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( May. 23rd, 2009 08:10 pm)
I'm sitting on my parent's veranda. They've gone to see a political cabaret show they've had tickets for since last year. Unfortunately, they didn't have a spare one for me, but I don't mind. It's nice and quiet out here (despite the sheep a few houses away), albeit a bit cool.
We had fun so far, we talked a lot and had BBQ and cake. I checked out the things they've done to the house so far. Looks new and much friendlier since almost everything is white now. Watched some "Chi's Sweet Home" with bro. Had a look at the electrical guitar mum bought for her bday and ordered some pleks on eBay for her ^^ Got a lot of news about former friends and relatives. Am still looking forward to getting back home to [profile] yamasagi and the boys tomorrow.

Also, of course, I've been writing emails to Kai all the way. Here are some news:
- He will be in "Bioshock 2". Yay! Still haven't played part 1 *cough*
- The final performance of his play should be going on right now.
- The DVD with two of th performances arrived. Guess I'll get it next week *squeaks*
- I miss him terribly. Sigh.

Now, I'll go wash my hair, check the basement for sellable eBay stuff and maybe watch some TV.
C ya tomorrow :D
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( Mar. 26th, 2009 09:43 pm)
Yesterday, I had a loooong phonecall with mum.
Apparently, she bought an electric guitar and is now doing jam sessions with bro (drums).
That thought alone nearly killed me *lol*

Apart from that, I'm triibly, terribly hooked on Mahou Sentai Magiranger. Damn you tokusatsu series for being so well-made ^_^;;;

Off to write Kai an email. Today's perfomrnace should just be about finished now.
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( Mar. 22nd, 2008 05:39 pm)
... everyone back from the strike? Yeah, me too. Sorta.
I caught the goddamn stomach flu (though that "Get well" from Kai did make me feel better already ^^) and didn't really sleep well the lats two nights.
Also, we're invited for Easter lunch (and very probably dinner as well) at my parents' tomorrow and won't return before late evening.
Therefore, stuff will be even more delayed =_=

Finally, the trailer for series 4 of "Doctor Who" will be available at the website from tonight. New episodes starting April, 5. Can't bloody wait *flails*
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( Mar. 9th, 2008 05:27 pm)
So, [ profile] silicondreams and me have now officially started planning our next adventure - Wacken 2008!
Also, when my mum called me today, she instructed me to get a ticket for my bro as well. Yay, he'll be coming with us. Gonna be awesome:D

Speaking of bro, Schandmaul will be playing at a culture festival close to my old hometown in May. And until today, he was upset cuz none of his friends wanted to go see them with him. But I will. I really like the band, and I've always wanted to see them live. Now I just hope mum will be able to get the tix, as they tend to be sold out within minutes.

Looks like 2008's gonna be a good year, music-wise ^^
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( Jan. 26th, 2008 04:11 pm)
Less than an hour until the first dubbed episode of Doctor Who will finally hit German TV screens.
Gee, I hope mum will remember to tune in. Told her a million times, so she'd better do me that favour O_o
I'm not nervous, why? *runs around, pulling her hair*

Other than that, we just put one of our (in) famous roasted chickens into the grill. So it's just about four hours until yummy time :D~~~
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( Dec. 27th, 2007 11:52 pm)
Long but hopefully at least a bit interesting )

So there. And now... two and a half weeks of real holiday. And we'll begin with some sleeping.
*keels over and starts snoring*
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( Dec. 25th, 2007 11:36 pm)
Tomorrow, we'll be getting up at 8 AM to drive down to Bavaria (which, considering the holiday traffic, will take us at least six hours).
Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get past it and so we have to attend that blasted get-together of [ profile] yamasagis family.
I'm sure that's gonna be lovely :|
Oh well, at least we'll have a lot of peace and quiet after that. And on January 11, [ profile] silicondreams will be here :D
I'll be taking my DS with me, but I'm not sure whether I'll find the time to play. In the car is a no-go because I get carsick really quickly. Damn. I'm surely gonna miss my animals :(
Aaanyway. We'll be back Thursday afternoon - hopefully. See you then!
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( Dec. 24th, 2007 11:01 am)
In about two hours, we'll be off to celebrate Christmas Eve at my family's.
Until then, there are still a few things left to be done (e.g. Having to check my village and see what the animals are up to today. One advice: Don't even start "Animal Crossing" if you don't know what you're getting yourself into *lol*).
Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.
I'm leaving you with this lil' video. Enjoy and see you... uh... some time between now and New Year's Eve? XD
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( Oct. 31st, 2007 10:27 am)
*crawls out from mountain of math problems* OH HAY. I CAN HAS SOLUTIONS NOW PLS?

Remember Ni-Juu-Ni? The IBM T22 (900 MHz - 100 MHz faster than my T21) [ profile] yamasagi bought to use at his job?
When he was looking at brand-new ones, he suddenly asked me whether an additional 100 MHz might be of any use to me. "Why of course", I said.
To which he replied: "Then we'll swap. I hardly use Ni-Juu-Ni anyway and you need the best laptop you can get to take to uni every day"
This means I'll use the long weekend ahead of us (All Saints' Day tomorrow) to swap all the drives between the two machines (I'm even taking my DVD drive because the one in the T22 seems to have mechanical closing issues), format them and reinstall the OSes. My new T22 will be getting XP Home, firstly because Yama bought a license just for it and secondly because I've seen it on this amchine and it runs a lot more smoothly than I could've imagined.
I also ordered two new TrackPoint caps because mine is rather severely used ^_^;;;
So, yay. My third laptop in two years. WTF?! XD

Tonight, we'll have dinner at the Chinese restaurant with a friend of Yama's and his girlfirend.
And on Sunday, it's off to mum, dad and bro once again. I'm sure there'll be tons of university talk. Hee ^^

Currently, I'm waiting for the Oberhausen tickets to arrive. I odered them the moment [ profile] silicondreams told me she'd booked the flgihts.
I also arranged for us to go meet my parents' on Saturday. This sounds weird. Never mind XD
Mum's cooking. Gonna be fun, especially seeing all of their attempts at communication in whatever language they might come up with *giggles*
So, 2008's not even here yet but there's one definitive highlight already planned. Nice, eh? ^_^

Mmh, new 'Ray promo pics *saves them to USB stick to cheer herself up during upcoming modeling methods lecture*
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( Sep. 24th, 2007 02:45 pm)
So, I didn't get enrolled. Instead, I got a stupid fuckin' token that instead of a date only says a number. I had to look up the date somewhere else.
And it's the 4th of October. Much later than I'd like, in the middle of a long weekend, and, what's more, I'm pretty sure there's not way I'll get my ID (= semester bus ticket) before the introductory meetings start. Which means more Euros will be wasted for goddamn nothing.
I mean, at least I can look up all the dates and times for those newbie meetings so that, even having to pay far too much for bus tickets, at least I'll know where to go and when. Actually, if I read the list of classes correctly, I can already write most of my timetable before having met one single person in the faculty. Which is good. Also, most of the classes seem to be in the afternoon. OMG, late uni when I'm totally used to 8 to 12/14 in the morning O_o
But still.

What happened, then?
Why, the token machine magically existed after all, quite contrary to what the office lady last week told me (!) and certainly in a different place compared to the instructions on the web page.
Er... ass?

And of course, upon calling mum to keep her posted on things, all she can do is turn the whole thing around to try and make it my fault.
"You could have asked one of the students waiting in line".
... huh?
Those confused, baggy-pants-wearing kids, some of whom had their mummies with them, and who, judging from their looks, were certainly much more helpless than I was?
Why, does my dear mother think, I asked someone who works there instead of them? Uh... maybe because they organize the whole bumfuck?
I mean, when you're shopping, you don't ask other customers for help instead of the clerks, right? But apparently, in hardcore bureaucracy, it's not reason that gets you through. What else it is that will lead to the ultimate success, I can't say. I really can't say.

What I can say is how happy I am that this is the first and last time I'll have to do this. If you are already a student, you can register - and, most importantly, pay - for the next semester online. Woohoo. Why they don't do that for the newcomers, I have no idea. It's probably too easy. Maybe you need to pass this test of nerves before you're worthy to study at that place.

However, names of classes look utterly awesome. Can't wait =)
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( Sep. 10th, 2007 09:12 am)
[ profile] yamasagis PS2 auction ended last night at 7. The final price was an astounding 351,99€, which even surprised me who had been very much optimistic about the whole thing. However, [ profile] yamasagi was utterly taken aback. He'd told me he'd be happy with getting 140 Euros when the price was at that level the day before. Well, I thought it'd be about 200 Euros, maybe a bit more. But 350? Madness.

Our phone started ringing mere seconds after the auction had ended. Of course, it was mum who had watched the thing happen, the sneaky thing *lol*
However, like always, she didn't miss her chance of diminishing our feelings of victory. "Selling off your entire household now, are you?", that's what she said. Yeah, sure. Because game systems and games we don't play are totally vital items of survival. Gee... =_=

Also, my auction is live now. See it here. I got the first watcher within the first three minutes, there's three of 'em right now, but no bids so far. Still, looking good. And hey, I got the better games, so hopefully, people will be drawn to that rather than my old-ish console XD

We also re-added some of the cables. Check here to take a look at 'em.

On the "buying" side, I'm waiting for answers concerning two Nightmare before Christmas-related thingies. I sued the "best offer" option on both of them but heven't heard back from the sellers yet.
The first one is just a small set of buttons. The other one is this.
Huge (18" / 46 cm!), new, sealed plushy Jack Skellington. OMG look at him! He. Is. So. Adorable. WANT.
I offered 20 Euros, which is not exactly realistic, but I hope she'll offer to lower the initial price by two Euros or something. Pls?
Actually, I'll take him, no matter what the suggested price will be. He usually goes for more, so it's still a bargain.

I also found this guy selling Doctor Who buttons with free international shipping.
Yeah, I know, I swore I'd never use PayPal again (BTW, that is the real reason for wanting to get a credit card - avoiding the big bad PP). But... eh. Gotta think about it.
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( Aug. 25th, 2007 12:57 am)
Whee, we got our first "own" Blu-Ray movie today. And of course, we've watched ti already.
It was 300.
Holy shit, that thing completely redefines the word "badass". The visuals were stunning, the story was utter, meaningless nonsense. Which was to be expected.
But it was still worth it, if only for the effects and spectacularly choreographed fighting scenes.

On the Who side... There's only three episodes left until... damn, I don't even wanna think of it. I'm terrified of 1x13. Utterly terrified.
Well. Maybe a pause (until Monday) is a good thing. Though I will keep staring at Chris pics whenever I get the chance. That man is just too gorgeous to be real.
Just burned all the episodes, including a documentary from 2003 and the Xmas special.
Dammit, I need to get someone into that thing. Too bad there's only one person left. But I know my bro will like it, I just know it. He's the type for trashy-looking, British SciFi. I mean, he loves the Hitchhiker! And he will watch Who, even if I'll have to tie him down >:)

*is totally not downloading anything else that Chris has starred in*
Holy damn, help me... not O_o

We'll be out of town at my parents' tomorrow. C ya on Sunday, then ^^
And if you know our bed, you know that a) it's huge, almost as big as the whole room, and b) the frame is screwed to the rest of the thing so you can't lift it to reach below for cleaning.
Yes, I had fun today XD

However, I also got myself a referral to an allergist. I really, really need to talk to someone about this crap now, and if it's only to make plans for getting shots during the winter. Oh, and maybe, he/she will give me some better meds, too :D

We changed plans for my family's visit tomorrow. We'll take them to that awesome Chinese restaurant in Oberhausen. Yay ^^

And now... we travel back in time.

[ profile] thefridayfive for August 17, 2007

1. Who was your favorite teacher?
That was without a doubt my eighth/ninth grade English teacher, Herr Schatz. Mmh... I do wonder what he's up to these days...

2. Why was that teacher so special?
He was somewhat strict compared to the others, but very friendly with it, and always had a silly joke at the ready. He really made us work a lot, but damn, it was worth it. Actually, I liked doing those vocabulary cards a lot. I think it was him who got me on the way of becoming the English geek I am today, and I'm eternally grateful for that. Maybe I should write him a letter one of these days. Too bad he was such a relentless P.E. teacher at the same time *lol*

3. Do you think teachers get paid enough?
Hell no. Just look at teenagers these days. They're dumb, evil monsters who're only itnerested in drinking, their cellphones and goddamn HipHop. Well, most of them are. And I bet they're a nightmare to deal with. Regardless, teachers in Germany have the reputation of being lazy and whiny. Poor people. Glad I'm out of that kind of job prospect forever *shudders*

4. Do you have a favorite year of school?
Probably the last one. People really got along because... well, we weren't fourteen anymore ;) Also, we got to eat cake in biology on Fridays and asked our teacher useful questions about sunburns and such. What fun XD

5. If you could travel back in time and tell yourself something now that would have helped you get through school, what would you say?
"Hang in there. They're not worth it. You'll find better friends than them soon. Believe me, you'll be amazed."
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( Aug. 16th, 2007 10:01 pm)
Still rather tired. God, I'm such an old wreck ;)

One exciting piece of news is the fact that everyone in the company [ profile] yamasagi works for got a 250 Euro payrise. Except for him. Which is a good thing because...
... wait for it..
His boss (= his dad) gave him free access to the bank account they use to buy tech and he can get stuff for 250 Euros each month
Of course, that stuff is supposed to be used for work only, but y'know, you can always bend rules XD
Yes, we've officially manifested our geek status until the end of time ;)
And I suppose there'll be a second 250 GB HDD in it for me later this year. Yay, no more booting from DVD because of the IDE disk that messes up the mainboard's startup process ^_^

Mum called me today. They'll be here at approx. 11:30 on Saturday and we'll be having lunch at the same nice restaurant as in March. Whee, plenty of time to recite [ profile] silicondreamss and my adventure into their bewildered faces *lol*

Also, there's a second season of "Who wants to be a Superhero?" airing right now. Yes, yes, frinkin' yes!!! When [ profile] yamasagi told be about it on the way from the station home, I screamed. Casting shows usually bore me to death, but this one is an exception. The first season was exceptional and very touching, and I expect nothing less from the new one. Plus, who could resist Stan Lee? He's such a lovable guy ^_^

BTW: Duisburg is now officially a gangster town. Six people were shot at the station two nights ago. Seems to be an Italian mafia war going on and it has actually expanded to good old Germany. What the hell?!
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( Aug. 7th, 2007 09:26 pm)
This afternoon, I finally pulled myself together and called mum.
Well, there was much crying on my part, not quite so much on hers.
She said the main thing for her (and for me, mind you) is to get back into uni and frickin' graduate. And if I happen to grab some job during that time, all the better.
Whew. Haven't been that relieved since February.
They'll come visit next Saturday (the 18th), and the week after that, we'll drive down there for a late bday celebration.

So, yay :D
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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 12:35 am)
... I shouldn't be afraid of talking to my family.
But I am.
I know they're waiting for me to call and let myself being torn to shreds.
Which I probably deserve.
Still, needless to say, I can't bring myself to act.
Right now, it very much looks like my birthday won't take place, apart from the usual lil' celebration with my beloved fiance. Which is always wonderful, hell yes, but y'know... something will be missing, that's for sure.
Actually, I would've loved to get down there, sit on the veranda, talk, laugh, drink and have barbecue and cake, like in the good old times.
That would've been a riot.
Alas, it won't happen.
And it's all my fault.
I'm such a motherfucking failure it's almost funny.
Ugh... this one certainly won't be self-flattering...

1. What sets you apart from your friends?
I'm probably more annoying than any of them ^_~

2. What sets you apart from your family?
I'm an underachiever and kind of lack the ambition most of my family have been displaying all of their life.

3. What sets you apart from your coworkers/fellow students?
My hair colour (in most cases), my tendency to get obsessed over just about anything and my sick range of interests ;)

4. What is the one thing about you that is most unique?
Maybe the pronounced contrariness that's quite visible in many thigns I say and do. I sometimes doubt I even have a real personality...

5. What is your most interesting quality?
Looking at so many people my age and younger, I guess it's the fact that I'm not totally dim and that I actually have interests beyond drinking and this thing called "hanging out" (whatever that is).

... oh my. Now I need to do something less painfully revealing O_o
... snagged from [ profile] arachnerd

Here be questions... and answers, too XD )
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( May. 24th, 2007 08:58 pm)
Before I forget it (and that would be damn stupid indeed):

Happy Birthday, Mum!!!
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( Apr. 27th, 2007 11:44 pm)
Today, mum sent me pics of her new car. What a beauty. Look behind the cut to see.

Opel Corsa! )


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