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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:37 pm)
Holy cow, everything seems broken today. imploded (use .info instead), the Konsolenpodcasts page is still down (Their server died and they're hopefully setting up the new one right now) and the nice site I was getting some of my lost mp3s back from is not responding to my FlashGet or Firefox either.
Meh -_-

ETA: Random advice for fellow Ashampoo users: If you ever happen to pick up a .nrg (proprietary file format used by Nero Burning ROM which Burning Studio can't handle) file, use NRGtoISO (DL here) to convert it to .iso ^^
For me, that tool worked perfectly and I now have a DVD with all four German Volumes of "You don't know Jack" (2 to 4 voiced by Kai <3).
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( Mar. 29th, 2007 09:57 am)
The application to un-register (REG CLOSE) my old domain is printed and signed. And now I'm nor sure where to put it in the fax =_= Meh, I hate obsolete things like faxes and record palyers since they somehow refuse to work with me XD
Eh. Should've gotten rid of that domain long ago. I mean, it's not like I'm using it or anything. Well, I'm not using either, but in this case, I might want to resurrect it one day.
The thing is that I only get three free domains with my current web hosting plan and I'd have to pay extra for any additional one. And I need anohter web site to do what I'm planning.
I guess now you wanna know what exactly it is that I'm working on? Alrighty then.

What I figured is this:
Everyone wants (and, to some extent, needs) to know how to operate a computer these days. But many people don't know shit about them and have no one to help 'em.
Also - and this I know from personal experience - lots of elderly people who are interested in them are too embarrassed to go to a school to learn how to do it.
And maybe those people would like someone nice and patient to come to their place and teach them using their own machine.
Of course, that's where I come in. I'm thinking of offering private computer teaching. Y'know, the whole deal. From setting up the thing, connecting to the 'net, surfing, email, security to general Windows stuff like dealing with files, burning stuff, writing and printing documents and multimedia crap like mp3, DVD, digital photography, HTML, blogging and whatnot.
Remember Camp Newbie? That's basically what I'm talking about here, only on a bigger scale.
So, uh... Whaddaya think? Am I totally far out here or might that just be worth a try? I mean, it's not like I'm losing anything in case it doesn't work...
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( Mar. 14th, 2007 08:39 am)
Beware, long! )

Finally, have a recent pic of Tenchi and Jiro:
Ain't they sweet? *mew*
... from here!
This is actually pretty simple cuz most sites of that type are made up in more or less the same way, regardless of the language.

The site requires you to register and log in before you can download aynthing.
So register we will!
Go here.
In the first box enter your desired username.
In the second box enter your desired password.
I think "Email" is kinda obvious ;)
The last field took me a moment to figure out. Actually, I almost gave up at one point. Anyway, here is how it works: The image contains a math problem. In my case, it's "37+33=". Calculate that and enter the number (in my case 70) into the field.
The small checkbox prolly means "I accept the disclaimer", so check that.
Click the button and if you did everything right, they'll register you.
If I remember correctly, they also log you in right away.
And if that isn't the case, no prob, just go back to the main site and enter your username and password on the left (where it says "account"). There is no button but pressing enter on your keyboard should work.
Now you're logged in. Go to the Helloween video link again.
Scroll down the page and you'll find the download links.
Those work like YouSendIt and similar sites, so click the link, wait half a minute and you'll find your very own download URL. These are generated individually and will only work with your IP address.
My suggestion is to copy and paste that link into the DL manager of your choice so you can resume if the download fails.
The file is split into four .rar archives and you'll need all of them to unpack the video.
Once you got all of the files (they have to be in the same directory, mind you!), open the first one and unzip it.
Your program will automatically find the other .rar files and make one nice, big video out of them.
Enjoy ^_^

This brings the count of Russian sites I mastered up to two. The first one was which gave me two beautiful Gamma Ray bootlegs.

I just remembered that I shouldn't be here so late ^_^;;; But I just couldn't go to bed leaving people without this little piece of advice :3
Am currently watching the second half of Shakugan no Shana which is getting better and better after a rather weak middle.
C ya tomorrow (or today) I suppose ^_^
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( Jun. 20th, 2006 07:19 pm)
School summer holidays'll be starting on Friday so today, Charly and I had our last session. And being the meanie I am (not really XD), I made up some grammar exercises. Gosh, I love my tenses ;)
During the last five minutes, she grabbed the grammar book and tested me on irregular verbs. Cuz she's cheecky X_X But she quickly got tired of it, or should I say angry as fuck, screaming "Crap, that's no fun, you know everything!" *lol*
And then, she tried to steal the purple plushie plotbunny I put on my keychain some time ago, but didn't succeed ^^
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( May. 30th, 2006 06:37 pm)
I've just promoted to be the official spellchecker for bro's graduation newspaper. It turned out they had too many mistakes in there to leave it like that *cough*
No prob, I really love doing stuff like that.
It also means I'll be in the credits (I'm technically an editor now, ehe XD) and I get to read the whole thing NOW ^_^
€dit: (3 hours later) Whew, it's done! Me now -> bed. G'night ^^

OMG, I killed her! I killed Doremi!!! *lol*

I said bro had some classmates come over to work on their graduation newspaper thingy, right?
Now guess at what time they left?
5 AM. Five fuckin' AM.
Which meant that I got about an hour and a half of sleep (Did I mention that our rooms are next to each other and that he and the others were doing everything EXCEPT working quietly? Good XD) as I usually have to get up at 7 AM. Hooray... not XD

At least one of the nastier rainshowers today happened during those five minutes when I was inside the bank to get some money. Whew =)

Oh, and next week's English teaching has been canceled cuz the schools around here have set the most awkward Whitsun breaks. And Charly can do with a fortnight of not seeing me as well, I guess XD I got Friday til Wednesday off, too. Feels a bit like Golden Week in Japan, yay ^_^

... and now mum's doing choir practicing *writhes* Damned sopranos and their wailing T_T

Small but nice piccie update at [ profile] rdyfrdes page. And because the other two have been posted already...

Kaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Super Eurobeat Vol. 168 is currently on its way to me. Good times ^____^
Remember my saying about every stream being downloadable onw way or the other?
But what about Youtube and the like? They're different, right?
Yes, they are, but there's at least one solution to that problem as well.
This is the one I'm using.

It's an extension for Mozilla Firefox. If you're not using that already... Well, for one, you're not cool AT ALL. And for another, you won't be able to use this neat, little tool.
Once you've opened a video in your browser, simply click the small icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox window, right-click the "Download Link" icon and choose "Save Link As...". Now paste that URL into your download manager and download away!

To play the resulting .flv files, those clever people who are already using VLC won't need anything else. Lucky you :P For the others (like, me), FLV player works just fine.

I used this method to download the two short clips of Max Headroom at David Letterman. OMG, so funny =)

... huh? Since when is "mokushiroku" (that's the Japanese word for apocalypse - Cool, eh? XD) written as "mokujiroku"? That should be a completely different word. Er... excuse me while I'm getting totally confused X_X

Oberhausen 2005 for download at the Gamma Ray site (Shizoid Clan members only *coughcough*). Wow, "Blood religion" live, even if it's audio only? Need to DL that NOW!!! *stumbles away, shivering with excitement*
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( Apr. 25th, 2006 04:43 pm)
The Easter holidays are over and private teaching has started again. And I still don't get what's so difficult about third person singular s.

Otherwise, I'm still clawing at the first one of those two godsent Max Headroom torrents. Okay, they may be godsent, but they're also terribly huge. And I have a 384 Kbit(48 Kbyte)/s connection. Well, at least they made multi-file torrents so I can select which file to download first. That way, the UK movie will already be complete so I can watch it while the rest is still downloading. I love multi-file torrents ^_^

News from the bay of e: I decided that my backpack doesn't have enough buttons on it yet, so I got those.
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( Apr. 4th, 2006 05:58 pm)
Could someone please write a program that prevents stupid n00bs from moving or even removing the toolbars in their mail applications, web browsers and their OS itself?
(Now guss where I spent half of the afternoon today? XD)

Another thing that keeps annoying me is bad English on web sites and in programs. Just two recent examples:

Search automatically for updates

(Steganos Security Suite 2006)

Password forgotten?

Nuclear Blast Music Shop

Bleh -_-
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( Mar. 21st, 2006 04:48 pm)
Haven't used Sloganizer in aaaages. Today, I tried it again cuz a lot of ppl at Rockfic use their stuff in their sig and y'know, I've always been one of the kind that likes to jump the bandwagon occasionally far too often.
So I go there, type "Kai" and the first thing that came up was
Food or Kai? I'll have Kai.

Um... I guess that just about sums it up *lol*

Lesson of the day: Charlene's mum should stop trying to help her daughter with her English homework. Their combined effort tends to make my eyes and brain bleed X_X;;;
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( Mar. 7th, 2006 04:50 pm)
- Snow has been removed from the sidewalk, stairs and both drives
- A new layout for my German weblog has been found, it just needs some customizing of colours 'n' stuff
- My sixth grader has been helped with her homework and reminded to improve on her goddamn vocabulary =_=
- New coke and mineral water has been bought
- Clean dish has been removed from the dishwasher
- Recent #nipponsei stuff has been downloaded or still is

That was my day so far. I feel like a house elf ^_~

€dit: Add one: Dad's garage has been scrubbed. Where is S.P.E.W. when you need 'em? *lol*
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( Feb. 28th, 2006 07:43 pm)
There's things that are a bit wrong, such as Michi singing the songs from "Walls of Jericho".
But then, some things are ultra-ultra-ultra wrong. And the wrongest out of these might very well be Andi Deris singing "I want out"
I mean, my old mattress is more charismatic than him, and the way he sings is just... Well, let's say it's Ralf Scheepers-like bad *shivers*
Someone should trap those two into a cage and put it far away where we can't hear them any more :|

Woah, what's wrong with me today? Bit angry, huh? Maybe that's because of "serious Kai day" XD

I have to fight that, and what could be better than...

...then... )

Did half an hour of UNPAID overtime at private teaching today. The sixth graders' teacher got 'em Scottish pen pals and she didn't know how to write her first letter. And so she asked me whether I could help her with that, and I've never been one to refuse such things ^_^
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( Feb. 7th, 2006 07:48 pm)
Remember Charly, the girl I'm teaching English to privately?
Today, she had to learn a verse by heart. I thought that one was quite funny stupid, so I copied it:
I went to the market with my brother Jim
And someone threw a tomato at him
Now, tomatoes don't hurt
when they come in their skin

But this one hurt, it came in a TIN!

That's sixth grade English fer ya *lol*
She was a bit annoyed when I managed to remember it after writing it down once. But that's the best way for me to memorize stuff, and I gave her an advice to try that as well. She didn't like that at all (probably too much work for her standards >:O), but well.

Pictures of my LJ Friends )

Try out this Meme

Brought to you by BearPodcast.
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( Dec. 20th, 2005 04:39 pm)
Quote of the day

[IlluKitty] i have a purely non-sexual relationship with sailor moon

Er... okay XD
BTW, I adjusted the look of my blockquote tag. Looks a lot better now, eh?

So, I heard Kai speak some German (THX again for sending me that mp3, [ profile] rdyfrde <3). Well, it was only six words, but that was definately enough to find out that he does indeed have a Hamburg accent. Well, I figured he must have one, but actually knowing that is something else. And I don't have the slightest idea whether I like it or not O_O;;;

Got 10€ as a Xmas present from the ppl whose daughter I've been teaching English in the afternoons since October.
Not bad at all ^^
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( Oct. 25th, 2005 06:44 pm)
So the second season of "Rozen Maiden" (never even watched the first one, don't even ask:P) is called "Traumend". I really like how that title is half German and half English.
And it reminds me of mum - who, as you should know, doesn't know even the tiniest bit of English - practising her English songs (she's in a local choir). They're recording a CD these days and one of the songs they're doing is "Thank you for the music".
I sometimes like to listen to her and correct her pronounciation. And one day, she made the grateful in "I'm so grateful and proud" sound like great fool. That kinda cracked me up ^_^;;; Of course, she didn't get what was wrong and I told her she just stated that she's a great fool. Somehow, she didn't find that as funny as I did, but at least it gave me something to report in here =)

It looks like Kai Hansen won't become president after all. In other words: The guy who looks a lot like him only got second place in the elections. Thought I'd mention it XD
Stephen Hawking (OMG, you have absolutely NO IDEA how difficult it is for my mum to pronounce his last name *shudders*) appeared on a German talk show on Monday. That was only his second TV interview ever so that was kinda cool.

Yesterday, mum, bro and I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant (BTW, the music in there sounded as though it had ben composed on a SNES, no kidding O_O). And when I told mum about that interview I mentioned that the English to German translator had had such an easy job during that interview as he could just read the stuff that was written on Hawking's speech computer. And I also told her that instead of listening to the translator (stupid German) I read the stuff on the computer as well.
Mum said "Ah, so you could translate that for yourself?"
Er... no.
It's really funny to explain that to someone who has never learned any foreign language. Anyway, I told her that I no longer have to take that "German detour", in other words: If I read something in English, I understand it immediately, without having to use my mother tongue first. And I don't really get why she looked that surprised. Okay, maybe I do: Maybe it was because she still thinks that everybody except her is stupid >:O

That actually reminded me of a classmate I had back at high school. He was in the same advanced English class and one day, he explained why it always took him quite a long time to answer a question in English. I think the stuff he said went somewhat like "First, I have to translate the question to German in my head, then I have to think up an answer in German and finally translate that back into English."
Well... I guess that was one of the candidates who did NOT really belong into that class, eh?

And then, did you know that modern physics includes theories about eleven dimensions? Holy shit, I'm already having problems with just three or even four of 'em ^_^;;;

€dit: OMG, I still need to get #JDCollector's three latest releases. That's three files at about 450 MB each. Poor, slow, old DSL line *pets*
Charly, the girl I've been teaching English privately since September, got a 2 in her latest class test O_O (German grade system in short: 1 best, 6 worst) They had to repeat the test because the whole class did really terribly at the first atempt, and even Charly only got a 4 back then. Well, it seems like the stuff we did really helped her, even though we only had four lessons now (made a break during autumn holidays last week and the week before that).
She even told me that she actually cried a bit when her mum told her that she wants her to get private lessons. OMG, nooo T_T But she also said that now, she kinda likes it and she manages her English lessons at school a lot better as well. Now, how much of a compliment is this? ^_^
Today, mum, bro and I had lunch and a lot of fun checking out stuff at IKEA. I got a thing I can't describe really, so you have to wait for a pic *lol*

In the afternooon, bro and I took up another challenge at Camp Newbie (I hope you remember them ^_~). This time, we took our old, unused router and installed it at their place. They don't really need it, technically, but we still did it, mainly to get rid of the software they used for connecting to the net, as it was only disturbing, but not really helpful.
Well, we managed to pull that one off, and both of us got a little moolah for our work, which, as always, isn't bad ^_^

There are a lot of cheap, used Gamma Ray CDs on amazon, so I might very well grab some from there. "Silent Miracles", for example, isn't available on eBay AT ALL, and I could get it for 4.25€ at amazon. This is one of the CDs I don't really need, as I have (or will have) the two important songs on two other albums already. But I kinda want "Miracle" and "A while in dreamalnd" on the same dics, and it would be cool to review that EP as well, so I'll get it after all. And then, it's such a unique release. I mean, Gamma Ray certainly isn't your typical ballad-prone type of band, right? And still, they do an EP that has slow(-ish) songs only. I think that's brilliant, and if I ever get the chance, I'm gonna kick Kai's ass for saying he doesn't see himself as a singer. Geez ^_^;;;

€dit: Ordered both the remastered version of "Powerplant" and "Silent Miracles" from amazon =)

I also wrote an email to the seller of my laptop, to get the repair thing going. Crap, why do I always have such bad luck T_T

Okay, back to listening to Gamma Ray. C ya ^^
Mum's choir is recording a CD this year. Which is nice. So far, they've done about half of it, while the rest of it will be done in late October. The problem is that most of the songs they have yet to record are English language Gospels -_- Now before you ask "What's so bad about that?" I might have to remind you that my mum doesn't speak A SINGLE WORD of English. This main problem tends to split into several smaller ones, like
- She sings those BLOODY SONGS to herself all day. The thing is that she's a soprano and if there's any part of a choir song that sounds really terrible when performed all on it's own, it's the soprano part. So I tend to shut the doors behind her and turn on my own music to keep the noice away ^_^;;;
- As she has no idea about English, she constantly uses ME to control and correct her pronounciation. Some of her favourite words (in terms of getting them wrong ALL THE FUCKIN' TIME) are "shadow" (Her version sounds a bit Russian *lol*) and "sword" (Of course, she doesn't leave out the "w" and makes an "ö" out of the "o". Now imagine that XD). I've been thinking about playing Gamma Ray's "The winged horse" to her because it has both words in one verse, so maybe Kai can teach them to her ^_^ (And next, I might try "The heart of the unicorn" to scare her away >:D)
- Some of the songs she hasn't practised for a very long time. Which means that she forgot how to pronounce the words and therefore even *I* don't understand them anymore when she sings them to me O_O

This reminds me of another small bit which is only partly related to this:
I had a problem with my headset and changet to an old microphone. Now, Skype has something called Sound Test Service (call echo123) which is basically an answering machine that lets you record a bit of your own voice to check if your audio configuration works. This thing talks quite a lot, and funnily enough, mum was present at one of my attempts. So the thing does ots "Blah blah", and immediately afterwards, this happens:
Mum: "Didn't get a word of that. Did you ?"
Jessy: "Yeah."
Mum: "Everything?"
Jessy: "Yeah."
Mum: O_O

No comment, really. Except maybe for "Geez..."

Completely unrelated: It looks like my mp3 player showed up again and it should be on the way to here right now. Well, we'll see...


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