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( Jan. 18th, 2009 05:53 pm)
I bet you were thinking I wasn't gonna do this one, huh?

Click here for teh hotness ^^ )

You might think I forgot someone. And in a way I did.
Well, in the beginning, I wanted to leave him out of this completely but then decided to include him as a sort of bonzus.
For some reason, I feel like he doesn't quite fit in here, yasee?

Finally - honorary mention (16/15)... )

There you go. That was MY weird little list.
Probably the most chaotic one yet. But who cares? ;)
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( Aug. 20th, 2008 11:21 am)
It's here, it's finally here!
AVGN - Deadly Towers!
OMG OMG OMG *flails*



(From here)

ETA: Wow. That was awesome. Also, there's no way I could not translate the German part, right?
"Das Spiel ist Scheiße! Dieses Spiel fickt dich härter als das Leben!"
->"The game is shit. This game fucks you harder than life!"
So he's got more German fans than just me, yes? :>
Also, his pronounciation is just cute ^^
“Never doubted him. Never will.”
(Jack Harkness - The Parting of the Ways)

Remember when I said that, in order to not fuck up the dub's translation, Kai #2 would have to be even more of a genius than me?
Well, I can now officially state that he is exactly that.

In other words: The German dub is excellent. For more, read on.

Praise, praise, and... uh... more praise ^^ )
After the report, it's my turn. Here we go, have some goodies!

Seven pics. most of them rather bad )

I even managed to record a little video. Here it is!

Second half of "Heavy Metal Universe", including the sing-along part and Kai jumping off the drum kit platform. Sorry, I know, the sound is really bad, but my little N73 couldn't handle the volume. But I like the picture, considering it's just a cellphone.

Also, some not-quite-so-good DVD news:
Last weekend Kai and Dirk had a meeting during a concert day with SPV Records and agreed that the DVD will finally released in autumn this year.

Today the show in Barcelona will be filmed and the DVD will now be released as a triple DVD set. The content of the first two discs is already fixed since several months (Montreal Show plus bonus footage like road movie, acoustic tracks and video clips etc.). The third disc will contain many songs from the Barcelona show and probably some more bonus backstage footage from the actual tour. It will depend on the quality of the material which will be filmed today if the show will be completely released on DVD or only a part of it.

More official information will be announced soon in our news.


Okay, I like triple DVD sets. But autumn? AUTUMN? Hello?!
How long have we been waiting for this thing? Since 2006? 2005? I forgot. Because the waiting HURTS >:|
And "autumn this year" still isn't a definitive release date, so who knows what might happen in between?
Dammit.... *mumbles*

Finally, the Agglutination DVD is out! And guess who the two people on this picture are? It's even featured on the web site's front page O_O
[ profile] silicondreams is getting the DVD for us cuz I have no idea how it works. Scaaary Italian site ;)
Can't wait to show it to all the people I know, going "See, that's us! We were really there! Look, now they're at it again! They're so doing...".
Er... Yeah ^_^;;;
It'll be cool to experience all the awesome moments again... and maybe even laugh about the bad ones, safely snuggled on the couch instead of squashed against... okay, okay, I'm not describing that again *shudders*
Anyway, yay DVD ^_____^
"Carry me over" will be the second single from the upcoming new Avantasia album "The Scarecrow".
Well, we knew that already.
But today, I got a newsletter from Nuclear Blast that had a link to the full video clip.
Click here to see it (it's on MySpaceTV).
My god. I love this song. It's beautiful. And - I know it's old news, but... seeing Tobi playing the bass is so. Damn. Hot.

Apart from the vid, [ profile] rdyfrde also posted a link to a new audio interview with Tobi.
Get it here (I suggest using right-click and "save as").
As [ profile] rdyfrde said, the volume is really low. My tip: Get GoldWave and boost it up by a few hundred percent. Also, converting it to mp3 might make sense for various reasons ;)

Tomorrow's gonna be a good day fer sure.
Our fave chain of wholesale stores is running another 20% off sale on non-food things. That's how we got our PS3 ^^
So, this time, [ profile] yamasagi and me will get ourselves some games.
He's planning to pick up "Assassin's Creed" (PS3) and I want "Animal Crossing" for the DS. I've heard so many good things about this game, it has to be amazing.
I just hope they have both of them in stock *prays*
[ profile] yamasagi is currently watching the finale of "Jericho", and after that, there'll be the one of "Blade". Since this is crap stuff I'm not interested in in the slightest, I might just as well sit here and tell you about 1x02 and 1x03 of Doctor Who, which I watched today.

[ profile] silicondreams, just ignore this, 'kay? ;)

Can you say 'Guuuuhhhhhh'? )
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( Jun. 15th, 2007 09:43 am)
Goddammit, why isn't it September yet? Wanna see the new shows... wanna seeee...

According to Wikipedia, the themes for the first eleven episides of the "E" season are:
Eyes and ears

I wonder whether the "James Bond thinks homosexuals can't whistle" thing might get a comeback in the espionage episode...
Oh dear... I think I watched a bit too much of that suff X_x

This article however, did surprise me a fair bit. I mean, Michael Palin as Qi host? Naah...

The pic of Stephen and Alan on the BBC site is just too adorable <3
Too bad that he apparently cut his hair again. Aw man ;_;

And then, I clicked on one of the streams on the right and the popup went "We're sorry. The content you requested is available for UK users only.".
Good job, BBC. Shutting out international viewers, eh? Nice. Not :|
German television has been buying your goddamned documentaries for ages. Is that how you thank us? T_T
Also, their help page is a dead link. Ow.

PS: I love my headdesk!Stephen icon ^___^
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( Jan. 31st, 2007 07:46 pm)
Random moment from a December 2006 show of c't TV - They're talking cheap notebooks.
Mathias: "What CPU is in there?"
Georg: "It has an AMD Sempron 3500+"
Mathias (who has obviously no idea what that is): "Ah, that one..."

Hehe, dork ^_^

And just a moment ago, this happened (show of Dec 9, 2006):
Georg *waves to camera* (I swear, he never, NEVER does that!!)
Jessy *drops off chair ded*
... geez. I am so weak.


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