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( Oct. 4th, 2008 02:22 pm)
Would you please kindly consider not resetting my display options each time I update you?!
That includes hiding the audiobooks and applications category as well as making that annoying Genius sidebar show up again and again.
I don't need a plugin to tell me which songs to listen to. And I do appreciate being able to access my audio plays and games, kthxbai.
At least you keep my columns the way they were. But that's not saying much, and we both know that.
So, get a grip, you bloody assortment of 0s and 1s. If not, I might consider swapping you for one of the alternative third-party applications after all.
You have been officially warned.

Yours, pissed pff,
Jessy >_
- Finding a specimen of those at 6.66€
- The arrival of this
- The fact that Camp LOLcat (Our little 3-piece Wacken group) will be complete in 2009 as well!!!
- Soulbro telling me he expects my NaNo novel to sell millions of copies (So silly but soooo sweeeeet) XD
- [ profile] silicondreams signing up, too (Yeah, I have three writing buddies now <3)
- Roasted chicken in the oven :D~~~
- #nipponsei releasing five OSTs they skipped so far


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