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( Jun. 18th, 2009 09:14 pm)
According to this site, my Chinese name is Bei Zhishou (last name - first name).
Of course, I entered Kai's name, too. He turned into Tang Kuaian ;)
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( May. 11th, 2009 10:57 pm)
Unfortunately, I managed to get both [ profile] yamasagi and me addicted to My Japanese Coach last night.
Despite the rather bad IGN review, I like it a lot. Heck, the damn thing managed to finally implant the days of the week into my head which is something I've always had huge problems with. Wow!
The principle of mastering vocabulary seems to be quite effective for now, at least it does work for me. The games are fun and the lessons are not too huge.
I was quite flattered when the game, after the assessment test, put me right into lesson 11 *blushes*
However, I started from the beginning instead to see every bit of the program.
In other extras, I love how there's a tool that teaches you the strokes to write Hiragana, Katakana and, supposedly, at a later point, Kanji as well.
The whole game seems to be quite extensive, with 100 basic lessons and more. The sound quality is good for such a small-ish program and you can even train your own pronounciation!
I expect to come back to it again and again, if only for the Kana practice. The vocab so far is still a bit underchallenging for now, but I'm sure that'll change.
So, if you have a DS and want to learn something new, why not try this (or any other of the "Coarch") series?
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( May. 5th, 2009 10:53 pm)
I'm not sure what's funnier. This pic...

... or the title of the original post on
I think that’s beyond my mortal powers.


Also, this make me go *headdesk*
Harei Davehong Motorcycles?! Yeah, sure... ;)
That kinda reminds me of KenSingTon *lol*

Finally, a bit ago, [ profile] yamasagi was watching Naruto Shippuuden and I was just on my way to the bedroom (so I wasn't looking at the TV) when I heard someone say "Sakusen ga shippai ka".
When I asked "What plan has failed?", [ profile] yamasagi was like "You damn nerd" XD

Pics and review of new phone tomorrow. I think I already spammed you enough for one day ;)
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( Apr. 28th, 2009 10:24 pm)
My happy things for today:

- Took some adorable photos of Jiro and Tenchi to post on their birthday. Wow, who would have thought that our boys will turn three on May 1st? ^^

- Applied online for Japanese studies in Düsseldorf. Just having tried it gives me a good feeling. And even if I don't pass, which might very well be the case, I plan to continue the self-teaching so that maybe, in some distant future, I'll be able tot ake the JLPTs.

Uh... if you ask me, those Asus people really need a lector or two....

I also recently opened a new account at studiVZ. It's here. [ profile] mirmingi has already found it <3 I also looked up some other people and sent friend requests. However, since I still might have forgotten someone, just add me if you want ^^
Happy birthday, [ profile] arrys_girlie!!!!

I'm currently listening to the podcast. Very amusing and very educational, too ^_^
I was reading that clothes catalogue and saw the shirt on the following picture. I thought it looked nice until I noticed that something about it was fundamentally wrong.
Can you spot it?

Holy shit, the writing is backwards T_T [ profile] yamasagi was arguing that maybe they just put the photo the wrong way, but if you look at the label in the neck, you'll see that it is not mirrored. So, I'm right and the people at Bon Prix are stupid ;)

There's been news about the airing (or non-airing) of Doctor Who in this country. Apparently, and quite contrary to what everyone believed, they've only just now acquired season 2 and are dubbing it right now (Someone's busy, I suppose?). So, no airing before 2008. And, just to add that fact, the series had at one point been announced to air in 2006. Er... dumbasses. The poor people who depend on dubs. Glad I'm not one of 'em.
Remember how I was wondering about whether Kai #2, the director of the German dub might also have been involved with translating the script?
Well, I recently got this fact confirmed via three (!) different sources, one of them being the homepage of dear Nico, the guy who knows Kai personally and who miraculously reappeared our of nowhere a day before I left for Italy.
So, yes. He did translate at least some of the scripts. Holy... O_O
Can't wait to see how well he managed to do this. Well, I'm not too afraid of the directing aprt because he's one of our best voice actors, so if there's one thing he'll be able to do is to teach others ;) The translating part, on the other hand... it sure is one hell of a job. Honestly, I wouldn't even wanna try. So I hope Kai is even more of a genius than I thought.
Well, I guess there goes my final reason for maybe not getting the German DVDs once they're out.

Speaking of DVDs, according to, the season 1 box will be released on March 13, 2008. However, KSM, the company that is supposed to produce them, didn't announce anything yet. So either amazon Germany knows things that everyone else doesn't, or they just made it all up.

Also, I found the German episode titles. These seem to be the official ones because the source is the FSK (the people doing the rating).
Before I inflict them on you, I'll have tot ell you some general facts about the way German dubbers translate episode titles... or rather, do not translate.
For some reason, many dubbers seem to feel they're more creative than the people who originally thought of the episode titles, so, instead of just translating them, they make up totally new ones. Often, it seems they think the titles don't relate as much to the actual episode as they should, even though sometimes, that's a good thing because it'd give important elements away. I mean, the original creators surely had their reasons for naming the episodes the way they did. But who cares, we're the dubbers and we'll just do whatever we want. Ugh.
A very, very bad case of this "unimaginative inventing syndrome" (I just thought of this name, and I think it fits perfectly XD) is that rather successful series called Hosue, MD. From what I have seen, most of the titles have nothing to do with the English ones, and, if you know what the episode is about, even spoil some of its content. What the...?! Not to mention the whole dub is one hell of a rushed job. Hamburg dubbing, bleh >:P

However, with Doctor Who, whoever was responsible for doing the episode titles, did the right thing. For once.

Look at that. Well done! )
I'm up to 1x07 now. Gotta say that I watched every episode twice. For now. I expect to know them by heart in the rather nearer future O_o
Actually, I'm running out of adjectives to describe the thing (and a certain, gorgeous time-traveling alien :D~~~).
The way you get pulled into this thirty-four years old franchise and feel at home immediately is just amazing. Not to mention the fact you can't stop once you've started. Apart from [ profile] yamasagi, who needs to get his taste fixed. But then, I wouldn't wanna have him see me while watching it (XD), so it's probably better like this.
I wish my bro wasn't too lazy to watch stuff in English. That series would be just the thing for him. Grrrr...
Also, having Chris dubbed would be the saddest thing ever, wouldn't it? Too bad I don't take on accents like [ profile] silicondreams does, otherwise, I'd totally sound like him now. I'd never have thought a Northern accent could be this cute, but combined with a character like this, it becomes totally irresistible... to me, that is ;)
Gotta do some icons for my JF, since there's no space left on here, and in about two weeks, I'll get reduced to... what was it? 15 pics if I use the Plus feature, which I probably will.
Yeah. That's it. Nothing more to say, really. I'll treat myself to 1x08 - 1x10 tomorrow. What a nice bday pressie *lol*
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( Aug. 16th, 2007 09:56 am)
... let me show you them (XD).
They arrived yesterday.

Boring details that nobody will be interested in anyway ;) )

Finally, uh, hi.
I'm back in Germany.
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( Jul. 24th, 2007 01:29 pm)
Awesome: A Bittorrent client that can do a forced hash-check. >µTorrent = total love <3

Not so awesome: Some guy I really respect writing a review of the Simpsons movie and getting one third of the (American) voice actors' names wrong. Jeez...

Totally un-awesome: German censors destroying "The Darkness". We'll be getting the Austrian version now, which apparently remained as it is. Phew.

BTW, I found the source of my anti-aliasing problem. It seems that Windows Vista denies the function to applications other than the Windows Media Player. Holy... O_o

Finally... Who wants a PAL PS2 with controller, some extras (remote, base) and a few games (still need to decide which)? It's three and a half years old, hardly used and in brillliant condition! It's name is Mabo-chan.
Nobody? Yeah, well, thought as much ;)
We'll probably be putting my old machine onto eBay since we obviously have no need for three of 'em (counting the PS3).
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( Jul. 24th, 2007 10:43 am)
Here you go. I first put the whole article, untranslated, with my paragraph marked in red.
Then, I cut my part, made a separate file out of it and translated it best I could.
Uh... enjoy? =)

Jess in the Press *lol* )
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( Jun. 22nd, 2007 08:23 pm)
CPE oral exam )

So now I'm sitting here, waiting for [ profile] yamasagi to come back from the goddamn summer BBQ party. Gee, at this rate, I'll rot here =_=
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( Jun. 22nd, 2007 12:53 pm)
I just listened to the example mp3s of the listeninjg paper that's available on the ESOL site. And it seems that their favourite way to test the candidates' ability to understand all kinds of accents is using Scottish people. There's been one in every listening exercise I've heard. I've had a Scottish hunter, a scottish doctor, a Scottish environmentalist... However, the strength of the accent varies. In the December 2004 exam (the one that's for download at the site), it's much, much stronger than on the CD we used last week. Actually, I prefer the stronger one because it's just so bloody adorable <3

Oral CPE exam today.
I'm not really worried.
For some reason, I'm rather confident in my speaking abilities, apart from the accent. But AFAIK, you don't get penalized for having one. Phew-ness ^^
The girl I've been paired up with turned out to be the kind of "all of my teachers suck, all subjects do, too and I hate them all" high school student I hated even when I was at that age myself. But at least she seems kinda outspoken, which is good, because you can get penalized if you talk too much. Ugh. But I'll manage.

ETA: Lovely. Gotta get going in half an hour and it just started to rains cats, dogs and whatever animals you'd like to see falling down from the sky. Ah well...
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( Jun. 13th, 2007 11:45 pm)
Okay, final post before tomorrow.
Uh... wish me luck?
But even if nobody did, I can do this. It's not something I'm bad at or don't really care about. I can do this! Gonna pwn Cambridge >:D
*clenches fists*

Exams starts at 9:15 AM. Gotta get up at 6:15. Damn trains. Ugh.
I expect not to be home before 7 PM. Double-ugh.
Anyway. C ya tomorrow *wavey*
Pokémon Green was one of the first two Pokémon games ever released.
Since it never came out in any other language, there have been some fan-made translations of it. Here's a short movie using one of them.

Failed translation episode 1 - Pokémon Green
OMG *lol*
"I'm shouting! Wait a movement!"
That's just one step away from "All your base are belong to us". I love this stuff. It's priceless ^^

That reminds me. I actually played Green on an emulator once. However, I think it was a better translation. But the "old" Pokémon are really ugly, if you ask me. Bulbasaur looks just stupid. I don't even wanna know how Pikchu looks in this version O_o

(BTW - See the graphics? Looks a bit different to the Western versions, huh? The visuals were re-done for the Japanese version of Blue and ultimately adopted for both the Western version of Red and Blue. Also, those two sold pretty badly. Game Freak [the developers] nearly went bankrupt. Woah. Look here for a bit of info and box art!)

I wonder what's wrong with someone who misreads "pray" as "prey" O_O
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( May. 11th, 2007 01:59 pm)
On Wednesday, CPE prep class broke its own attendance record. And yes, I mean that in a very negative way.
K., the teacher and me. Three sodding people. Holy fuck.

Also, something else happened which left me utterly frustrated and terribly disillusioned. It took me a while to figure out how to tell this little tale and I'll now be doing it the other way around compared to what I first had in mind. Anywho, here we go.

It all started with S. (teacher for Wednesdays, an American who's probably in her late fifties) asking whether we're worried about the exam. I truthfully said that I'm not. Then, she asked whether P. (other teacher) has done a lot of listening comprehension in class. We - again, totally truthfully - said no. Then, she looked at me, asking "So you're not worried about the audio part of the exam even though you didn't have much audio..."
Before she could even finish then sentence, I protested, telling her that I in fact get a lot of English audio at home. When I told her that I watch UK/US TV shows/series on a daily basis, two things became quite clear:
a) She thinks The Daily Show is a normal news program. Which means she has no idea about it. I didn't even start on Colbert. Wouldn't have made sense, eh?
b) She has not even heard of House.
Y'know, I'm happy the windows were far away from me during that class or I'm afraid I might've jumped.
What causes an American to become like that?
A hint might be the fact that her husband is an English professor who owns thousands of books. Maybe they just don't get in thouch with modern media.
If it's living in Germany, I gotta warn you people out there: Stay the fuck away from this country or at least leave after a few weeks!
I... have no words.

Also, K. keeps going on about the "I know my language (Like hell you do) but I'm having problems with the topics" issue. Please, leave me alone, it's not my fault and I can't teach you how to conjure answers to nearly every damn question out of thin air either. It's a talent. Or why did you think you're working on your PhD in chemistry/engineering and not literature?


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