Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter. Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter, and a picture. Post the list in your journal. Give out letters to your commenters in return. (Let me know if you want a letter in your comment)

[profile] soviet_star gave me a "T" =)

01 - Tenchi: My adorable kitty <3

02 - Taschner: One of the cutest people Iever met, not to mention adorkable as hell ^^

03 - Translating: Even though I still have some aspects to improve on, I hope I'm on a good way...

04 - Ten/David Tennant: RAWR!

05 - Teaching: Even though I'll prolly never do it professionally, I still like to help and instruct people who let me do so =)

06 - Tobi: Metal prodigy, awesome voice, cheesy humozr and no sense of dress - How could anyone NOT love him? ;)

07 - Theater of Salvation: Still my favourite Edguy album ever!

08 - Tuna: I think I'm a kitty ^_^;;;

09 - Twitter:

10 - Tea: Damn, I don't drink it nearly often enough!

Am about to write a blog entry about the financial situation of vocie actors in this country.
I have no idea why I'm still trying to change the common prejudice of "Anyone working in the media is lazy and rich", seeing how futile it is.
But I guess I'm just that idealistic...


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