Nicked from [ profile] rdyfrde :D

1) Have your music library ready.
2) Choose one song from your music library whose title starts with the first letter (or number) of your screen name.
3) Repeat this process with each successive letter (or number) in your screen name until you run out of letters (or numbers).
4) Post up your results.
5) BONUS POINTS: Upload your mix (whether it's individual songs or a .zip of all the songs) and include the mix in your post.
6) MORE BONUS POINTS: Add the line around the 1:10 mark of at least five songs.

So, now, you too can explore the horrifying world that is my music taste XD As you can see, it is all over the place, like it's always been...

(J) Judas at the opera - Edguy [Superheroes EP]
(E) Everlasting song [Japanese edition) - FictionJunction ASUKA [Erementar Gerad]
(S) Spirit of the night - Daniel (SEB 188]
(S) Sign of the cross - Avantasia [The Metal Opera Part 1]
(Y) You only tell me you love me when you're drunk - Pet Shop Boys [Drunk single]

(B) Before dawn daybreak - fripSide [Split Tears]

And, because I just can't seem to get enough, I did the same with what's officially become my second nickname:

(Q) Question at me - HAYASHIBARA Megumi [Fuwari]
(U) Upstairs - Wolfsheim [Dreaming Apes]
(E) Eagle - Gamma Ray [New World Order]
(E) Edge - access [Best selection]
(N) Nur einen Kuss - die ärzte [Jazz ist anders]

(O) Out of the dark - Falco [Out of the Dark (Into the Light)]
(F) Fallen to pieces - Helloween [Gambling with the Devil]

(G) Gas gas gas - Manuel [SEB 181]
(E) Egao - WADA Koji [Digimon]
(E) Escapist - Nightwish [Bye bye Beautiful single]
(K) Kimi ga tame - Suara [Utawarerumono]
(S) Sprial galaxy - HAMADA Mari [Reflection ~Axiom of the two Wings~]

Ah, that was fun. Actually, I could've easily posted two songs per letter. Maybe I'll re-do this thing some day...
Anywho. Downloads. I've put all the songs in one file because I'm a lazy bum. You can grab it here (right click + "save as") (.zip/86.8 MB, all songs in .mp3/128 kbps).
If anyone just wants any one of the songs without having to get the whole archive, just tell me. I'll gladly upload it for you!

... No, I'm not doing the 1:10 mark thing. Even I am not that crazy ^_~

PS: Be glad I spared you "Belleville rendez-vous". And that's just because I forgot :P
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( Jun. 29th, 2007 01:14 pm)
... have the two definitive highlights from the new Super Eurobeat Vol. 179!

track 15 Mega NRG Man - Red light and sex
I heard people were praising this one over the moon before I got it, so of course I was wondering whether it's really that good. Well, it is. The chorus just blows me away every time. Certainly the best Mega NRG Man song in a long time.

track 17 Remy Panther - On the road again to the show
I know it's hard to believe but this is one of the more serious tracks by Hi-NRG Attack. And IMHO, that style suits them just as well as the uber wacky one. The vocals are as cool as Eurobeat gets, and they fit the unusual (at least for the Hi-NRG label) racing topic. Also, note their musical trademarks - the howling guitars and the squeaking female backing vocals ^_^

(And yes, I know the Megaupload link says "SEB 178". My fault, didn't double-check. It is Vol. 179, tho.)
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( Jun. 15th, 2007 10:05 am)
Something I ooverheard at #eurobeat recently:
.:10·24·04:. * @FaXMactor np: USA (Extended Version) - Joe Yellow - Super Eurobeat Vol.177 Disc2 - The Best Of Extended Versions Vol.2 (Selected by DJ BOSS) - Eurobeat - 2007 - 02 - 05:18 - 199Kbps
.:10·24·44:. «@FaXMactor» the song actually has nothing to do with the USA :P
.:10·29·23:. «@zomg» Since when do eurobeat songs have anything to do with their titles
.:10·34·50:. «@hmtX^mokkori» since when do eurobeat songs have anything to do with anything

Well, I'd say truer words have never been spoken XD
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( Jun. 11th, 2007 12:04 pm)
Well, Super Eurobeat Vol. 178 turned out to be far better than I thought during the first listening. There's quite a number of killer songs on it. "Glorious" is without a doubt the best Powerful T. release ever and it's certainly as Metal as Eurobeat can get ^_~ "Crazy for love" just stuck with me immediately. Apparently, it's a good title for a catchy Eurobeat song (there was at least one other track with that name and it was just as good as this one). The riff is just amazing and it's a good, albeit unusual move to not have the singer shut up during this central part of every Eurobeat track. I was a little disappointed with "Supersonic fire 2007" (Woohoo, finally a self-cover of which I actually know thw original XD) since they kinda eliminated the edges which I liked about it so much. However, they re-recorded the vocals which is all but usual Eurobeat practice. Nice! Dave Rodgers's newest song is pretty cool, too. It's called "California dreaming" but apart from the title, it's got nothing to do with its popular namesake. This is typical for Eurobeat as well, BTW. We've had "Like a virgin", "Goodbye yellow brick road" and many others I can't think of right now. On the other ahnd, there are real covers as well, like "Another one bites the dust" and "I was made for loving you". OMFG those crazy Italians ^^
Okay, I'm rambling now. So sorry. Back to 178.
HI-NRG Attack got to open the CD for the first time ever, which, as a rabid fan of most of their stuff, makes me rather proud. Cut again because of a few naughty words. You never know who might be offended by something like that ^^ )
Anywho. When I saw the preview track list for 179, I noticed that HI NRG will get both the first and the last slot on there. Wow!

BTW, here it is:

SEB 179 tracklist )
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( May. 1st, 2007 09:09 pm)
... was I able to survive without Euromach for all those months?
*embraces "Shake me up" while sobbing with joy*


Tips on finding out whether someone you know got a real fast internet connection

1st place:
Instead of trying to locate a bunch of music files (nearly 1 GB O_O) on some faraway hidden DVD, they just download them again.

Right now, I'm sitting here in a very crumpled skirt and a very crumpled spaghetti strap top. I'm just not bothering with ironing in this heat *wipes sweat*

Well. I just got Super Eurobeat Vol. 177 and while I was listening to it for the fist time, I wrote down what I thought. Just to annoy you with it ;)
Here we go.
(BTW, the thing in brackets is the label that produced each song)

177!!! )
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( Apr. 24th, 2007 02:08 pm)
Call me superficial, but sometimes, I tend to judge something by its look.
Case in point:

This is Yoko, one of the main characters from the new Gainax anime "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann". Now, not only does she have long, red hair, but OMG, look at the lil' skull she's wearing <3 <3 <3

Er... yeah. Needless to say, two new user icons emerged nearly out of thin air.

*is waiting for SEB 177*
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( Mar. 1st, 2007 08:41 am)
Three people.
Three frickin' people, goddammit =_=
But! Teacher #2 is an American. Which I didn't expect at all since CPE is a British.... thing.
Call me racist, but I so could've hugged her :3
Still... I thought seven people (out of twelve) was bad. But... three?!
Well, we did the gapped text thingy and started on the next unit... Globalization (or, as written in the book, "Globalisation" *lol*).
Also, stupid old me got to give a lil' speech about the Japanese language and how to distinguish between Chinese, Japanese and Korean writing. That was cool ^^

In other news: DLing SEB 175 right now *excited*

Oh, and BTW: Good luck to everyone doing the BFNoWriMo ^____^
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( Feb. 27th, 2007 12:23 pm)
So, I had my first (for the others, it was like, the eleventh, but anyway) CPE prep class yesterday.
And I died.
And came back to life because I had to.
Several times.
For one, about half of the course was missing for some odd reason (the teacher suspected a mix of last week's Carnival and the flu making the rounds).
For another, I felt like being back in highschool. Gap texts, vocabulary discussions and listening comprehension. Holy hell O_O

And that also includes:
- people not being able to use the right tenses unless you tell them
- people who can't pronounce a "th" and don't really seem to bother
- people who switch to German repeatedly because they're running out of words and getting stuck in their own sentences
-people who are unable to follow a discussion on tape that's been recorded in the clearest British English imaginable and at about half the normal talking speed

The teacher is a very funny and friendly, small and chubby black woman who was actually late for class *lol* She has a tendency to REALLY get distracted from the subject we're talking about or the exercise we're doing at the moment and to tell us personal stuff instead. And when I - new student, yasee? - stayed to talk to her afterwards, she told me that it's always difficult to get stuff done in class so a lot of self-study will be in order. Heh, that's fine with me.
Oh, and last but not least: Most people in there apparently don't know jack shit about idioms. And I thought I was bad at those. But apparently, the 'net did teach me quite a few of 'em after all. At least I wouldn't try to sell "the top of the iceberg" to my teacher like certain other people did. Owwies =_=
Long story short: I won't take responsibility for any fits of rage that might occur during the next couple of months.

What really bugs me is that I read the course description beforehand. And it sounds really intimidating. Somehow, afterwards, there wasn't much left of that feeling.
We'll see what's gonna happen tomorrow (second part of class, diferent teacher), but my hopes aren't exactly high.

BTW, am I sounding too arrogant here? If so, feel free to slap me. I'm just a little... surprised at the level of the class right now.

And... Eurobeat people, please stop speeding up songs to fit into your megamixes. Right now, my dear Manuel sounds like he'd had a can of helium before recording "No control" ;_;
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( Feb. 26th, 2007 02:05 pm)
(From the show on Feb 17)
(They're talking anti-virus apps 'n' crap)
Mathias: "Never surf the 'net without a virus scanner"
Georg: "Like in real life - never without protection"
Jessy *head bursts something awful*

Well, that was unexpected indeed. I know I tend to find a lot of innuendo in their talks, but something that's actually intentional... I don't think that's happened before. Wow, that's SO cool.
... and I still don't think I'm the only person who counts an incident revolving around a reference to condoms as a historic moment. I *am* like that, aren't it? XD

Oh, and BTW: They're right. Anyone who still doesn't use any anti-virus program, consider yourself whacked. Hard. Very hard.
Hell, you don't even have to pay to get a decent one. Use Avira, for god's sake. It's better than Norton and other shit (Believe me, just because it comes free with most new computers, it doesn't mean Norton's any good. It's not!). It's got a fast search and - perhaps the most important aspect - definitions are updated quite often.
So there's no excuse to wander around the intarwebs unprotected. Right, Georg? :3

In other news: The way Eurobeat simply makes bad moods evaporate is beginning to scare me. Seriously. But in a good way *swoons*
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( Feb. 11th, 2007 01:18 am)
I just read that in the US version of Initial D, the Eurobeat music was replaced by HipHop to give the series a better chance to succeed in the market.
Can you hear my heart breaking?
God, I mean, this is replacing one of the coolest things I know with one of the most revolting ones. I can hardly express how terrible this feels to me!
The world has a weird taste in music, at least from my freak perspective.

Well, at least this piece of unspeakable news made me dig up the old Initial D songs again, and I gotta say they're still lovely.
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( Feb. 3rd, 2007 02:13 am)
... is quite nice as an OS.
But as a base for a web server, it's The. Most. Revolting. Thing. In. The. History. Of. Mankind.
Especially combined with a crappy, limited web hosting plan that doesn't let you do anything and so you have to work around all the stuff you usually do with two clicks.
Dammit. Dammit to hell!! >:O
(Can you tell I'm pissed?)

*hugs Unix based shared server with full access and universal permissions*
I love that thing. And I'm glad takaraMONO and all its sub-sites has found such an affordable, yet reliable and delightful home in the south of Germany.
Hail all-inkl!

In other news: SEB 174 is out in BT form, so I'mma go get it now.
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( Jan. 7th, 2007 06:07 pm)
I bought a new ramen bowl and last night, I tried it out:

Yummy *drools*

The bowl emptied

WTF?! For some reason, Squishy Cow likes to sit in it ^^

I also got this:

- Demae Ramen sesame flavour (2 packets) (one already eaten XD)
- Demae Ramen duck flavour (2 packets)
- Demae Ramen curry flavour (2 packets)
- Korean noodle soup (mild) (4 bowls)
- Onigiri flavouring vegetable flavour
- Onigiri flavouring Perilla flavour
- Korean plum candy
- Japanese melon bubblegum
- Japanese grape bubblegum

Other stuff I bought with my Xmas money:

- 80 GB HDD for Kan-chan - silent and super fucking fast *O*

- Warhammer Army figure case (Bought off Yama for half the usual price since he got a bigger one)
- Warhammer Tyranid model: Zoanthrope
- Warhammer Tyranid models: 2 Gargoyles
- Warhammer Citadel colours to paint my new and old Tyranids

- Rayman Raving Rabbids for PS2 (Amazing game!)

Car crap:

- New cassette adapter to connect Three to Kou-chan's radio (Can't WAIT to try ^_^). Mum is keeping the old one.
- Little white plushie ghost holding a pumpkin - rear view mirror decoration for Kou-chan

SEB 173 is pure bloody CRACK. I mean, 171 and especially 172 have been really great, but the number of mind-blowing guitar-enhanced songs on 173 is just incredible.
Also, there are 10 songs I like. Out of 18. The average is like, four or five. Good album, huh?
Well, maybe that's the reason I keep failing to tear myself away from it? =)
Just got Super Euro Xmas 2006. It's certainly better than some of the older ones. Hi-NRG doing Gospel is just priceless. And the Euro version of "last Christmas" was so totally overdue ;)
Still, I wonder whether there are people apart from me who notice that they keep recycling certain songs...
Also, SEB Vol. 173 has been out for three days. And it's nowhere to be found. Not even the eager Chinese people managed to come up with it until now. Uh-oh. Glad I didn't murder anyone yet. I want that album T_T

Well, at least I managed to get foobar working with GTSDLL on IRC.
... and I think nobody got what that means ^_^
Yahoo, here I am *waves lazily*
'Twas once again a great weekend, the kittehs are playful and happy as ever.
We also got them a present for being brave little boys: A drinking fountain!
They seem to like it and drink more water than usual. But when we had just set it up and turned it on, Tenchi was being very suspicious and kept pawing the thing. Bless him ^^

[ profile] yamasagi and me watched Asterix and the Vikings which was quite nice, even though apparently, they'll never be able to bring back the charms of the old movies. Ah well, it was to be expected. Also, it featured a little too much modern pop culture and some of the ideas were downright embarrassing. Especially calling the main character Abba (She couldn't have been called that in the original comic which was released in 1967, the band was formed in 1972) hurt my brain. Maybe I'm just boring, but that's just how I felt about it *shrugs* Still, it had its moments, no doubt about that.

Finally, a little sound link.
Go here.
This is a fanmade remix of what is probably my second-favourite Eurobeat track ever - "Don't stop the music" by Lou Grant.
It strings both the 1998 and 2006 versions together which is a brilliant idea.

And now... I'll finish watching the final episode of QI for this year *sobs*
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( Dec. 11th, 2006 02:44 pm)
I just discovered a video game sample in an Eurobeat song.
The track I'm talking about is "Super Kaiser"* by Garcon (Super Eurobeat Vol. 169).
It uses the Pac Man dying sound as a transition between the intro and the riff.
And it kind of proves my theory that there's nothing the Eurobeat people won't sample ^_~

* The title already denotes that it's a mecha (parody?) song. It's by HI-NRG Attack (my favourite label) and therefore really weird and wacky.
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( Nov. 7th, 2006 09:01 pm)
Wikipedia has an expanded list of Eurobeat artitst.

And according to them
Franz Tornado = Mad Cow = Jeff Driller
Robert Patton = Lou Grant = Garcon = Joe D. Toaster

I could have SWORN Jeff Driller and Joe D. Toaster were the same singer.
Well, you could also say that Gianni Coraini (Franz Tornado etc.) and Roberto Festari (Robert Patton etc.) sound almost the same. And it's true.
Actually, most Hi-NRG Attack guys sound pretty alike.
It's just... them.
And I lo~ove 'em that way <3

(Background: I'm currently doing some research for a... um... longer article... that nobody will ever read O_O;;; But I need to do it. Or rather, want to do it.)
Yesterday, I told mum all that stuff about (non existant) gay people on Star Trek and the Picard/Q thingy.
And she asked me to honestly tell her whether I think it's awkward when two guys are kissing. Because she thinks it is. Well, I honestly told her that I don't.
Okay, it does depend on the guys in question whether it's hot or not, but me being gossed out by the general idea? No, ma'am.
Anyway, me holding that speech was entirely in vain ONCE AGAIN. Don't try to expand horizons that are apparently made of lead =_=

Today, I stole mum's pay TV card out of her receiver and tested it in mine. Works perfectly :D
Mum also told me her choir has just started rehearsing Son of a preacher man. Now is that bloody COOL or what?
Bro FINALLY got his Nokia 6230i today. Awww, twins *glassy eyes* [/stupid]

In other news: Got Initial D Fourth Stage D Selection 3 today. Okay, most of the songs are old, but they're all mixed in a different way to make them LONGER. And that's certainly nice. But some of the few new songs are pretty good, too. "Mission impossible" by Nick Mansell, for example, simply rocks. It's also an ideal "first time"-track for those people who have never listened to Eurobeat before. Same goes for "City lover city rider" by dear Matt Land. Simply brilliant. What scared the hell outta me is that fact that they chose to add an extended version of "Back on the rocks" by Mega NRG Man. That was my first Eurobeat song ever. Wow. Circle complete, or something?
Anway, if you want to have a listen, the torrent (among others) can be grabbed at the Initial D WOrld Tracker. It's more than well-seeded right now so act quickly ;)
There actually are some real ones on there. Links and thoughts in this entry :D
I read a number of comments that went like "WTF? I expected some Asian dude"
Somehow, I don't get people who listen to a certain genre of music without even knwing the most basic facts about it. Such as 99.9% of the people doing Eurobeat are Italian.

On to the videos.

SEB Vol. 170 artitsts & producers short messages
These are... weird. Trashy and utterly strange, like the whole genre.
Luckily, most of the people were thoughtful and at least TRIED to speak English. It would've been fun to have all of the messages in Italian with Japanese subtitles... not XD
On the other hand, if you listen to Baby Bazooka's words, the message is simple enough that I almost understand it so maybe it wouldn't have mattered anyway ;)
And then, I'm happy that I knew how Franz Tornado looks before, because he must be truly scary if you see him for the first time.
Oh, and I loved Go2 playing acoustic guitars ^_^

Niko - Night of fire 2004
Nice body... if ony has face wasn't that appalling =_= Oh, and the remix is terrible.

Dave & Domino - Sunshine in your eyes
I wonder whether this thing should be filed under self-irony. Because that's what comes to my mind when I see an Italian musician sitting on a tiny Vespa and singing *facepalm*

Go2 - Not for sale
I liked that one comment saying "...this video makes them look like tards...". Well, it was to be expected, wasn't it? Actually, the video comes quite close to what I expected. And wow. Christian (ACE) has long hair in that one O_O

Okay, that's enough Eurobeat for a while. Er... Unless I get ID4 D Selection 3 soon ;)
(I included the labels in brackets after the song names)

01 Neo - Midnight love (A-Beat C)
Not quite as good as other Neo tracks, but still nice.

02 Melissa White - Wanna be with you (SCP)
A somewhat slow-ish, disco-y-trance-y sounding thing. The intro isn't that inpressive, but the rest surely is. This track was co-written by Christian Codenotti (ACE) like a lot of SCP songs are *squee*

03 Mr M - Welcome people (TIME)
It takes aaages for the riff* to start. Which I like cuz long intros are cool. Appealing riff, good chorus and vocals. Decent song!

04 Groove Twins - Dance dance monsteru (A-Beat C)
No, the title is not a typo. They're obviously trying to get some Japanese flavour in again *lol* The song itself is light-headed and not too interesting.

05 Oda - Rainbow (DELTA)
Yay, a particularly stupid into again, how I missed that... not X_X Strange song. The chorus is surprisingly cool, though O_o

06 Annie - DD dance (TIME)
Eh. Weak riff. The guitars don't really help either. Thumbs down *yawn*

07 Rick Castle - You'll never be lonely (Hi-NRG Attack)
The weirdos of Hi-NRG Attack are back with... a somewhat serious song. Which is no exactly their trademark and that shows, no matter how good the vocals are. Too bad.

08 Go2 - Power (SCP)
My heroes are baaaack to old shape after their last song "Music come on" which was more of a ballad. And wow, this feels GREAT. Amazing and powerful song that really shows their different voices and vocal styles. This one might just be the best Go2 song ever. Ready steady go ;)

09 Queen 26 - Popcorns & sex (DELTA)
Sometimes I hate Euobeat intros *headdesk* Luckily, the rest of the song is very bad as well so I prolly won't ever listen to it again *shoves it far away* =_=

10 Cy-ro - Intercooler (Hi-NRG Attack)
Cy-roooo!!!! His first song ("Get the dark side into my brain" on SEB 169) blew me away. Literally. This one... somehow didn't. What's wrong with Hi-NRG Attack these days? HELLO?!

11 Sophie - My world 2006 (TIME)
Typical girls' song. Sloooow. Just don't mention it O_o

12 Cody - Die die (DELTA)
Once again, I hardly believe my ears when listening to the ylrics so I try to overlook them. Same goes for the song, actually.

13 Dana - I'm OK (SCP)
Well, THIS is why I consider SCP my favourite label. They tend to produce a good number of great tracks while keeping the bad ones down. Translation: Thumbs up. Fast, powerful, great. The vocals at the end of the chours are especially thrilling.

14 Annalise - Say you will (A-Beat C)
And yet anohter one of the bad type of girls' song. Eh. Boooring.

15 Powerful T. - Ace of spades (A-Beat C)
Wow, that was unexpected. They dug Roberto Tiranti out again to do another decent track. Unfortunately, his stuff can hardly ever compete against the real big names on A-Beat C (Dave Rodgers, Mega NRG Man...) and it's no different this time.

16 Ai Yamamoto - Wonderful (SCP)
I doubt she's really Japanese. Her pronounciation is too accurate. Anyway, another trance-ish sounding song from SCP. It's OK but I don't care too much for it.

17 Mark Gilan - Honesty (TIME)
Neither really good nor completely bad. Average one, I guess.

18 Nuage - I'm gonna carry on (A-Beat C)
Another nice, trance-y sounding track from Dave Rodger's woman Nuage.

Overall, I'd say #171 is a typical Super Eurobeat volume. Which means that there's a few great tracks, a couple of good ones and a lot of crap. Oh well, I doubt they'll make anohter #167 anytime soon.

A "riff" in Eurobeat doesn't have anything to do with a "gutar riff". It's basically the main melody line of the song (usually made up of two identical parts). Sometimes, it's even more important than the chorus itself. Look here for the typical strucutre of Euobeat songs.

BTW, hope you like my new Go2 icon. The dark haird guy is ACE (Christian Codenotti), the other one is Fastway/Dusty (Ennio Zanini) :D


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