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( Apr. 10th, 2007 02:04 pm)
On Easter Sunday we visited my parents.

- Great food and even greater fun talking and goofing around
- Bro told me he might do NaNo this year. Wow O_O Actually... Add another "Wow" because I know I couldn't do 1600 words a day
- Mum's new car (brand-new black Opel Corsa) hasn't arrived yet
- We brought back tons of stuff:
--> Some summer clothes, especially some spaghetti strap tops. Yeah, my arms are too fat for them but I still wanna show off my tattoo, so I guess people will have to live with the sight ;)
--> A few DVDs
--> My PS2 (to put in the bedroom XD) and all the games
--> Books (Mostly old stuff from uni to sell at eBay, especially a whole bunch of Latin stuff *shudders*)
--> My rice cooker (Because it's bigger than [ profile] yamasagis)

I still find it difficult to stop connecting that place to the word "home". Well, guess it does take some time...
Moreover, I can't tell whether I miss them people or not. Yes, I have issues. Big ones.


- Mr Bean's Holiday at 5:15
- Afterwards: Burger King. They have special edition Whoppers right now. OMG cucumber Whopper :O~~~
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( Apr. 10th, 2007 11:04 pm)
Bean was absolutely adorkable <3
And it sure was a bit of a contrast to the movie we watched last night. *cough*Saw*cough*
But I loved it.
Of course, [ profile] yamasagi got the solution at a very early stage of the movie. Well, he got the culprit wrong but the reason was correct.
Ah, it's always the same. That guy has just watched too many movies so there's hardly anything left to really surprise him. Geez...
Too bad they had to cut some of the violent scenes to get the goddamn age 16 rating. And you can't even rent the age 18 DVD. Because you can't rent age 18 DVDs at all.
Holy damn. This country has a problem with violence. Hello?! We're like, adults? No?
Ah, forget it *sigh*

The site for my teaching project thingy is nearly done. Looks neato ^^
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( Apr. 10th, 2007 11:09 pm)
My little brother's got a small message board. It's mainly used by him and his friends. There, they plan their role playing sessions and related thigns.
But now, the guy actually started a series of small writing challenges. And right now, his friends seem to be tagging along.
That's my bro *proud*


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