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( Aug. 24th, 2009 05:36 pm)
- My dad forgot my birthday. Meh -_-

- Got another package from Japan with stuff for me and [profile] yamasagi plus my traditional small present to give to Kai in two weeks.

- That's right, it's only a fortnight until I finally get to see him again. Damn, I can't wait :3 I'm SO looking forward to getting into the studio with him, and this time, it'll be different in several ways. Gonna elaborate on that in a forthcoming entry =)

- Today, I used half of my mini Hair Doctor tryout pot I got from Lush. The stuff is very much like henna in terms of yucky-ness, but it smells of peppermint which is nice. Dunno what it does until my hair is completely dired, but it already feels kinda nice and softer than before.

- I also got my antidepressant and thyroid pill prescriptions and when I got to the pharmacy, they actually had both of them in stock for once. Should I be worried? *lol* Dentist appointment tomorrow, but I'm only supposed to get the new fillings polished. So, let's hope he doesn't find anything else worth doing O_O;;;

- Started watching "Japanorama". The show is nicely done, Jonathan Ross is adorkable and I like that, despite his accent, he can at least say some things like "What's this?" in Japanese ^^ Am currently downloading a torrent that has the extra segments as well. DO WANT.

- Finally, I love you all. SRSLY. I have some of the best-est friends one could imagine *hugs everyone* <3
I saved these for a day like today.
In 1972, Kai played a small part in a somewhat famous German crime series called "Der Kommissar". If you look at the year again, you'll notice that back then, he was no more than fifteen years old.
Neddless to say, I somehow managed to get my evil hands on a copy and made a couple of screenshots.
Mind you, it's an old black-and-white recording, so the picture quality isn't anything to write home about.
Still... awwww <3
Enjoy ^_^

Baby Kai under here ^^ )

... and to think he was embarrassed about it... I mean, WHY? Everyone has to start somewhere ^_~

BTW, he actually kept his word and sent me a short email from the studio. Wow... *feels VERY loved indeed* =)
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( Jun. 19th, 2009 10:34 pm)
- Had weirdes breakfast ever: Krupuk (shrimp crackers) and Sambal Oelek. I think [profile] yamasagi's love for spicy stuff is finally rubbing off on me ^_^;;;

- Watched more creepy documentaries, mainly concerning Chernobly, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What's it with me and atomic stuff?!

- Why do the documentary people have to visualize the effects of drugs using cute animations? Those receptors are adorable, they actually go *munch, munch* *gulp* when ingesting the substances O.o

- I should watch more Arte. Yupyup. Gotta check whether I even get it via DVB-T...
A screenshot from NCIS episode 6x06 which was aired on German TV tonight.

Oh really... =_=
Don't they have ANYONE on their staff who KNOWS about such things?
Well, if all the technical nonsense they stuffed into this one episode is any indication... they don't >:|
But what's worse is that most viewers probably don't even notice all the mistakes made on the show. Ugh ~.~
I know, some people will probably think I'm crazy, but I decided to try applying for Japanese studies in Düsseldorf this month.
Not getting accepted is the worst thing that can happen, and I think I'd be angry if I didn't at least try to get in. And even if I pass, I don't ahve to do it. Still, I wouldn't mind having the choice...

Also, a little announcement for the German-speaking folks (stolen from Nico):
Heute Nacht (Donnerstag auf Freitag) um 00:10 Uhr im BR läuft Tatort - Starkbier von 1999 mit Kai als Reporter im Brauhaus

So, if you want to see a younger Kai acting in a small role in a 1999 "Tatort" (a famous series of crime movies), you know when and where to tune in ^^
I actually own a digital copy of that episode and gotta say that to me, today's Kai is by far the prettiest. However, Is till have the urge to huggle the stuffing outta him, no matter which version it is . He's jsut too adorable *lol* Also, it's scary how different his artificial "acting laugh" is to his real one. And believe me, I know which one I prefer, especially when I'm the cause of it <3
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( Mar. 1st, 2009 11:06 pm)
Currently reviving some childhood TV memories (see icon) and having the time of my life ^_^
I might write a bit more MMPR-related stuff later, provided I still feel like it tomorrow...

The opening night went well. Kai told me he actually got quite a bit of praise for his (small-ish) role. I'm so glad and proud :D

Put up some more stuff on eBay. Looking good so far!
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( Aug. 31st, 2008 12:55 am)
Finally, something mainly for the German-speaking people around here (but feel free to read on anyway ^_~)!

Last week, Kai told me he's doing the voiceovers for this new documentary series.
It's called "Zieh mich an!" ("Dress me!") and it's basically about five very different people giving each other new outfits for special occasions. Kai gets to comment on almost everything and he's really nasty to the candidates. Needless to say, it's funny as hell and I keep giggling and squeeing while watching the stuff. Soulbrother at his very best!

And the cool thing (and the actualy reason why I'm telling you this) is that you can watch all of the episodes online!

So, if you're interested in the series or just wanna hear how Kai sounds when he's in "voiceover mode", go here and click on any of the episode pictures. They're .flv videos and may need a while to load, depending on your connection speed.
By the way, Kai told me that the series is done in a really good studio by a skilled sound engineer, meaning that his voice sounds exactly the way it's supposed to sound ^^

Also, the thing I'm calling "voiceover mode" is of course really different to what he sounds like when he's just talking casually. I've actually seen him going in and out of several of those "modes", and for a non-professional like me, it's almost creepy but still bloody fascinating.

Anyway... enjoy - or not XDDD
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( Mar. 3rd, 2008 11:40 pm)
Right now, the German TV station ProSieben is airing teasers for this year's wok world championships.
And guess what the background music is?
"Lost in space". No kidding.
I mean, ProSieben is known for supporting Metal acts (Nightwish, Within Temptation, you name 'em), but Avantasia? Woah.
Granted, misplacing (and subsequently canceling) the Doctor was pretty damn stupid. But they still have their positive sides.

BTW, German Who DVDs due in ten days. Whee~!

Also... new band among my list of faves (see "current music"). More about that tomorrow? You bet ^_~
These days, I love watching a certain TV station.

A lot of babbling about You-Know-Who. Just don't mind me^^ )
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( Oct. 10th, 2007 10:10 pm)
For anyone who wants to see the crucial scene of 4x03 again (and again and again and...), go here. I hope it doesn't get deleted too quickly.
(Thanks to [ profile] sorion for the link ^^)

Also, the German version has reached another record in rankings. 35.1 percent. Holy damn. Is this ever gonna stop?
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( Oct. 10th, 2007 10:00 pm)
Whenever I hear Kai #2 doing voiceovers for some TV magazine or other, I have rather mixed feelings.

Of course, I'm always delighted to hear him (Wanna see me go "bounce"? Put him on XD), even though I hardly ever seem to be able to pay attention to what he's actually saying. My brain kinda switches to "Eeeee" mode the moment I notice it's him, and then, noting reaches me any more *lol*

On the other hand, it's such a terribly sad waste of his talent.
He's such a great actor (and I'm not adding the "voice" here because he's both, and to me, they're not really different). You can hear how good he is even when he talks about tires being made. Yep, that's one of the reports I saw today where he was the voice in the background. He just puts much more emphasis to the text than many others. Not to mention the fact he speaks clearer, purer German than me. Even though he's Bavarian. And believe me, that's really weird ;)

It's been more than five years now. And I still can't quite explain why I love that man('s voice) so much. Ah well. I suppose I just do, and that's enough ^^
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( Oct. 2nd, 2007 08:51 pm)
Seen at [ profile] rdyfrdes:

Halloween Meme
[ profile] amethystmond sacrifices [ profile] dienacht's socks
[ profile] arachnerd puts fake eyeballs in your gerbils
[ profile] dienacht buries [ profile] mustaenkeli at the crossroads with a brain through their heart
[ profile] foxhare puts real eyeballs in your cutlery
hector_rashbaumhector_rashbaum creates an unholy monstrosity from thekelaalthekelaal, megamikemegamike and arachnerdarachnerd
[ profile] madandy carves [ profile] hector_rashbaum's effigy in the medium of brains
[ profile] megamike eats [ profile] silicondreams's spicy, spicy brains.
[ profile] mirmingi dresses up as [ profile] madandy
[ profile] mustaenkeli tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
[ profile] rdyfrde devours the entire neighbourhood's Bank Manager's lunchbox
[ profile] screwthedaisies puts apples in your razorblades
[ profile] silicondreams swoops on [ profile] rdyfrde and drains their pumpkin
[ profile] sorion shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
[ profile] thekelaal TPs your Wings Greatest Hits
LJ Name

That meme is awesome. It's fun to imagine the people doing the stuff it says *snickers* [/rather bored, hence easily amused]

There just was a teaser for some new TV series, and the background music was "Amaranth". But that's not surprising since ProSieben (one of the three major private TV channels) is kinda notorious for advertising and supporting Metal bands. They campaigned hugely for Edguy a couple of times. I wonder what music they'll use once they start running trailers for Doctor Who... if ever ;_;

Finally, a scary piece of news (seen at [ profile] nebelkraehes [GJ only, I think], thank you ^^)
Notes near Body Parts in Belgium Linked to Death Note
Uh-oh. Knowing the German media, they'll be banning manga and anime next. Provided this event actually gets through to them. We'll see.
I was reading that clothes catalogue and saw the shirt on the following picture. I thought it looked nice until I noticed that something about it was fundamentally wrong.
Can you spot it?

Holy shit, the writing is backwards T_T [ profile] yamasagi was arguing that maybe they just put the photo the wrong way, but if you look at the label in the neck, you'll see that it is not mirrored. So, I'm right and the people at Bon Prix are stupid ;)

There's been news about the airing (or non-airing) of Doctor Who in this country. Apparently, and quite contrary to what everyone believed, they've only just now acquired season 2 and are dubbing it right now (Someone's busy, I suppose?). So, no airing before 2008. And, just to add that fact, the series had at one point been announced to air in 2006. Er... dumbasses. The poor people who depend on dubs. Glad I'm not one of 'em.
The new season started airing in Germany yesterday. New season, that'd be #18. Yes, we're a whole year behind, why do you ask? XD We're also getting it on Sundays only, two episodes at a time, at 6:10 PM. I know, we're weeeeird ;)
I liked both of them (The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer and Jazzy and the Pussycats), even though I feel a slight soap opera-ish tendency going on there, however, I'm not sure whether that's new or not. Anyway. A lot of the gags were spot-on and had [ profile] yamasagi laughing out loud. Nice =)

Actually, I think the dub really got better now that the translator is someone else. Both [ profile] yamasagi and me didn't find anything really stupid/wrong/strange sounding in the new episodes, and believe me, we usually do notice. 'Course, it still might be wishful thinking on my part, but I'll be sure to have an eye/ear on that every Sunday.

When mum told me she and bro saw the Simpsons movie, I was like "Yeah, good for you. I hate you both". Then, she was like "Oh, they were showing it in English, too". Of course, I had to explain to her that I'm trying not to watch any part of that franchise in its original language because I'm certain it'd put me off the dub forever. And I don't want that. I know the dub is half-assed, but I like it. Hey, Kai #2's in almost every episode, if only for like, two sentences.
Useless fact: Kai #2 studied to play the saxophone at the Jazz School in Munich. Can you see why seeing Lisa Simpson play her instrument always makes me giggle? ^_~

Heh. Did anyone read that? Season 19 is supposed to feature guest appearances by both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Hey, this means that next year, we'll be able to hear both of them dubbed. Hooray... not O_O;;;

Also, RTLII has started airing the first "Heroes" trailers that actually feature some dubbed dialogue. So far, we heard Peter, Nathan and Claire. And apart from Nathan, who could've used a lower voice, they all sound like the people who cast the voice actors had actually seen the series beforehand. No Hiro or Ando yet, and I've read on some forum that they're holding back Mohinder as well. Oh my.
I mainly compiled this lil' list for personal use, but I thought some of you might like it, too. So, here goes:

Heroes (season 2) September 24

Stargate Atlantis (season 4) September 25

House (season 4) September 25

Qi (series E) September 21

Well, I guess it's time to warm up those BT clients and clear some HDD space, for the summer is over and our heroes will be back very soon ^__^

Oh! "Who wants to be a Superhero?" season 2 finale in two days. Can't wait =)

And finally, expect pictures of my Doctor Who toys to arrive tomorrow. [ profile] yamasagi and me had an awesome unpacking and tryout session this evening. And to be honest, more stuff was ordered as well, because my dear fiance just couldn't resist that black remote control Dalek. Bless him <3
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( Aug. 16th, 2007 10:01 pm)
Still rather tired. God, I'm such an old wreck ;)

One exciting piece of news is the fact that everyone in the company [ profile] yamasagi works for got a 250 Euro payrise. Except for him. Which is a good thing because...
... wait for it..
His boss (= his dad) gave him free access to the bank account they use to buy tech and he can get stuff for 250 Euros each month
Of course, that stuff is supposed to be used for work only, but y'know, you can always bend rules XD
Yes, we've officially manifested our geek status until the end of time ;)
And I suppose there'll be a second 250 GB HDD in it for me later this year. Yay, no more booting from DVD because of the IDE disk that messes up the mainboard's startup process ^_^

Mum called me today. They'll be here at approx. 11:30 on Saturday and we'll be having lunch at the same nice restaurant as in March. Whee, plenty of time to recite [ profile] silicondreamss and my adventure into their bewildered faces *lol*

Also, there's a second season of "Who wants to be a Superhero?" airing right now. Yes, yes, frinkin' yes!!! When [ profile] yamasagi told be about it on the way from the station home, I screamed. Casting shows usually bore me to death, but this one is an exception. The first season was exceptional and very touching, and I expect nothing less from the new one. Plus, who could resist Stan Lee? He's such a lovable guy ^_^

BTW: Duisburg is now officially a gangster town. Six people were shot at the station two nights ago. Seems to be an Italian mafia war going on and it has actually expanded to good old Germany. What the hell?!
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( Jul. 25th, 2007 03:59 pm)
On Saturday, the c't TV magazine started airing in 16:9. And I could tell before they even said anything. Thing is, if you watch a 4:3 broadcast on a 16:9 TV, everything gets stretched, so things - and more noticeable, people - look rather fat. But this time, everything looked normal, so I went "... whut?", and when they announced it, I was like "Haha, I noticed... I'm such a geek..." XD

... and I wish they'd stop making naughty jokes. It makes the thing a bit difficult to watch with other people around O_o

While I'm at it...

Slashy TMI moment from Saturday )
Yesterday, [ profile] yamasagi and me spent a couple of hours lowering the new TV (it's taller than the old one and prevented us from using the projector) and replacing a lot of cables. I rewired the two rear speakers (part of our surround system). With those, you don't just plug in some connector, but you have to cut off a bit of the sheathing at the tip, twist the many copper strings inside so that none of them bends outside, and then stick that into the back of the speaker. Yours truly cut her thumb doing that, but at least the damn things actuallly work =)

Also, while Yama was doing the other cables, I made myself useful by filling up his glass of lemonade and flinging pieces of chocolate across the table in his general direction XD

We also watched DBV-T for the first time ever. We got an antenna so that, in case of severe thunderstorms, we're not cut off from watching TV. Unfortunately, DVB-S is damn vulnerable to weather conditions, while DVB-T doesn't seem to give a damn. It was weird to use that antenna, though, as something like it seems totally obsolete nowadays. But hey, it's digital now, so it still looked pretty good!

Anyway. At this rate, I might take some pics and do a guided tour of this place I so aptly named "Geek-O-Rama". It's clean and rather tidy right now. Also, I love living here so it kinda makes sense ^_~
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( Jun. 30th, 2007 03:15 pm)
Yesterday and today I watched both parts of Stephen Fry's "The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive".
I think I've never seen a documentary that managed to build up a lot of credibility and be so very touching at the same time.
Watch it.
There's two torrents, the one here is the one I got (huge files, I gotta admit, but the quality is insanely good), this one is a bit smaller but requires you to register with the tracker, which should be neither difficult nor dangerous.

Next up: (once I get 'em) Jesus Camp (No way I'm gonna miss that one!), Michael Palin's travelling series (apart from Sahara, which I happen to own on DVD). Also: Fawlty Towers since the only two versions I've seen are the German dub and the German remake (Yep, there was such a thing).

ETA: Eeeee!!! TheBox has the unaired Qi pilot episode! Too bad those fucktards banned BitComet, but hey - that's why I have µTorrent as a secondary BT client just in case ^_^
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( Jun. 18th, 2007 01:03 pm)
Well, we finished Heroes. The whole goddamn first season in two weekends X_x

Possible spoliers ahead )

On an entirely different note, we expect to buy one of these this week. Cool, eh? :D


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