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( Feb. 1st, 2011 08:50 pm)
Being an otaku is the greatest thing in the world and I'd rather give my arm than stop.
That's all I ave to say right now.
Snagged from [personal profile] screwthedaisies =)

Instructions: Open up your iTunes (or WinAmp, or whatever, though iTunes is easiest for this I think) and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 8415
How many hours or days of music: 24.07 days
Most recently played: Super Eurobeat Vol. 194 - Stephy Martini - Fever of lvoe
Most played: JAKQ Degenki Tai - SASAKI Isao, Koorogi '73 - JAKQ Degenki Tai
Most recently added: Faylan - "Mind as judgment" and "Utakata no kotori-tachi"(The OP to the anime "CANAAN" and its C/W)

Sort by song title.
First Song: Die Ärzte - Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit - ♀
Last Song: Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 9-2-9

Sort by time.
Shortest Song: Lemmings (SNES) - Title screen (0:03)
Longest Song: TËЯRA - RËVOLUTIФN Dance Dance Revolution featuring TËЯRA (27:05)

Sort by album.
First album: abingdon boys school - abingdon boys school
Last album: dream - 7th Anniversary Best

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Hinoi Team - Super Euro Party - On my own

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 40
Life - 278
Love - 244
Hate - 29
You - 511
Sex - 19
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( Jun. 19th, 2009 10:34 pm)
- Had weirdes breakfast ever: Krupuk (shrimp crackers) and Sambal Oelek. I think [profile] yamasagi's love for spicy stuff is finally rubbing off on me ^_^;;;

- Watched more creepy documentaries, mainly concerning Chernobly, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What's it with me and atomic stuff?!

- Why do the documentary people have to visualize the effects of drugs using cute animations? Those receptors are adorable, they actually go *munch, munch* *gulp* when ingesting the substances O.o

- I should watch more Arte. Yupyup. Gotta check whether I even get it via DVB-T...
AnimagiC is slowly drawing closer so I'm starting to serioulsy think about outfits.
I'm pretty sure on one of the three days I'll wear pretty much the same stuff like on March 15 (the day I saw Kai on stage). I hope his colleagues weren't TOO scared of me ^_^;;;

Speaking of the play, turns out Shinigami-sama (our LaserJet M1522nf multifunction printer) actually lets me scan via network, so here are pictures of my souvenirs:

Pretty boring, but anyway... )

Also, Kai sent my DVD today. And he said he included "a couple of surprises". Wow, SEVERAL of them? Can't wait. SRSLY. ARGH.
Started watching "Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger" even though it's not completely subbed yet. Oops ^_^;;;
Love the wild animal theme, the claws and the theme song. It just fits the series sooo perfectly <3
Well, I thought I'd annoy everyone with it (and not just [profile] silicondreams). Unfortunately, all the OP clips on YouTube are of a rather bad quality so I decided to cut a better version from one of SkewedS's wonderful subs.

Useless technical information: This was cut using Avidemux becasue VirtualDub can't handle .mp4 files without extracting them first.

Enjoy... well, maybe not XD

I also bumped into this blog which is the biggest resource of Super Sentai images I've ever seen. I really need to raid their whole archive ;)
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( May. 28th, 2009 04:07 pm)
Gotta recount this since it's way too stupid to pass up. It's probably boring for anyone else but me so just skip it ;)
I was searching for a WinAmp input plugin that can read .tak files. I have an album in that format and since dbpoweramp can't decode .tak, I wanted to use WinAmp's disk writer output plugin to extract the audio data to .wav so I can split the CD using the .cue file and then convert the single tracks to .mp3.
Found TAK 1.0.1 which seems to be a more or less official codec pack including the WinAmp plugin I was searching for. However, 1.0.1 seems to be outdated so when I clicked on the download link, I was sent to 1.0.2 instead. From there, I jumped to 1.0.3
This actually went on and on and on until I arrvied at 1.1.1 which seems to be the most recent one.
Oh. My. God.
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( May. 19th, 2009 11:10 pm)
According to Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta, both Rick and Hikaru can run the upcoming new version without a problem. Well, after Vista, I doubt they could come with a OS that has even higher systemr equirements *lol*

But I kinda like the icon, it's cute:

Also, I found thi hilarious GIF on some image board or others:

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( May. 17th, 2009 09:01 pm) has a category of neat quizzes. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with the ones about computers.
Two screenshots because I thought they were funny and interesting:

Doctor Who fans are EVERYWHERE ;)

Educated guesses *lol* I couldn't have said it any better. Or, as [profile] yamasagi famously put it while talking about a camera that had 3 mega pixels which it pseudo-increased to 12:
"Three of four pixels are COMPLETELY MADE UP" *rofl*

My old display was sold for 61€ (about $82) which is more than even my most optimistic expectations. Wow :D
So, there might be another trip South happening in the not-too-distant future. Also... Nah, not gonna tell you that yet since I don't wanna jinx it ;)

Finally, a huge thanks to [personal profile] hector_rashbaum for the Deamwidth invite <3 I really wanted to check out this new journaling site, mainly to see what they're doing differently (or maybe better?) than good ol' ElJay. Right now, I'm crossposting to DW via Semagic, which works just as well as it did with JF and IJ. I'll keep you updated on what I think of DW, though I don't think I'll completely switch over any time soon...
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( May. 15th, 2009 09:16 pm)
There was this persistant, pesky .zip file in my D:\ drive's root directory. Its size was 0 bytes and Vista wouldn't let me delete or move it, no matter what I did.
I searched the intarwebs for possible ways to get rid of the little bastard. Some forum suggested deleting it via a Command Prompt that has to be running with Admin rights.
When this didn't work, I kept looking and ran into a neat little tool called Unlocker.
Not only did it do the trick, but it also suggested what to do with thel file, which I imagine makes it easy to use even for inexperienced people.
If you ever have a similar problem (including the goddamned "file is in use" message), I suggest trying this nice program =)
I have no idea what hit me today, but whatever it was, it made me clean and tidy up the area around my desk. Some photographic evidence after the cut!

Busy bee... )
Stole these from a German message board. Had a good laugh so I thought you might like them, too.

13 more after the cut. Enjoy ^_~

Click for the LOL )

(Seen on Hoerspiel-Scene)
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( May. 6th, 2009 11:11 pm)
(Snagged from [ profile] rdyfrde ^^)

- Print screen your current desktop.
- If you have Photoshop (or whatever image editor you use) open, print screen.
- If you have a music player open, print screen.
- Pick a folder, open it, print screen.

Nice Shakugan no Shana wallpaper I stumbled upon today ;)

Yes, I do use MS Paint, if only to crop pictures to LJ icon compatible dimensions ;)

The Magiranger Complete Song Collection in iTunes <3 (BTW, the screenshot is bigger because it's from my secondary display which has a resolution of 1680x14050 pixels)

"Hitlers Helfer" ("Hitler's Helpers"), a documentary I'm currently watching.
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( May. 2nd, 2009 07:19 pm)
So, today, I wrestled with my cellphone provider, trying to get them to give me a phone cheaply for renewing my plan.
Bottom line: They won't, so I have to make do with what they offered me in the first place. Ugh.
However, since I'm selling something on eBay right now, I might just be able to squeeze out the needed moolah out of my poor, battered bank account.
Even though I won't decide on a model just yet, right now, I'm quite fond of the Sony Ericsson K850i.
I've never had a SE phone before, but I'd love to get one with a 5 MP camera, so this is one of only two options I've got. Nokia has a lot of crap out right now, so I'll not even look at them.
The other one (Motorola Z5N) is even more above my budget than the 850i, so I'm trying to convince myself it's not worth the additional charge. It's got WLAN, but I'm not sure whether I'd even use it.
Also, I like how the Sony one has face recognition and an accelerometer to recognize its position and change the display to widescreen as soon as you tilt it to the side. Apparently, it's also got great battery life.
Besides, the K850i looks rather gorgeous with its black exterior and green lines (I know there are two other styles, but Luminous Green is the one I'd be getting).
The photo functions also sound awesome. For example, BestPic takes nine photos in a second and lets you choose the best one. This is something that was just made for me ;) Also, you can edit your photos directly, for example, the phone allows you to change brightness and contrast. Nice :D
For now, I'm leaning towards the K850i. Still waiting for Kai's comment (He's a Sony Ericsson owner as well) and my eBay auction to end so I know how much I'll be able to spend.
Hm... *walks off, pondering*
Today was kinda uneventful. Still, some small happy things did happen...

- Did weekly grocery shopping at the wholesale store with [ profile] yamasagi, which is always fun <3

- Finished watching Dekaranger, the Deka movie and also watched "Magiranger VS Dekaranger". These crossover movies are quite possibly the best thing since the invention of the internet *lol*

- Managed to get my C:\ dive backed up on the server. Apparently, trying to store D:\ made the appc rash. Oh well, since C:\ is my system partition, just getting that secured is sufficient, too.
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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:37 pm)
Holy cow, everything seems broken today. imploded (use .info instead), the Konsolenpodcasts page is still down (Their server died and they're hopefully setting up the new one right now) and the nice site I was getting some of my lost mp3s back from is not responding to my FlashGet or Firefox either.
Meh -_-

ETA: Random advice for fellow Ashampoo users: If you ever happen to pick up a .nrg (proprietary file format used by Nero Burning ROM which Burning Studio can't handle) file, use NRGtoISO (DL here) to convert it to .iso ^^
For me, that tool worked perfectly and I now have a DVD with all four German Volumes of "You don't know Jack" (2 to 4 voiced by Kai <3).
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( Apr. 7th, 2009 10:26 pm)
So, seems like I finally got LoudTwitter to work. Kinda. Tags and custom userpics still don't show up, and to be honest, I've stopped caring. I'm good as long as my tweets show up here AT ALL.

I just lowered Avira's heurisitc detection level. Hopefully, it'll now stop trying to make me delete that evil, evil trojan called mIRC every now and then O_o

Also (stolen from [ profile] sorion)...

You Would Win Best Costume Design

You are imaginative, artistic, and very unique. You are a natural designer.

You can picture entire movies in your head. You are incredibly visual.

As long as you can remember, you've always had a flare for fashion. You like to experiment with looks.

You like dressing up in costumes and outfits. And not just for Halloween!

Visual? Well, maybe, but I'm at least as much an auditory type. Hell, one of my best friends is a voice actor. That proof enough? *lol*

Speaking of Kai - lookit my spankin' new userpic ^______^ <3 <3 <3
A screenshot from NCIS episode 6x06 which was aired on German TV tonight.

Oh really... =_=
Don't they have ANYONE on their staff who KNOWS about such things?
Well, if all the technical nonsense they stuffed into this one episode is any indication... they don't >:|
But what's worse is that most viewers probably don't even notice all the mistakes made on the show. Ugh ~.~
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( Mar. 31st, 2009 11:46 pm)
My HDD just made a really ugla noise and a few seconds later, the whole laptop just froze.
Um... I guess I'd better move all of my data to Sakura like, right now. At least I know it's safe there since the server duplicates everything you put on it.
Also, [ profile] yamasagi can just get me a new one in a day or two.
Still... mehness. The machine isn't even a year old ;_;
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( Mar. 12th, 2009 03:18 pm) says I'm a Cool Nerd Queen.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get nerdy images and jokes, and talk to others on the nerd forum!

Wow, didn't expect to score that highly... O.o


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