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( Aug. 19th, 2009 10:32 pm)
... shopping at Lush *lol*

From left to right: Trichomania shampoo, Sultana of Soap, a boring tin and a rather large tryout of Hair Doctor, which isn't available online, I think.

Um... holy damn. That stuff is... *gapes* Suddenly, washing my hands turned from a chore to a real treat, and I haven't even TRIED the shampoo yet, but the smell alone makes me swoon like woah.
I guess an online shopping spree is in order soon-ish. I want a lip balm as well, and some perfume and... ^_^;;;
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( Aug. 19th, 2009 04:31 pm)
If anyone wants to get me anything for my bday, get me a Lush gift card.
I still want sooo many things from their online shop... ^_^;;
...nah, just kidding *lol*
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( Aug. 17th, 2009 11:40 pm)

PayPal is the work of the devil *lol*
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( Aug. 9th, 2009 08:19 pm)
I just had to open two conflicht solution procedures on PayPal.
Both my bento box and my pair of lolita shoes didn't arrive even though I ordered them about five weeks ago.
Let's see what their famous buyer protection can actually do.
At this moment, I'd rather get my money back than have the stuf re-sent because I have a trip coming up and the weekend when I'd have needed the shoes is over anyway.
Meh :|
What do you guys thing of these?

When Is howed those to [ profile] yamasagi, the conversation went something like this:

[ profile] yamasagi: "OMG... How much is one of these?"
[ profile] jessybxx: "The complete set of four is 7.45€ $10)."
[ profile] yamasagi: "What about shipping?"
[ profile] jessybxx: "It's free."
[ profile] yamasagi: "Buy them... NOW."
[ profile] jessybxx: "... Okay!"

I'll be sure to take a photo or two once the lil' guys have arrived :x
Yes, it's possible.
See? Crazy O_o
Also, even if they fall apart after a few months, I only paid 16 Euros for all of them, S&H included.
I said it before, and I'll say it again - eBay FTW!
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( Jan. 25th, 2009 11:41 pm)
Today, I obtained about 40 Euros from eBay (the dye and some other things).
Corset, here I come ^_^
Next week, I'm gonna sell my soon-to-be ex camera (Kodak C813). I hope it'll yield enough profit for me to finally order those goddamned boots ;)

I also discovered a seller from the UK who offers a bunch of accessories at very nice prices. Might grab a few things there as well since shipping from Ye Olde England shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Finally, a general observation of sorts:
Apparently, clothes-wise, Germany is very hostile territory for not-so-skinny gothic ladies like me. Well, fuck you, I'll just get my stuff from anywhere else instead ;P

Oh! Oh! Today was the first time someone told me he was envious of my being friends with Kai. Wow, that was unexpected indeed ;)
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( Dec. 9th, 2008 07:57 pm)
Just ordered presents for [ profile] silicondreams, Soulbrother and [ profile] yamasagi.
Wow, I'm being decidedly uncreative this year. So much obvious stuff *lol* But at least I'm sure they'll all like what they get ;)
After this, there'll be about three Euros left on my bank account cuz one of the eBay people is refusing to pay T_T
However, [ profile] yamasagi's pressie will get me a 5€ amazon gift card. I think I'll use it to get a nice 2009 calendar ^^
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( Sep. 11th, 2008 02:05 pm)
I really hope this will be the last hot week of the year.
Just now, I almost forgot to put on some pants before answering the door XDDD
Incidentally, that's exactly what the postman just brought me. A pair of pants *rofl*
These, to be exact. They rock.
I mean, it's really difficult to get black Jeans at all, let alone ones that have my size! And now, I suddenly have two pairs. This is the cooler one, though, mainly because of the lacing thing in the front. And the price? Awesome. I had to wait a few weeks to win a pair, but since they kept putting up more and more each week, I eventually got 'em. I guess at some point, there was no one left interested in them apart from me.
That was probably what happened with those. I really, REALLY wanted a pair, but they all ended at somewhat high prices. So I decided to be patient and after about a month or so, I finally won an auction at 1.99€ (which is 25% of the retail price O_o). Brilliant! I got them yesterday and they're just great <3
Yay eBay.
Yay new outfits!
Actually, the contents of my closet are now pieced together from all sorts of resources. But as long as the end result is nice, who cares ;)
However, I really need to get used to playing Wii Fit on a regular basis, because I wouldn't mind my clothes being a little less tight...

Speaking of eBay, I really gotta take some photos now. Ka-ching! Yep, even more stuff coming up for sale...
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( Aug. 31st, 2008 12:44 am)
Last week, I sold most of my Metal shirts. But don't you worry, it's not because I don't like those bands any more.
I'm just sick of dressing like a guy. Because, y'know, I'm a girl ^_~
Don't ask what that sudden change of mind is all about as I'm not entirely sure myself. Still, I think the way I've started to dress now suits me much more than the old one, and it's also much closer to what I really want.
Yasee, for years, I've been told to dress in a way that's beneficial for my figure, meaning, long, ugly clothes to conceal my fat ass and thigns like that.
By now, I think the people who kept telling me this were just envious of my ideas/wishes to dress differently because they wanted to be like that as well. Also, I've more or less stopped caring about what they think about me and started concentrating on what I think and feel.
I guess this is a good indicator of how my style is changing. But it's still getting worse ;)

Case in point, this. Until not too long ago, I didn't own any skirt at all, and suddenly, not only is my closet full of 'em, but I'm even buying one that's this short?!

Then, this. It's cute, and it's in the same style than one of my pairs of arm warmers. Also, it's my size, so why the hell not?

Also, I finally managed to win those damn things. People kept outbidding me, but apparently, this time I was the only person interested and so I got them at one quarter of the usual price ^^

I do fancy a couple of other things, but since most of them are "Buy It Now" items, I'll wait until I'm sure of my financial status to get them.

Finally, keep your fingers crossed for me concerning the handcuff earrings. Ain't they just cool? =)

* Kawaru wa yo = I'm going to change (Final line from "Cutey Honey", OP to the anime of them same name)
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( Aug. 27th, 2008 01:47 pm)
Went on a small pre-ordering spree last night:

Peter Heppner - Solo - Ltd. Fan Edition
Apparently, it's signed and contains a bonus DVD =)

J.K.Rowling - The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition
Can't afford the collector's edition T_T
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( Aug. 20th, 2008 10:09 pm)
Yesterday and today I got some clothes I ordered on the 'net. Nice stuff, and not at all expensive. Wanna see?


I'd love to show you my recent eBay purchases as well, but I'm afraid they might make LJ crash. It's just too much ^_^;;;
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( Jun. 30th, 2008 10:06 pm)
Happy 29th Birthday, [ profile] yamasagi!!!

Apparently, he liked my pressies - this and this ^^

But! I also abought a little present for myself. Meet Ko-chan :D (Got her for 89.99 ^^)
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( Apr. 22nd, 2008 08:04 pm)
Why is it that, when you order something, the more you want it, the bigger the chance of something going wrong?
Those stupid online shop people. I'm so gonna kill them if the stuff I ordered doesn't arrive tomorrow (or on Thursday, at the very latest). Dammit to hell.
(And no, I'm not telling you what it is until I actually have it ;P)

TAMAKI Nami's new album rocks so hard it's scary. I was really worried because of the horrific hiphop video she released a few days ago ("Gokigendaze ~Nothing but something~!"). But apparently, it wasn't exactly a preview of how the rest of the CD would be because most of it isn't R'n'B-ish at all. Instead, it's Nami the way I like her - a bit of Dance, a bit of Rock, a bit of Trance, all in a nice, catchy package. Yesh!
*chains herself to the album until further notice*
My mouse just snuffed it. Now I'm back with the cheap one that came with my laptop (it's not even cordless =_=). That goddamn, not to mention expensive thing died before [ profile] yamasagis (who owns the same model, only his is even older). The hell...?!
Well, who cares. I decided to go back to the only REAL way to control a computer - by pen!
That's right, I just ordered my first Wacom (they're the market leader) graphics tablet. It's a Bamboo Fun Medium and it's awesome.
It supports a lot of Vista-only features (handwriting recognition, the Windows Journal application...), it's got a Touch Ring (looks awfully similar to the iPod wheel) for scrolling and zooming. Oh, and the pen is battery-free (the battery holding mechanism always was the first thing to break in the pens I used before).
Can't wait to get it! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until Saturday for it to ship because of Friday (which is a damn holiday). Until then, I'll have to make do with this tiny Asus mouse on a cable ;)
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( Jan. 24th, 2008 09:13 pm)

I've got it.

And yes, today's the 24th. Crazy, huh?
Nuclear Blast shipped it on Tuesday. I'd have gotten it yesterday if the postman hadn't been too lazy to go to the third floor >:O
Anyway. What a lovely item. Gonna be a good fan. I won't listen to it before tomorrow ;)
These days, I love watching a certain TV station.

A lot of babbling about You-Know-Who. Just don't mind me^^ )
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( Nov. 10th, 2007 12:14 pm)
Sooooo, my bad feeling was, once again, absolutely correct.
When [ profile] yamasagi called the shop guys yesterday (we used his account since he already had one and it would have been stupid to open up a second one for me, so he was the one talking to them) he said they had saved our order as cash-in-advance. I guess they were waiting for me to send them the money, which of course makes total sense if you want to pick up the item by yourself. Yeah, perfectly sensible *groan*
He said he'd check where the laptop is and would call us again. At that point, it was 2 PM. When we had heard nothing from them at 5:30 (half an hour before the end of their opening hours), Yama tried to call them again, but nobody picked up. The hell...?!
The whole affair was even more surprising because when we bought our LCD TV from them back in summer, everything went well. Heck, that was the reason why we chose them in the first place. Guess once some company has more than ten customers, everything (service, common sense and such) just goes to hell by default :|
So we finally decided to cancel our order while I was already looking for machines inside our fave computer store's current products flyer. They have some decent specimen at reasonable prices. Also, whatever laptop I'll be getting now, at least I can be sure to get proper - or indeed, any - service if something happens.
This also means I won't be getting a IBM/Lenovo. On the other hand, I'll be obtaining much better specs for the same money. Which I like. A lot.
And after this episode, I won't be so picky about having a touch pad instead of a TrackPoint. At least I'll get the damn comp right away.
So, this afternoon, it's laptop shopping ^_^
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( Sep. 13th, 2007 10:38 pm)

I hate me.

Well, at least it's not an ear pod. [/stupid Doctor Who reference]
But the price is just too good. It's Archos kinda good, actually. 80 GB for less than 250 bucks, that's almost incredible. ;_;
Also, I read they improved the outer shell so the things don't get scratched that easily.
This also means I'll have to sell Three.
Him and the moolah from my PS2 will very likely compensate for the iPod.
I'm kinda happy now.
Tomorrow, I'll hopefully be able to take a look at one of them in the store. Haven't seen the new iPods yet, apart from pics and videos on the 'net. Can't wait to touch one and go "A friend of yours is gonna be mine soon". Yea, I'm hopeless =)

BTW, I don't have him yet but he's already got a name. It's not the one I mentioned a few weeks ago. I found a better one. You'll see once I get him.

... oh.
I just noticed that I have no idea how to use iTunes *lol*
Well, maybe it's not so bad that I'll have to wait almost a fortnight to get the guy. Plenty of time to practice XD
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( Sep. 12th, 2007 10:37 am)
Did I say that price was unrealistic? Well, I take it back ^_^

This is the first time I really saved some serious money using that best offer function. Usually, the sellers send back return offers that are only like, 30 cents below the BIN price. To me, that renders the whole thing utterly useless.
Ah well. Paid last night and now I hope he'll arrive before the weekend. Wanna cuddle my Jack =)

Hehe. I just had a look at that Spears woman's so-called performance at that awards show.
Well, I suppose it could be filed under comedy.
Too bad they didn't show more of the audience trying to keep straight faces XDD

I think "Summer night breezer", along with maybe ""Shadow over the world is the only decent song on access' new album apart from "Hitomi no tsubasa", which doesn't count cuz it'd been a single before "Binary engine" (the album) came out. Geez. whats up with ASAKURA these days?
Too bad. But then, there's still Granrodeo's "Ride on the Edge" if I want a really good Jpop/Jrock CD. That band is just amazing, period.


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