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( Sep. 2nd, 2010 09:35 pm)
Look, I made an Andrew icon ♥
I actually stole the banner from the Bizarre Foods website because I love the photo so much. He looks totally adorable, dontcha think? ;)

Okay, more useless ramblings, anyone? Here we go!

Man, my kitchen is still so horribly incomplete, not just in terms of appliances and accessories. The wall cupboard my parents had ordered for me about, uh, two months ago still hasn't shown up and the last time they came here to work on my apartment the shelf I wanted to store food didn't fit in the car. So, right now, I'm stuck with two cupboards (one below my sink and the other one next to it which also has the work surface [where I cut stuff] and two drawers) and the top of my fridge to put things. Believe me, this is far FAR too little for all the plates, pots, glasses, cutlery and so on, not to mention the actual FOOD has to go somewhere. I mean, not everything can be stored in the fridge, so what about the potatoes, onions, bread, salt, flour, sugar...
Needless to say, it's a bit full in there right now, what with it being a small kitchen in the first place. But I like when it looks like it's actually being used, which it is. The kitchen at the place where I lived until a short while ago always felt like a fries stand because most food was made in the deep fryer. Actually, the surfaces and even the floor had started becoming sticky because of all the fatty fumes. Blergh! Right now, I don't even HAVE a deep fryer and honestly, could care less about getting one. I'm trying to cook real food with fresh ingredients, not just because I finally want to learn how to do it but also because I'm concerned about me health and, last but certainly not least, my weight. Is it just me or am I starting to sound like Jamie Oliver? Well, it's no surprise since I've been watching quite a bit of him lately, and also, goddammit, that man is RIGHT. But I'll maybe elaborate on that some other time.
During the past ten years, I've taken on about 25 kg (about 50 lbs) which is just HORRIBLE and I've certainly noticed my health starting to suffer from it. I just hope it's still early enough to turn this around...

On a more cheerful note, my second try on my improvised "Khaos Kurry" (I should file a copyright for this, I tell ya XD) turned out quite nicely indeed. I managed to get the meat less chewy (Thanks for the tops, mum :*), added more onions and tomatoes to the sauce and, since, this time, I actually had remembered to buy rice to go with it, more milk to get more sauce out of it. It honestly tasted like a real dish and realizing I not only had made up a recipe, got the amount of curry right AGAIN but also improved and added to it nearly made me cry onto my plate while enjoying it.
Maybe I DO have a real knack for this? If I do, I know whose genes are at work here *huggles her mum*


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