *lol*
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( Jul. 18th, 2006 04:40 pm)
There was this entry on my German weblog. I talked about a GR video bootleg I grabbed off P2P.
Today, I got the following necro-comment:
Hi,I am really interested in this bootleg.Can you reupload it please?Only for one day.Answer me please on my email.Thanks very much

For one, someone should teach that guy what a space key is.
For another, why do people still think everyone has the time and the webspace (and the connection for god's sake) to upload huuuge files for total strangers and let them drain their website traffic?
It's a complete mystery to me.
Of course, the question of HOW he got there isn't. Geez, I hate Google >:O
Now I hope the guy (judging from his email address, he's Czech) understood the stuff I wrote in my email. Guess I'll keep you updated, should he reply. Which I doubt. But reality tends to defy my imagination anyway, so we'll see.

Eek, Forecastfox is displaying that scary red thermometer again. Guess for the next two days, we're gonna hide inside the house and try not to move that much.
Waking up from a devastating dream to people you've only met once and you're not sure whether they even like you making fun of you over the phone.
Well, I guess that counts as a hint.
Another supposedly nice day in ruins.
*grabs ANOTHER House episode to get her spirits up*


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