Two hours ago, I was completely and utterly devastated. I think I haven't been that desperate since... yes, since those disastrous two days back in February. Right now, I'm just furious. And as you might know, I write rather well on anger and frustration. I'll tell you the full story in my next entry. Right now, let me just describe what I know, allergy-wise.

So, apparently (pending thorough lab tests), I'm allergic to almost anything. That includes most types of pollen (with grass being the worst), dust mites, mites, and cats. Yes, cats. The moment the doc told me, I was crushed. However, right now, I'm okay. Because I don't react to them. That is a possibility, at least that's what I heard on TV.

There's this magazine on TV, and they did a new allergy speed test with their audience. Some of them, who had lived with cats and/or dogs all their lives, suddenly found out that they're allergic to exactly those animals. I mean, what the hell is that about?

And, I mean, I just don't react. I don't. I moved here in February and didn't get any allergic reactions for two months, which was when the pollen started blooming. I've now been without any allergy meds for about a fortnight, and there's nothing. Nothing at all. And according to, say [ profile] mirmingi (who is allergic to cats and reacts to them as well) and her adventures with the little furries, I should be dead within minutes of contact. Heck, I bury my face in their fur all the time, I kiss their little noses, all of that, 24/7. And I feel nothing. Never ever.

Apart from all that... I'm not giving them away. I'd rather keel over and die this very instant. Forget it. I love them more than I could ever describe. No way I'm giving them away to some stranger. Not as long as I'm still alive.

Then, dust mites and mites... Forget those, too. Our floor is all laminate, with only one small carpet. And I happily clean the whole apartment every week, and even between that, we keep hoovering the place. Look at Jiro and Tenchi and the tons of fur they drop everywhere, what choice do you have? So, this place should be quite free of the whole mite stuff.

Which leaves a dozen types of pollen. At least this explains why my allergy lasts that long (March/April till September/October) and why it's worst in the middle of summer (grass time). We'll see what can be done about that, but not now. I'll explain why in a moment. Just stay tuned to this very channel, wait for my next entry and experience the whole fucking ridiculousness that is bad doctors. Waa-hoo!


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