The only drawback to having Fridays off is no cheap but good uno cafeteria food. I mean, I could go there since public transport's free, but spanding almost two hours on buses for one meal? Nah.
Well, to keep myself happy, I can always look at next weel's menues *looks at next week's menues*

The kittehs are ripping apart their scratching post. There were several threads hanging down from the top and Tenchi was pulling happily at them. When I noticed he had one of them nearly swallowed, I got worried. Somehow, I wouldn't like my cat to eat string. So I cut them off and threw them away. You should have seen Tenchi's face when I did it. It had "You bastard" written on it ^_~
Also, did you know that Jiro's fur, which is usually a bit gruff, changes a lot when he sleeps and relaxes? Really, it gets almsot softer than Tenten's, which is saying something.
Our cats are weird.


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