Seems that a wholeclass of 26 kids in the Japanese quarter of Düsseldorf is infected with pig flu.
Now, [profile] yamasagi and me are considering skipping Japan Day on Saturday.
I don't want to take a risk like that just for an AnimagiC warmup.
Dunno yet, but we'll keep an eye on the enws and things.
I certainly won't listen to someone involved with the city, who has an interest in people coming to Japan Day because it means profit, if they say there's no danger.
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( Mar. 11th, 2009 08:55 pm)
There's been another school shooting in Germany today.
I think it happenbed in the morning, in a small town close to Stuttgart (southwest of the country).
Apparently, a seventeen-year old boy entered his former school and used one of his father's weapons (a Beretta pistol, IIRC) to murder15 teachers and classmates before killing himself after a shootout with the police.
Can't wait before they start blaming everything on movies and videogames, as they always do.
Due to a sickness of vocalist Tobias Sammet, EDGUY have to cancel their show in Oberhausen on the 27.01.

Glad I didn't get a ticket...
Hope our favourite child prodigy will get better soon ;_;
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( Oct. 2nd, 2007 08:51 pm)
Seen at [ profile] rdyfrdes:

Halloween Meme
[ profile] amethystmond sacrifices [ profile] dienacht's socks
[ profile] arachnerd puts fake eyeballs in your gerbils
[ profile] dienacht buries [ profile] mustaenkeli at the crossroads with a brain through their heart
[ profile] foxhare puts real eyeballs in your cutlery
hector_rashbaumhector_rashbaum creates an unholy monstrosity from thekelaalthekelaal, megamikemegamike and arachnerdarachnerd
[ profile] madandy carves [ profile] hector_rashbaum's effigy in the medium of brains
[ profile] megamike eats [ profile] silicondreams's spicy, spicy brains.
[ profile] mirmingi dresses up as [ profile] madandy
[ profile] mustaenkeli tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
[ profile] rdyfrde devours the entire neighbourhood's Bank Manager's lunchbox
[ profile] screwthedaisies puts apples in your razorblades
[ profile] silicondreams swoops on [ profile] rdyfrde and drains their pumpkin
[ profile] sorion shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
[ profile] thekelaal TPs your Wings Greatest Hits
LJ Name

That meme is awesome. It's fun to imagine the people doing the stuff it says *snickers* [/rather bored, hence easily amused]

There just was a teaser for some new TV series, and the background music was "Amaranth". But that's not surprising since ProSieben (one of the three major private TV channels) is kinda notorious for advertising and supporting Metal bands. They campaigned hugely for Edguy a couple of times. I wonder what music they'll use once they start running trailers for Doctor Who... if ever ;_;

Finally, a scary piece of news (seen at [ profile] nebelkraehes [GJ only, I think], thank you ^^)
Notes near Body Parts in Belgium Linked to Death Note
Uh-oh. Knowing the German media, they'll be banning manga and anime next. Provided this event actually gets through to them. We'll see.
Hell yeah :>

Stephen would've been even cooler, IMO, but hey. I'll take any chance to sit in front of the TV in the middle of the night *lol*
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( Sep. 12th, 2007 10:37 am)
Did I say that price was unrealistic? Well, I take it back ^_^

This is the first time I really saved some serious money using that best offer function. Usually, the sellers send back return offers that are only like, 30 cents below the BIN price. To me, that renders the whole thing utterly useless.
Ah well. Paid last night and now I hope he'll arrive before the weekend. Wanna cuddle my Jack =)

Hehe. I just had a look at that Spears woman's so-called performance at that awards show.
Well, I suppose it could be filed under comedy.
Too bad they didn't show more of the audience trying to keep straight faces XDD

I think "Summer night breezer", along with maybe ""Shadow over the world is the only decent song on access' new album apart from "Hitomi no tsubasa", which doesn't count cuz it'd been a single before "Binary engine" (the album) came out. Geez. whats up with ASAKURA these days?
Too bad. But then, there's still Granrodeo's "Ride on the Edge" if I want a really good Jpop/Jrock CD. That band is just amazing, period.
I mainly compiled this lil' list for personal use, but I thought some of you might like it, too. So, here goes:

Heroes (season 2) September 24

Stargate Atlantis (season 4) September 25

House (season 4) September 25

Qi (series E) September 21

Well, I guess it's time to warm up those BT clients and clear some HDD space, for the summer is over and our heroes will be back very soon ^__^

Oh! "Who wants to be a Superhero?" season 2 finale in two days. Can't wait =)

And finally, expect pictures of my Doctor Who toys to arrive tomorrow. [ profile] yamasagi and me had an awesome unpacking and tryout session this evening. And to be honest, more stuff was ordered as well, because my dear fiance just couldn't resist that black remote control Dalek. Bless him <3
Phew. This sounds a lot less bad than it did on first glance:
Jane Tranter, Controller, BBC Fiction, says: "Doctor Who is one of the BBC's best loved and most successful dramas. Its journey over the past three series has been one of the most ambitious and exciting that we have had, and I'm delighted to be able to confirm not only three exciting specials for 2009, but a fifth series in 2010. "

Not a word about David, though...

(Full article here)
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( Aug. 16th, 2007 10:01 pm)
Still rather tired. God, I'm such an old wreck ;)

One exciting piece of news is the fact that everyone in the company [ profile] yamasagi works for got a 250 Euro payrise. Except for him. Which is a good thing because...
... wait for it..
His boss (= his dad) gave him free access to the bank account they use to buy tech and he can get stuff for 250 Euros each month
Of course, that stuff is supposed to be used for work only, but y'know, you can always bend rules XD
Yes, we've officially manifested our geek status until the end of time ;)
And I suppose there'll be a second 250 GB HDD in it for me later this year. Yay, no more booting from DVD because of the IDE disk that messes up the mainboard's startup process ^_^

Mum called me today. They'll be here at approx. 11:30 on Saturday and we'll be having lunch at the same nice restaurant as in March. Whee, plenty of time to recite [ profile] silicondreamss and my adventure into their bewildered faces *lol*

Also, there's a second season of "Who wants to be a Superhero?" airing right now. Yes, yes, frinkin' yes!!! When [ profile] yamasagi told be about it on the way from the station home, I screamed. Casting shows usually bore me to death, but this one is an exception. The first season was exceptional and very touching, and I expect nothing less from the new one. Plus, who could resist Stan Lee? He's such a lovable guy ^_^

BTW: Duisburg is now officially a gangster town. Six people were shot at the station two nights ago. Seems to be an Italian mafia war going on and it has actually expanded to good old Germany. What the hell?!
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( May. 14th, 2007 04:07 pm)
Stephen is the second most influential gay in Britain

[via Stephen Fry forum]

Cool, ne?

Also, my copy of Making History seems to have evaporated. The idiots at said it'd take a few days to get it ready for shipping. That was on April 24. Since then, utter silence.
Well, at least I've got The Hippopotamus and The Liar to keep me company until then ;)
Also, that remidned me why the only two reasons to shop at instead of amazon are:
- sent me a gift certificate
- the thing I'm looking for isn't available at amazon
Well, this experience won't change anything about that policy =_=

ETA: After I've finished with the Fry novels, I'll probably tackle those. And then, it's Discworld.
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( May. 14th, 2007 10:32 am)
I just drained my writing powers a great deal by creating that long and angry rant on my German blog (apporopiately titled "Eurpoes' worst losers"), so just have a few notes:

- Amazing show, the intro (feat. Lordi, wolves, monsters and TONS of fire) was the coolest thing ever. I love Finland. Kiitos for that ^_~

- The level of music quality was rather high and there were surprisingly little acts relying on ass, boobs and naked skin O_o

- Serbia was awesome and fully deserved their victory. I voted for them, Twice. Such a fantatic voice and OMFG what a passionate song.

- I adored the little movies that were shown in between the performances. I think this is the first time some of them made me laugh. Lovely job <3

- Ukraine was funny even though they need to practise how to count in German XD

- Sorry, my precious friends from the UK, but there's bad songs and there's awful songs. Your entry was off the scale ;_;

- We don't need a change of rules. Serbia didn't win cuz the other Eastern Europen countries voted for them. They won cuz everyone voted for them. If you take the non-Western countries out of the equation, rank 1 and 2 stay the same.

- I despise this country and its media for bashing the contest, its rules and the winner like this. Just because we did badly. Shame on you.
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( Mar. 7th, 2007 02:11 pm)
Finally - tracklists :D

Tracklist "Unia" (album, released on May 25)

01 In black and white
02 Paid in full
03 For the sake of revenge
04 It won't fade
05 Under your tree
06 Caleb
07 The vice
08 My dream's but a drop of fuel for a nightmare
09 The harvest
10 The worlds rorgotten, the words forbidden
11 Fly with the black swan
12 Good enough is good enough

Tracklist "Paid in full" (single, released on April 27)

01 Paid in full (Radio edit)
02 Out in the fields (Gary Moore cover)
03 Paid in full

Sounds aswesome. Can't wait ^o^
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( Feb. 4th, 2007 06:07 pm)
So, there you have it.
We're world champions.
In fuckin' handball.
Hallelujah, the country is saved.
*theatrical yawn*

*hands flag to mum*
There, you put that on your car. For I dun care.
*more yawning*
Last weekend, there has been an incident where two fiteen-year old highschool students murdered two people and took a girl hostage.
Now, it seems that the press is insisting on the main reason for the deed being their obsession with playing... Final Fantasy VII.
Yeah, because it's such a violent game.
Also, shortly before they did that terrible thing, they apparently watched Advent Children. And a friend said that afterwards, they behaved strangely.
Yeah, because it's such a violent movie.
Right now, I'm waiting for the entire FF series to be banned.
God, I hate this country.
Over and out.
So both Sacha Baron Cohen and Hugh Laurie won a Globe. Nice haul for my boys!

I think I converted [ profile] yamasagi to a Stephen Colbert fan. He just called and swooned about last Thursday's episode. Yay me ^_^

Today, I gave mum half a Curly Wurly. She loved it =)
And one and a half hours later, she called me (we have four telephones in the house and can make internal calls for free) and asked "Do you have anohter one of those chocolate thingies?". Well, I had one left and gave ehr half of it. Now I'm out of Curlys T_T
Losslessone is giving away hundreds (and when I say hundreds, I mean hundreds) of CDs via DDL!
For more information, go to their IRC channel!
If you will excuse me now...
*goes to grab, grab, GRAB!!!*
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( Dec. 5th, 2006 09:17 pm)
I don't like this article.
If the writer of that text knew how many cool and intelligent Germans actually WATCH the original and that they Do indeed GET IT... they still wouldn't care.
However, my last piece of information on that matter is that TDS on German Comedy Central was canceled in favour of... a call-in show. Ow. Ow ow ow! Oh my god, if that isn't depressing, I dunno what is T_T
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( Nov. 28th, 2006 07:26 pm)
I wish this whole story wasn't in German, but sadly, it is. On the other hand, I think I'd be a happier person if I didn't understand it.
Well, I'll try to explain it the best I can.
Today, Batz, my favourite German blogger (Gosh, I adore that man! The readers of my German blog MIGHT have picked up on that ^_^;;;) posted this entry about a German guy named Arne.
Arne is gay.
Which is not a problem.
Unfortunately, various members of his family seem to think otherwise. Especially his aunt.
She sent letters to other members of the family, asking for help in getting her nephew out of the terrible situation he somehow managed to maneuver himself into.
Luckily, they sent those letters back to Arne.
And he posted them on his Myspace blog.
I think those pages are some of the worst homophobic stuff I've EVER seen ANYWHERE.
It's the whole "Being gay is an illness that has to be vanquished", "All gay men are child molesters and will go to hell, but only AFTER we imprisoned them for their whole lifetime" thing. Written in a way that dim people might actually believe it.
Reading that stuff hurt like hell.
It made me want to cry and scream and destroy random things. At the same time.
It showed that while, from a technological POV, we might have arrived in the twenty-first century, the minds of a lot of people are still stuck somewhere in the deep Middle Ages.
And somehow, those people tend to be the so-called "religious" ones.
Somehow, I missed that connection between "belief" and "hate of minorities and people who are in some way different". Provided there is any at all.

I'll wrap this up by posting the Stephen Fry quote I used to reply to Batz's original entry:
Religion. Shit it.

Hallelujah. Not.
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( Oct. 30th, 2006 08:00 pm)
I just stumbled upon this while checking the official site:
Hi Rayniacs,
after leaving you alone several weeks without any news about our DVD project we can now proudly say that the production is completely finished so that now it would be the record company’s turn to bring it in the stores asap. But (unfortunately there’s always a but) we were informed last week that the Sanctuary office in Berlin will be closed by the end of this year which makes it impossible to release the DVD shortly . As next we have to find a solution with the Sanctuary office in the UK which is now responsible for the release timing and if we consider all the promotional machinery which starts working in front of a release we expect that the release has to be postponed to spring 2007.
Nevertheless we continue in parallel with the songwriting and the recording of the first demos for the next album "Land Of The Free II" so that we are hopefully be able to bring two new releases in stores during next year.
I know these are sad news for all of you who have waited since month for the release and expected to watch the DVD at the latest under the x-mas tree. But you can be sure that we’re also very disappointed with the actual situation and work hard on a solution for the release. As soon as the situation is clarified we will be back with more news.
Thanks for your patience and keep your heads up high
Cheeerzzz from da Rayzzzz

To quote Spock on Speed (from "Spock VS Q - The Sequel"): "Bum-mer."
Well, it was to be expected. The long silence was just too much for anything else than bad news to appear.
Still... *sigh*
But I've got a fitting song, dont'cha think?

Oh, and before I forget: A very Happy Birthday to Daniel Zimmermann!!!
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( Sep. 5th, 2006 03:18 pm)
Mum's back. Wheee~! And it seems like she'll NEVER go on holiday with her sis again *lol*

Am currently raiding the aarinfantasy forums for anime mp3s. Brilliant stuff once again, rare stuff, stuff you dun get anywhere else, and what's most important, enough of it is random crap I don't have yet =)

Oh... and the Helloween board has been hacked. I could say something about this, but right now, I don't really feel like boring you all with another bitchy rant. Maybe later, ehe >:D


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