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( Jul. 24th, 2009 08:07 pm)
So, if all goes well, I'll travel to the Bavarian capital once again in early September.
God, I can't wait to hold Kai in my arms again and give him a ton of kisses. I miss him so terribly, it's not even funny *sniffles*
Um... yeah. Someone's being sentimental again ^_^;;;

My parents are paying for the tickets as a birthday present, like they promised <3
I'll be flying from Cologne again because Dortmund is small, boring and malicious (I hope you remember them closing the airport for a few hours during the night and throwing me out onto the street back in November). Also, I love having Pierce Brosnan announce the "Do not leave your baggage unattended" messages ;) *

So, yeah. Another wonderful Munich adventure for me soon. I can't wait =)

* Okay, it's not the ACTUAL Pierce, but his German volcie actor, Frank Glaubrecht. Still, most ppl over here DO recognize him mainly as James Bod, so that's pretty amusing. I wonder why Munich airport hasn't yet hired Kai to do the same? Maybe I should pitch that idea to them while I'm there, maybe even leave a copy of his demo CD or something... *lol*
Wow, I alost forgot how purple this dye looks when it's fresh <3
I mean, it does fade to a darkr ed, which is nice, too, but I still prefer the original colour ^^

I'm almost packed as well, including the "mystery present" for Kai and season 6 of QI which I rememebered to burn for him cuz I'm pretty sure he'll like it.
Holy crap, I'm taking so many clothes and accessories, people might think I'm up to something *snickers*
Tomorrow, I'll get up at about 5:30. The web check-in thing worked, but trains to Cologne airport are so scarce that it doesn't save me all that much time. Eek -_-
Oh well, who cares, it's not like I'll be in a state where I need much sleep anyway *lol*

I'll arrive in Munich around noon, and in the afternoon, Kai will probably pick me up, at which time I'll hug the stuffing outta him ;)
The play starts at 6 PM.
On Monday, we'll just hang out at his place, I guess.

So, see you on Thursday, everyone ^_^
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( Aug. 24th, 2008 09:46 pm)
My eBay auctions ended reasonably well - more or less. Guess I'll somehow be able to afford "Munich 2008 - Take Two".
However, right now, I expect having to spend a night at the airport like [ profile] silicondreams did back in January. Gotta be there at 5 AM, but for some reason, public traffic just ceases to exist between midnight and that time. So, I don't have a choice except for going there in the evening and trying to have a nap on one of those uncomfortable benches (not using a table like Lia did *lol*), curled around my backpack so no one can steal it.
Oh well.
Luckily, it probably won't be dangerous since Dortmund airport is ridiculously small - to small to hold any criminals or rapists, if you ask me *lol*
I'll have one mofo of a jetlag that day, that's for sure, but who cares? I sure don't ;P
If things work out (which is kinda depending on Germanwings keeping their good prices for November for a couple more days) I'll fly in on the morning of 15th (Saturday) and leave on Monday (17th), probably around noon.
Since the room I had last time is occupied (too bad, the people were super nice - not that they saw much of me, anyway *g*), I gotta find another one. So far, it's looking good, also because I can somewhat tell where the places are by just looking on the map. One day, I'll find my way around Kai's home better than I do where I live *lol*
Also, I mustn't forget to order my Sonata ticket. I mean, the whole thing still wouldn't be pointless even if I forgot (I'm sure Kai and me could pull something off ^_~), but... it's less obvious that way ;)

Oh my. I hope the song that just turned up on my randomized Eurobeat playlist isn't some sort of an omen for this trip XDDD
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( Jun. 26th, 2008 07:23 pm)



In case you missed the big news, Soulbrother invited me to watch him directing a dub for a day. Also, we'll be doing something fun together in the evening.
Holy cow... O_O

... also, I don't think I'll have to explain what the Wooldoor Sockbat icon is doing in this entry, right? ^_~
(FYI, his German name is Wollknäuel Sockenbart)
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( Mar. 9th, 2008 05:27 pm)
So, [ profile] silicondreams and me have now officially started planning our next adventure - Wacken 2008!
Also, when my mum called me today, she instructed me to get a ticket for my bro as well. Yay, he'll be coming with us. Gonna be awesome:D

Speaking of bro, Schandmaul will be playing at a culture festival close to my old hometown in May. And until today, he was upset cuz none of his friends wanted to go see them with him. But I will. I really like the band, and I've always wanted to see them live. Now I just hope mum will be able to get the tix, as they tend to be sold out within minutes.

Looks like 2008's gonna be a good year, music-wise ^^
After the report, it's my turn. Here we go, have some goodies!

Seven pics. most of them rather bad )

I even managed to record a little video. Here it is!

Second half of "Heavy Metal Universe", including the sing-along part and Kai jumping off the drum kit platform. Sorry, I know, the sound is really bad, but my little N73 couldn't handle the volume. But I like the picture, considering it's just a cellphone.

Also, some not-quite-so-good DVD news:
Last weekend Kai and Dirk had a meeting during a concert day with SPV Records and agreed that the DVD will finally released in autumn this year.

Today the show in Barcelona will be filmed and the DVD will now be released as a triple DVD set. The content of the first two discs is already fixed since several months (Montreal Show plus bonus footage like road movie, acoustic tracks and video clips etc.). The third disc will contain many songs from the Barcelona show and probably some more bonus backstage footage from the actual tour. It will depend on the quality of the material which will be filmed today if the show will be completely released on DVD or only a part of it.

More official information will be announced soon in our news.


Okay, I like triple DVD sets. But autumn? AUTUMN? Hello?!
How long have we been waiting for this thing? Since 2006? 2005? I forgot. Because the waiting HURTS >:|
And "autumn this year" still isn't a definitive release date, so who knows what might happen in between?
Dammit.... *mumbles*

Finally, the Agglutination DVD is out! And guess who the two people on this picture are? It's even featured on the web site's front page O_O
[ profile] silicondreams is getting the DVD for us cuz I have no idea how it works. Scaaary Italian site ;)
Can't wait to show it to all the people I know, going "See, that's us! We were really there! Look, now they're at it again! They're so doing...".
Er... Yeah ^_^;;;
It'll be cool to experience all the awesome moments again... and maybe even laugh about the bad ones, safely snuggled on the couch instead of squashed against... okay, okay, I'm not describing that again *shudders*
Anyway, yay DVD ^_____^
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( Dec. 27th, 2007 11:52 pm)
Long but hopefully at least a bit interesting )

So there. And now... two and a half weeks of real holiday. And we'll begin with some sleeping.
*keels over and starts snoring*
Alright, so. As I said, I write well on anger. So here goes my rather long story about what happened to me this very morning. Enjoy, and I really mean that ;)

Clicky, clicky for the madness )

So, that was my morning. How was yours, and did anyone actually read this thing all the way till the end? I'd love to know!
Two hours ago, I was completely and utterly devastated. I think I haven't been that desperate since... yes, since those disastrous two days back in February. Right now, I'm just furious. And as you might know, I write rather well on anger and frustration. I'll tell you the full story in my next entry. Right now, let me just describe what I know, allergy-wise.

So, apparently (pending thorough lab tests), I'm allergic to almost anything. That includes most types of pollen (with grass being the worst), dust mites, mites, and cats. Yes, cats. The moment the doc told me, I was crushed. However, right now, I'm okay. Because I don't react to them. That is a possibility, at least that's what I heard on TV.

There's this magazine on TV, and they did a new allergy speed test with their audience. Some of them, who had lived with cats and/or dogs all their lives, suddenly found out that they're allergic to exactly those animals. I mean, what the hell is that about?

And, I mean, I just don't react. I don't. I moved here in February and didn't get any allergic reactions for two months, which was when the pollen started blooming. I've now been without any allergy meds for about a fortnight, and there's nothing. Nothing at all. And according to, say [ profile] mirmingi (who is allergic to cats and reacts to them as well) and her adventures with the little furries, I should be dead within minutes of contact. Heck, I bury my face in their fur all the time, I kiss their little noses, all of that, 24/7. And I feel nothing. Never ever.

Apart from all that... I'm not giving them away. I'd rather keel over and die this very instant. Forget it. I love them more than I could ever describe. No way I'm giving them away to some stranger. Not as long as I'm still alive.

Then, dust mites and mites... Forget those, too. Our floor is all laminate, with only one small carpet. And I happily clean the whole apartment every week, and even between that, we keep hoovering the place. Look at Jiro and Tenchi and the tons of fur they drop everywhere, what choice do you have? So, this place should be quite free of the whole mite stuff.

Which leaves a dozen types of pollen. At least this explains why my allergy lasts that long (March/April till September/October) and why it's worst in the middle of summer (grass time). We'll see what can be done about that, but not now. I'll explain why in a moment. Just stay tuned to this very channel, wait for my next entry and experience the whole fucking ridiculousness that is bad doctors. Waa-hoo!
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( Aug. 14th, 2007 07:21 pm)
For anyone who doesn't have [ profile] silicondreams on their friendslist, click here to read our report from the Agglutination Metal Festival (pictures included!). Didn't wanna post it twice. Enjoy anyway ^^ But beware of the nerdiness ;)

Otherwise, I'll have to go back to frickin' Germany tomorrow. Dun really feel like it, but oh well. At least I have a story to tell. Hell yeah.
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( Jul. 24th, 2007 10:43 am)
Here you go. I first put the whole article, untranslated, with my paragraph marked in red.
Then, I cut my part, made a separate file out of it and translated it best I could.
Uh... enjoy? =)

Jess in the Press *lol* )
... or: Harry Potter 7 nightly sale - Of costumes, interviews and security guards )

Also... comstume!!

Two pics. Not very good since, well.. they contain me XD )

Right now, I'm about 25% into book 7. I'm not planning on finishing it tomorrow, but we'll see where I get. Not telling anything right now, of course. But be prepared for a rather emotional review in a few days ;)
I have this pollen allergy (I guess it's that since it sorta fits the season). It's been there since about 2000/01 and it's always succumbed to the usual pills.
That is, until this year. I noticed I was even more short-winded than usual and a few days ago, I had the first real coughing fits, complete with breathing problems'n'all. Looked like what had started as a rather harmless hay fever was on its way of turning into an all-out asthma. Or maybe it already has, I dunno.
Yesterday evening, I finally decided to go see a doc first thing next morning.

Then, a few hours alter...

... it REALLY went to heck... )

(Sorry for any typos, I'm not quite in a state to really process any orthography. Will correct later.)

ETA: They sent me back home. Too full. Am supposed to come back around 11:15-ish. §&$%&&§=7$&%2XX!!
Y'know, this is really starting to go way past my level of tolerance. I want to sleep but I can't because I can't breathe. And if the doc sends me to a specialist, I have no idea how to get there in my 30-minutes-of-sleep-but-somehow-still-able-to-walk-and-talk state without getting lost or robbed or whatever.
[ profile] yamasagi said "Call me and I'll see whether I can drive yout here" but the tone in his voice made it clear that chances on him getting out of work aren't exactly top-notch. Also, he'll be gone until at least 8 PM since after work, he promised to help a friend of his with some electronics stuff in his house.
I feel all alone. I wanna curl up in a ball and die.


Or maybe, I'll first listen to "Inori" which is finally here.


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