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( May. 7th, 2009 11:41 pm)
- Had cheap tomato soup which sucked.
- Cleaned the apartment.
- Took a video of Tenchi and uploaded it to YouTube (see previous entry).
- Had dinner at a Chinese restaurant which was nice.
- Registered my new phone with Sony Ericsson online.
- Prepared mother's day e-card.
- Talked to [ profile] silicondreams about a rather crazy bandfic idea I've had.
- Paid to renew my Rockfic subscription.
- Helped [ profile] yamasagi sign important petition against internet censoring.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2008 11:20 pm)
Didn't get a single word down, neither yesterday nor today.
But I'm planning on catching the fuck up tomorrow. Yeah!
- Reading real good fic, namely "The Glass Prison" by [ profile] rdyfrde and the first two chapters of [ profile] silicondreamss Biffno story ^_^
- New TDS/TCR (Finally! Withdrawal was starting to get real bad *twitches*)!
- Fended off a woman from the company with which I have my cellphone subscription. No, I don't want a second SIM card I have no use for and that'll only generate more costs, thankyouvermuch. And it doesn't help that you tried to disguise it as a gift for renewing my subscription whilke your website clearly states that everone can get one of those for free whenever they want =_=
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( Apr. 1st, 2007 10:42 pm)
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( Mar. 31st, 2007 04:13 pm)

1272 words and with that, I won *lol*

The story is not finished yet and I guess I'll need another couple thousand words to get it to an end, not to mention what might turn into weeks of editing. OMG O_O;;;
This time, I wrote a sequence that came to me when I was supposed to fall asleep last night. Luckily, I usually don't forget the things I think of during those... er... sessions. Still, I really should put a notepad next to the bed one of these days ^_^;;;
Anyway. Said sequence is still bits 'n' pieces but I already had a pretty good idea of it when it showed up in my wicked mind. And I still think it's a good one. Woohoo.
I also added what I feel is a good pair of connected scenes somewhere in between.
True, I still have no idea in the world whether all of this even makes sense but I won't worry about that now. The main thing is, I made it. I. Did. It. And this makes me happier than I can say =)
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( Mar. 30th, 2007 11:53 pm)
1252 words. And a mere 1080 left 'til the magical 25k. The goal is near. I can do this ^_^

1525 words for today.
Yeah, yeah. Someone has been terribly lazy lately ;_;
But I'm fuckin' determined to make the 25k by Saturday and right now, I'm convinced I will.
And the story - bad as it might be - is coming along nicely, mainly thanks to KaiMuse and TobiMuse being alternatively scared out of their mind and brave as fuck. It's a damn rollercoaster ride, that's what this is. And I'm lovin' every second of it ^^

834 words for today.
Skipped yesterday, too. Bad Jessy.
Anyway. I'm once again in the middle of something, so starting off again tomorro won't be too difficult.

890 words and...
...Yesh, I got you, 20k >:D

One again, nice job, Jessy *pats own shoulder*
I kind of like my ability to write 2000 words without anyone talking and yet make it exciting. Or at least I think it turned out somewhat entertaining. To me. Whaaaatever.
And the way I keep inventing new facets to a major story element? Score ^_^
I think the best thing for me is to only write stuff that doesn't contain any dialogue. Eek.
Anyway. Word count, wourd count...

937 words, much psychological stuff, no dialogue and still some important progress in the plot. I wonder how I do this *lol*

Skipped yesterday, too. It was just a bad, bad week, at least in terms of quantity. Ack, I really, really need to do something on the weekend ;_;
On the other hand, it's a Biffno weekend that doesn't have a day removed for Masters ceremonies or parental visits so I might just be able to pull that off. Yeah. Ganbare, boku XD

Also, the story did something that really surprised me. It sounds weird but I suddenly stumbled into something that made it sound like my work more than any of the 17.000 words before that. WTF?!

I know the thing is a big mess of bad editing, stupid and maybe even illogical plot twists and cheesy dialogue. But today, it really, REALLY started to feel like me. And that's good, even if the odds of it getting published in any way are still far from good.

Heh. I think I just had a major idea how to get the thing closer to a conclusion :D
But damn, this is gonna take much more than 25.000 words to pull off *nods in amazement*
Still, I think writing that might be fun. Beware, major drama ahead!

Anyway, Kan-chan's battery's nearly empty now, so g'night all ^_^

863 words, some emotional progress and very little progress in the actual plot. No way I'll finish this in 25.000 words. BFNoFiMo, anyone? Ahem.
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( Mar. 20th, 2007 11:22 pm)

1065 humble little words.

After skipping yesterday (Holy damn, what on earth was I thinking? =_=), I'm seriously back in action. Well, actually, it's a lot of talking right now since I need to wrap up and explain a bunch of aspects. But I like what is being said. It actually included another one of those "Yes! That's brilliant!" moments. And I got a certain someone back in so my unrequited love thingy is bound to explode at some point as well. Nice ^_^

Tho right now, I'm still refusing to admit to myself that I don't have any sort of concrete idea as to how to finish the sucker. I mean, the... uh... "main problem" of the story is still far from being solved (Can you see how I'm avoiding spoilers like crazy? Believe me, it makes sense!). But I'm sure I'll think of something wicked. For now, it's still running nicely =)
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( Mar. 18th, 2007 11:41 pm)

882 words for today.
Today's Biffno session was really all about quality. Which is a good thing once in a while.
I know it might be a laughable effort to the real talented writers, but I feel like I just managed a more than strong continuation to yesterday's secene. Actually, writing a certain sentence in it nearly made me squeal. Needless to say, it's dark and scary and evil and brutal. Wow, I'm sick. I love me :3
And I think I'm really beginning to realize some of my strengths... provided I do have them and am not just imagining things, that is.
But, whatever the actual result will be, one thing's for sure. Doing Biffno was one helluva good idea.

859 words.
The scene that was most easy to write was also what I'd call my personal climax in terms of gross-ness. I wonder what that says about me? O_o
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( Mar. 16th, 2007 11:15 pm)

1039 words.
I guess that's a good, solid effort, both in quantity and also quality-wise. Well, at least I moved the thing a bit so that's okay. Still lots of things to do so it's far from being over =)
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( Mar. 15th, 2007 11:30 pm)

455. Uh-oh.
But I actually have two excuses:
a) I'm having a bit of a belly ache and am more tired than evah - weekend, pleasekthx? ~_~
b) Those few words mark an important plot twist.
And, frankly, I think it's a pretty decent one. Also, there's a bit of an emotional(angsty part coming up, and with me, those usually flow damn well :3
Apparently, I'm also developing a little bit of skill in getting out of a scene that's stuck. Nice =)
And then... I know the quality might not be top-notch but... Hell, that story sure feels like it loves to live and doesn't want to end too soon. Can't wait to be happy and awake to drag it on further ^_^
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( Mar. 14th, 2007 11:56 pm)

907 words. Well, still nowhere near my 1200 spree, but better than nothing.
Unfortunately, the rest of the week is gonna be fairly busy. Of course, I'm gonna try my very best to at least meet the 800 word goal.
Also, I'm still not running out of ideas which simply amazes me. And as long as those scenes are flowing, I'll just drag this thing on and on ^_~
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( Mar. 13th, 2007 11:45 pm)

844 words for today.
Not good, but not totally bad either.
More tomorrow. Too tired right now *yawn*
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( Mar. 12th, 2007 11:30 pm)

Baaad, I know. But I've been out job hunting all day and right now, my feet are more blisters than feet =_=
It was a long and weird oddyssey that will best be forgotten. However, I have a test day tomorrow. At the grocery store that's just around the corner. Or, to be more precise, at the butcher's O_o
Good that it's so soon. This way, I hardly have time to think about it and maybe get scared. I know I tend to. So yeah, I'm just gonna plunge into this, head first. And maybe I can actually do it ;)
Self-earned money? Whee :3

Also, it looks like the deadline to register for the June CPE exam is tomorrow. Nobody told us and we expected to have until the middle of April to decide. Well, lucky the teacher just happened to check tonight *curses*
We'll still be able to register afterwards but it'll just get more expensive. So, hopefully, I'll somehow make it to the school tomorrow to apply. They have terrible opening hours and I have no idea when I'll get out of work, so wish me luck :|
Other than that, class was fun. I had to read my proposal and everyone clapped XD Also, when I admitted having some routine with writing, teacher said she'd noticed ^_^
Unfortunately, about two thirds of the class now look at me when they don't know a word.
We also have yet anohter new student. Who seems to be worse than everyone else.
A typical dialoge went like this:
Teacher enters, everyone starts speaking English
New girl: "Doesn't she know German?"
Desk neighbour: "No, not much"
New girl: "Oh, crap"


'Nother busy day tomorrow.
*keels over and dies*
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( Mar. 11th, 2007 11:15 pm)

879 words. I'm amazed I'm still meeting my daily goal.
Also, I'm still getting lil' ideas for additional scenes once in a while. Had a particular neat one today. The kind that almost runs you over with tis force. Small but powerful, that's how I like 'em :D
So far, I'd say The Dreaded Week Two(TM) only had a reduced impact on me ^^
Final tiny remark for now: KaiMuse, you brave bastard! I. Love. You. *squishes*


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