Snagged from [personal profile] screwthedaisies =)

Instructions: Open up your iTunes (or WinAmp, or whatever, though iTunes is easiest for this I think) and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 8415
How many hours or days of music: 24.07 days
Most recently played: Super Eurobeat Vol. 194 - Stephy Martini - Fever of lvoe
Most played: JAKQ Degenki Tai - SASAKI Isao, Koorogi '73 - JAKQ Degenki Tai
Most recently added: Faylan - "Mind as judgment" and "Utakata no kotori-tachi"(The OP to the anime "CANAAN" and its C/W)

Sort by song title.
First Song: Die Ärzte - Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit - ♀
Last Song: Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 9-2-9

Sort by time.
Shortest Song: Lemmings (SNES) - Title screen (0:03)
Longest Song: TËЯRA - RËVOLUTIФN Dance Dance Revolution featuring TËЯRA (27:05)

Sort by album.
First album: abingdon boys school - abingdon boys school
Last album: dream - 7th Anniversary Best

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Hinoi Team - Super Euro Party - On my own

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 40
Life - 278
Love - 244
Hate - 29
You - 511
Sex - 19
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( Apr. 26th, 2009 10:07 pm)
My happy things for today:

- Lazy Sundays are always nice =)

- Started watching Dekaranger. Am certainly liking it so far, even though it's got a MUCH darker general tone to it than both Magiranger and Go-Onger.

- Somehow managed to grab the Dekaranger complete song collection which is more than just rare. Some of the insert sogns sounded totally Metal, so I'll have a thorough listen to it after I finish the series.
My pride and joy:

Giant pic (1360x665!!!) )
Guess who now has all 33 Super Sentai opening songs on her iPod, sorted chronologically in a 2-hour playlist? Me is a happy otaku :3
I can't seem to find the complete song collections for Dekaranger and Gekiranger. If I had those , I'd own pretty much all Sentai vocal songs ever released, save a few obscure ones.
Too bad that a lot of the more recent openinings suck hard. I mean, I simply adore the 1977 one (JAKQ Degenkitai) and most of the Eighties ones. For some reason, quality took a nosedive in the 1990s. Ugh.
However, they seem to be getting better these days. For example, the 2009 one (Shinkenger) is just stunning. But I also like the 2007 and 2008 openings (Gekiranger/Go-Onger).
Okay, I'll shut up now, this is not really itneresting at all, now is it? ^_^;;;

I just noticed... I made Kai go *facepalm* again XDDD Wow, I'm turning the country's most talented voice actor into an internet nerd ^_^;;;
Not that he's NOT been a nerd before. A music nerd, a SciFi nerd, a DVD collecting nerd, a comic nerd...
Wow. I wonder why he's not being assaulted by geek girls at every corner. Instead, there's just me... *ahem*
This time, he even used the action stars correctly. He prolly just copy-pasted from me, but who cares?
That totally made my day. That and all the <3s he's throwing at me at the end *beams*

ETA: Wow, I think I made a new friend on Twitter. Didn't quite believe that was possible until now, but hey... :D Not to mention talking to a fellow German who speaks English as well as I do ^^
I can't believe that the people at SDA say the music of Mega Man II (Game Boy version) is "notoriously bad". The "robot master selected" jingle is just fantastic! Also, it's not like the first two NES installments were that brilliant, music wise. I mean, come on, some of the tunes in there were downright ridiculous... blah...
[/senseless game rambling]
Today, my music taste once again decided to show me how crazy and unpredictable it really is.
Long story short: I've been listening to French pop music most of the day O.o

Details, with videos, lyrics and all that crap XD )

I guess I now have a "strange music entry" icon XD
Nicked from [ profile] rdyfrde :D

1) Have your music library ready.
2) Choose one song from your music library whose title starts with the first letter (or number) of your screen name.
3) Repeat this process with each successive letter (or number) in your screen name until you run out of letters (or numbers).
4) Post up your results.
5) BONUS POINTS: Upload your mix (whether it's individual songs or a .zip of all the songs) and include the mix in your post.
6) MORE BONUS POINTS: Add the line around the 1:10 mark of at least five songs.

So, now, you too can explore the horrifying world that is my music taste XD As you can see, it is all over the place, like it's always been...

(J) Judas at the opera - Edguy [Superheroes EP]
(E) Everlasting song [Japanese edition) - FictionJunction ASUKA [Erementar Gerad]
(S) Spirit of the night - Daniel (SEB 188]
(S) Sign of the cross - Avantasia [The Metal Opera Part 1]
(Y) You only tell me you love me when you're drunk - Pet Shop Boys [Drunk single]

(B) Before dawn daybreak - fripSide [Split Tears]

And, because I just can't seem to get enough, I did the same with what's officially become my second nickname:

(Q) Question at me - HAYASHIBARA Megumi [Fuwari]
(U) Upstairs - Wolfsheim [Dreaming Apes]
(E) Eagle - Gamma Ray [New World Order]
(E) Edge - access [Best selection]
(N) Nur einen Kuss - die ärzte [Jazz ist anders]

(O) Out of the dark - Falco [Out of the Dark (Into the Light)]
(F) Fallen to pieces - Helloween [Gambling with the Devil]

(G) Gas gas gas - Manuel [SEB 181]
(E) Egao - WADA Koji [Digimon]
(E) Escapist - Nightwish [Bye bye Beautiful single]
(K) Kimi ga tame - Suara [Utawarerumono]
(S) Sprial galaxy - HAMADA Mari [Reflection ~Axiom of the two Wings~]

Ah, that was fun. Actually, I could've easily posted two songs per letter. Maybe I'll re-do this thing some day...
Anywho. Downloads. I've put all the songs in one file because I'm a lazy bum. You can grab it here (right click + "save as") (.zip/86.8 MB, all songs in .mp3/128 kbps).
If anyone just wants any one of the songs without having to get the whole archive, just tell me. I'll gladly upload it for you!

... No, I'm not doing the 1:10 mark thing. Even I am not that crazy ^_~

PS: Be glad I spared you "Belleville rendez-vous". And that's just because I forgot :P
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( Aug. 27th, 2008 01:47 pm)
Went on a small pre-ordering spree last night:

Peter Heppner - Solo - Ltd. Fan Edition
Apparently, it's signed and contains a bonus DVD =)

J.K.Rowling - The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition
Can't afford the collector's edition T_T
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( Aug. 21st, 2008 01:26 pm)
Decided to fulfill a Goth cliché for once. Means, I'm listening to Depeche Mode *lol*
Luckily, I have the rest of SEB 190 and a heckload of new Jpop to check out afterwards. Much less depressing ;)
... still, "Enjoy the silence" is a very pretty song.

I finally decided on what to send Kai for his birthday (Monday, his 51th if you need to know). Since this is a public entry, I won't be telling you what it is yet. But I will once he told me what he thinks about it.
Me? Nervous? Nah... *runs around like a headless chicken*
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( Aug. 14th, 2008 10:06 pm)
Went to the vet today because Jiro has a weird bald spot on his tail.
Apparently, it's nothing dangerous, but we left them some hair to check anyway.
Of course, Tenchi was happy because he didn't have to leave the basket at all until we got back home *lol*

I started selling another heap of things on eBay. I totally need money for November ;)

C74 has started, so I expect a gazillion weird CDs to show up on tokyotoshokan. I'll be listening to JAM Project until then ^^
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( Apr. 19th, 2008 11:00 pm)
If you have a free second, please click the following link:
Don't worry, it's just a little something that gets me some mass-download reward points at Galbadia Hotel (an anime and video game media site).
It's got some pretty nice stuff, but downloading albums track by track is tedious as all hell.
So... help me out? *puppy eyes*
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( Mar. 9th, 2008 05:27 pm)
So, [ profile] silicondreams and me have now officially started planning our next adventure - Wacken 2008!
Also, when my mum called me today, she instructed me to get a ticket for my bro as well. Yay, he'll be coming with us. Gonna be awesome:D

Speaking of bro, Schandmaul will be playing at a culture festival close to my old hometown in May. And until today, he was upset cuz none of his friends wanted to go see them with him. But I will. I really like the band, and I've always wanted to see them live. Now I just hope mum will be able to get the tix, as they tend to be sold out within minutes.

Looks like 2008's gonna be a good year, music-wise ^^
Everyone concerned about their privacy should read this.
Geez, LJ... this new "feature" doesn't sound good to me. It's more a means of spying on people than anything else. And the fact that it's turned on by default and you have to shut it down by yourself is just... evil. I'm sure 98% of LJ users have no idea about this and might never find out. "New Explore Area" my ass. "1984 Area", more like >:|

Before I report some more stuff from the Who/Kai category, I'll do last week's [ profile] thefridayfive because I couldn't really relate to this week's questions.

01. What types of portable audio devices do you use?
Jack, my black sixth generation 80 GB iPod Classic. I love him so much =)

02. What format of music do you listen to most often?
Apart from the .mp4s I buy at iTunes, I usually convert everything to mp3.

03. How do you get your electronic music files? (pay service [i.e Napster, iTunes, eMusic, etc.], file sharing, artist/label web sites, etc.)
iTunes, rips from my own CDs, file sharing.

04. What type of headphones do you use?
Sony MDR-E819V. I own two pairs, one for Jack, one for Rick (my laptop). The bass on those things is awesome! Too bad I've only ever seen them in wholesale stores.

05. What is currently on your portable music player that you are using? (Post artist, album title, please.)
Everything, actually. And believe me, you wouldn't wanna scroll through the whole list ;)


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