Alright, so. As I said, I write well on anger. So here goes my rather long story about what happened to me this very morning. Enjoy, and I really mean that ;)

I managed to get to the doctor just fine. When it comes to finding my way, I could give many electronic navigational systems a run for their money, ha! >:D

However, from the moment I arrived at the front desk, everything went to hell rather spectacularly.

I had a referral to an allergist from my general practitioner, which I thought was fine because it said they're otolaryngologists and allergists. However, the lady told me I needed a referral to an otolaryngologist because it's their primary field. Imagine that. Hell, I was there because of an allergy and having a referral for exactly that was wrong?! So she first told me to get another referral and come back another day (all the while, I was seeing another seven Euros for bus tickets going to waste), but then, without telling me why, she got up and ran around for a bit. Suddenly, she came back and told me she'd spoken with the doctor and they're making an exception because they'd be gone for holidays on Friday. Now, you have to know that German doctors are on holiday at least a week each month, so it's pure luck whether you're standing in front of closed doors or not, especially if you've never been to that particular practice before.

Looking back, I should've left that very instant. Alas, I didn't. Big mistake. After sitting down in the waiting room for a few minutes, I got called and met the doctor. The moment he looked at me, I knew what to expect. Too bad it was too late to run. Before that moment, I was prepared to tell the doctor exactly what was wrong, make a really long speech so he/she has something to start from. But the way he looked at me made me shorten the whole thing to two and a half sentences. So... cold and uninterested. I'd never seen a doctor like that.

And you know what? He only half listened to what I said, I think he even interrupted me at one point. What the hell was going on here? Of course, now that I had some time to think about it, I know what was wrong. I was wrong. I was uncalled for and he had to squeeze me in right before his holiday started. Well, sorry, but how could I have known about that? Thing is, I have seen unfriendly doctors, but never have I met one who overlooked me like that. And I've certainly never met one who didn't have so much as a smile, a friendly word, a single gesture that made him not look like someone who had just been called out of the hot tub because the phone was ringing. Ugh.

For the next few minutes, I was too bewildered to really follow what was happening. He stuck things into my ears and throat, babbled something about a referral to a lung specialist (... huh?) and sent me back to the waiting room because I was to take an allergy test.

Again, only a few moments passed before I suddenly found myself sitting in another room, filling out a questionnaire (basic stuff, like when and where my allergy shows itself, what symptoms I have, other allergies, who else in my family has got which allergies, all that crap). Afterwards, one of the assistants wrote numbers onto my lower arms, put a drop of a different allergen solution next to every number and then jabbed a needle into my skin in the middle of each drop. I knew that procedure from another test that I took when I was about twelve so I wasn't scared. And then, I've got a tattoo, and even without that, I'm not particularly afraid of needles and injections. Actually, I told the assistant exactly that, and she said she's got a tattoo, as well. Heck, if only the doc could've been half as nice as she was, everything would've been much more bearable.

Anyway. I was supposed to wait ten minutes, but even before they were over, I noticed that my right arm was getting completely frickin' red. The left one wasn't quite that bad but it was still quite enough to give me the creeps. Of course, I didn't know which number represented which allergen, so all I could do was shiver (I was getting quite cold by then) and wait.

When the doctor came to look at me, he said "Wow, you are really allergic". The tone in which he said that and the indifferent face he made made me seriously want to either strangle him or burst into tears right there and then. However, I did neither but instead lay down on the examination couch because they wanted to take my blood for lab tests. At that point, I was getting a bit worried because the last time a doctor did that, I nearly fained. And it was only a drop from my finger, whereas this looked like the real thing, a.k.a. several milliliters. Uh-frickin'-oh. So I looked to the ceiling and closed my eyes, hoping against hope for the whole ordeal to be over soon.

Guess what happened? The man kept poking around in my arm, which stung and burned like mad, alternately blaming his lack of success on the gloves messing with his tactile senses and my bad veins. What? In the end, he gave up, telling the assistant to schedule an appointment with his wife for the next day. Apparently, she's better at it. WHAT? And then, when he was already leaving, the assistant said the needle had already been inside. I took that to mean that even though taking my blood didn't work, I might still bleed to death. Hadn't I been shivering (nerves, yasee, anyone who knows me knows that) and shocked by all that had just happened, I'd have gotten up, screamed, and started to beat random people. Instead, I took the piece of cloth they gave me and pressed it to the wound, my insides being all "Where's the hidden camera?". Unfortunately, there was none, and, not knowing what I was supposed to do or where I should go, I wandered off, back to the desk.

Actually, that was a motif that kept popping up all morning. Me not knowing what was going on. At one point during the blood taking thing, I asked the doctor about the cats and why, when the test says Instead of a real answer, he just mumbled something that was half inaudible and half unintelligible.

Anyway. I stood there, wondering whether to leave or not, and when I was about to, the assistant told me to stay because the doctor wanted a final word with me. When said word happened, he gave me a referral to a lung specialist and the address of a doctor he recommends. He did all of this with an air of "Now fuck off" that, at this point, really went across my head.

When I got out onto the street, I sent [ profile] yamasagi a text message, asking him to call me when he finds the time. Not surprisingly, my phone rang within the next two minutes, and when he called, I finally started crying. Badly. Heh. I wonder why I always do that in the middle of the street. But then, this was a quiet part of the city so there was hardly anyone around. And to be honest, in a moment like that, one of absolute helplessness, you really don't care.

So, I cried like an elementary school kid. Not only because of what had just happened but also because of the cat thing, since the doctor's non-answer about that had me absolutely terrified for a bit. And I have to admit that, in that moment, I said some pretty stupid things. But I think I'm quite prone to that and Yama knows not to take all of it too seriously.

Of course, Yama was being all reason. He said not to go back to that doctor, and that we'd be checking out another allergist, and we'd do it together. because he's got some sort of allergy, too, and having that checked might be a good idea, too.

After agreeing with him, calming down, hanging up and noticed that my phone had quite accidentally connected to the internet (Oops O_o), I got to the bus stop and I noticed I had missed the bus by about a minute (... the heck?!), and there wouldn't be another until half an hour later. So I decided to go back and check out the place because I had seen some stores on the way to the doctor and back. And bless the pedestrian precinct, there was a grocery store. I bought some Christmas sweets (too damn early, I know, but I felt like it) and some iced coffee to get back on track. That tasted terrible, but at least I didn't look quite like a zombie anymore.

When I got home, the first thing I did was grab Tenchi and cuddle him. I think I scared him a bit, and I know that cats can't stand the sound of humans crying (Sorry, baby), but I felt okay again really quickly. That's what cats do to you. They make you happy, not suck. My cute, sweet boy. I'm not giving you away. No way.

Now, I'm hungry as hell because I haven't eaten anything yet and my arm is still hurting. Good job on that, you old fart. You're most certainly not seeing me again. Ever.

So, that was my morning. How was yours, and did anyone actually read this thing all the way till the end? I'd love to know!
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