1. Survive a visit at the the employment bureau, apparently, if I ask them, they'll pay for my lawyer. Or not. I really have no idea, so I gotta ask.
2. Buy groceries, maybe look for a bigger pan.

1. Get up at 5 AM to register for fall semester classes and pray I get the good ones.
2. Appointment with allergist at 8 AM, hope she's really as good as word of mouth suggests. Also, please make her have someone who can draw blood nicely, even from people with difficult arms (like me XD).

1. Go to uni to register for Japanese repeat exam and maybe pick up some credits for my successful exams.
2. Have a nice lunch at the cafeteria (According to the weekly plan, they'll have my beloved vegetarian cream cheese potato pockets <3).
3. Buy a stack of file cards to study kanji (Yeah, I'm dead serious about passing this time XD)

Nothing (What? Even I need a quiet day once in a while, also, it's supposed to be the time of holidays ;P).

1. Catch the train to the 'rents place
2. See "Inception" at the cinema with mum and bro.

Sounds good. Bring it on!!
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( Jan. 9th, 2009 12:29 am)
So, after talking to [ profile] silicondreams, I decided to try a certain Manic Panic colour without bleaching my hair in advance. Too expensive to have it done, and too dangerous to do it myself. Also, since my hair is not that dark and also pretty damaged/porous, I hope it'll take on the colour.
But first, I'll be getting a new haircut. I hope the hairdresser's won't be too busy on Monday because I just can't wait :D
No, not telling anything yet, I want it to be a real surprise ;)
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( Aug. 24th, 2008 09:46 pm)
My eBay auctions ended reasonably well - more or less. Guess I'll somehow be able to afford "Munich 2008 - Take Two".
However, right now, I expect having to spend a night at the airport like [ profile] silicondreams did back in January. Gotta be there at 5 AM, but for some reason, public traffic just ceases to exist between midnight and that time. So, I don't have a choice except for going there in the evening and trying to have a nap on one of those uncomfortable benches (not using a table like Lia did *lol*), curled around my backpack so no one can steal it.
Oh well.
Luckily, it probably won't be dangerous since Dortmund airport is ridiculously small - to small to hold any criminals or rapists, if you ask me *lol*
I'll have one mofo of a jetlag that day, that's for sure, but who cares? I sure don't ;P
If things work out (which is kinda depending on Germanwings keeping their good prices for November for a couple more days) I'll fly in on the morning of 15th (Saturday) and leave on Monday (17th), probably around noon.
Since the room I had last time is occupied (too bad, the people were super nice - not that they saw much of me, anyway *g*), I gotta find another one. So far, it's looking good, also because I can somewhat tell where the places are by just looking on the map. One day, I'll find my way around Kai's home better than I do where I live *lol*
Also, I mustn't forget to order my Sonata ticket. I mean, the whole thing still wouldn't be pointless even if I forgot (I'm sure Kai and me could pull something off ^_~), but... it's less obvious that way ;)

Oh my. I hope the song that just turned up on my randomized Eurobeat playlist isn't some sort of an omen for this trip XDDD
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( Jul. 28th, 2008 09:21 am)
Wacken hasn't even started yet and [ profile] silicondreams and me are already planning the next gigs we'll want to attend. I know, we're crazy ;)
Ideally, my schedule for the rest of the year migiht end up looking like this:

October 18 - Axxis - Bredenborn
(I've never heard of that town. Naturally, I have no idea how to get there or if I'll ever manage to get back home afterwards. I do know how to get the ticket, but that's it. But I'm sure I'll figure something out... Gotta see them whenever I can...)

November 8 - Sabaton - Bochum
(Pretty close to here [certainly closer than bloody Cologne], also, the tickets are almsot free [12 Euros]. And since we'll probably miss them at Wacken [Avantasia meet'n'greet at the same time], I do want to try and take this extra chance of hearing some of the new album live. )

November 16 - Sonata Arctica - Munich
(They're playing Oberhausen as well, but since Munich is one of the rare occasions to see Soulbrother [most Metal bands hardly play there AT ALL], I'd rather go there. Ah, what the hell, maybe I'll do Oberhausen as well...)
(Just because...)

- go out and buy coke and mineral water
- PotC 2 at 8 PM (Could've started earlier but mum and me don't want to miss our current favourite show on German TV)

Somewhere between today and Sudnay
- getting my hair re-dyed (I look like a goddamn red-blonde zebra right now =_=)
- playing more of The Bard's Tale

- lunch@Xmas fair with the family
- Borat (subtitled!) at 10 PM (with mum and bro)

- lunch@granny's
- [ profile] yamasagi will arrive at our place in the afternoon
- early evening: presents! (Those of you who didn't know yet: We Germans get them on the evening of the 24th)
- four-course dinner made by mum (I have the menu list and might have a go at translating it later)

- lunch at home
- off to [ profile] yamasagis and having a great time there
- coming back on a yet undecided date in early January

'nother random Qi quote:
(Question: What is the loudest thing in the ocean?")
Phil Kay: "Must it not be the sea itself?"
Stephen: "Ahhhhhhh....... no."

That episode also had a classical UK/US misunderstanding between Stephen and Moe Rich Hall. Rich said his aunt was struck by a lightning and Stephen thought he meant his ant ^_^;;; Somehow, it's kinda weird to actually see something like this happen.

BTW, Stephen came sixth in the BBC Living Icons poll. Not bad considering he had to compete against Sir David Attenborough, Paul Mc Cartney and David Bowie!


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