The new season started airing in Germany yesterday. New season, that'd be #18. Yes, we're a whole year behind, why do you ask? XD We're also getting it on Sundays only, two episodes at a time, at 6:10 PM. I know, we're weeeeird ;)
I liked both of them (The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer and Jazzy and the Pussycats), even though I feel a slight soap opera-ish tendency going on there, however, I'm not sure whether that's new or not. Anyway. A lot of the gags were spot-on and had [ profile] yamasagi laughing out loud. Nice =)

Actually, I think the dub really got better now that the translator is someone else. Both [ profile] yamasagi and me didn't find anything really stupid/wrong/strange sounding in the new episodes, and believe me, we usually do notice. 'Course, it still might be wishful thinking on my part, but I'll be sure to have an eye/ear on that every Sunday.

When mum told me she and bro saw the Simpsons movie, I was like "Yeah, good for you. I hate you both". Then, she was like "Oh, they were showing it in English, too". Of course, I had to explain to her that I'm trying not to watch any part of that franchise in its original language because I'm certain it'd put me off the dub forever. And I don't want that. I know the dub is half-assed, but I like it. Hey, Kai #2's in almost every episode, if only for like, two sentences.
Useless fact: Kai #2 studied to play the saxophone at the Jazz School in Munich. Can you see why seeing Lisa Simpson play her instrument always makes me giggle? ^_~

Heh. Did anyone read that? Season 19 is supposed to feature guest appearances by both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Hey, this means that next year, we'll be able to hear both of them dubbed. Hooray... not O_O;;;

Also, RTLII has started airing the first "Heroes" trailers that actually feature some dubbed dialogue. So far, we heard Peter, Nathan and Claire. And apart from Nathan, who could've used a lower voice, they all sound like the people who cast the voice actors had actually seen the series beforehand. No Hiro or Ando yet, and I've read on some forum that they're holding back Mohinder as well. Oh my.
... here.

Too bad they made the fatal mistake of not including any glasses *slaps Matt Goening*
Well, just imagine they're there...

Anyone else?


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