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( Aug. 24th, 2009 05:36 pm)
- My dad forgot my birthday. Meh -_-

- Got another package from Japan with stuff for me and [profile] yamasagi plus my traditional small present to give to Kai in two weeks.

- That's right, it's only a fortnight until I finally get to see him again. Damn, I can't wait :3 I'm SO looking forward to getting into the studio with him, and this time, it'll be different in several ways. Gonna elaborate on that in a forthcoming entry =)

- Today, I used half of my mini Hair Doctor tryout pot I got from Lush. The stuff is very much like henna in terms of yucky-ness, but it smells of peppermint which is nice. Dunno what it does until my hair is completely dired, but it already feels kinda nice and softer than before.

- I also got my antidepressant and thyroid pill prescriptions and when I got to the pharmacy, they actually had both of them in stock for once. Should I be worried? *lol* Dentist appointment tomorrow, but I'm only supposed to get the new fillings polished. So, let's hope he doesn't find anything else worth doing O_O;;;

- Started watching "Japanorama". The show is nicely done, Jonathan Ross is adorkable and I like that, despite his accent, he can at least say some things like "What's this?" in Japanese ^^ Am currently downloading a torrent that has the extra segments as well. DO WANT.

- Finally, I love you all. SRSLY. I have some of the best-est friends one could imagine *hugs everyone* <3
Again, just some random photos.

My new meds are scaaaary... )


I love it when Tenchi is resting his chin on the edge of the scratching post like this. Sooo adorable *cuddles her cute kitteh*

My new favourite animal:


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( Oct. 14th, 2008 10:55 am)
Finally managed to order a new fluoxetine prescription. Will get it (and the stuff) tomorrow. Phew, I was just about to run out of 'em pills.
See, I didn't get them from my normal doc in the first place, so I wasn't sure if they'd be willing to give it to me at all. Y'know, what with all the junkies and things...
But! What I did was shove my day clinic discharge letter in their faces. It mentions both of the important meds I'm on right now, and the receptionist even asked if I need the thyroid stuff, too, which I don't right now since I've still got plenty of that left. She told me to come back tomorrow and get my prescription and the discharge letter because they want to make a copy of it.
And, not even three minutes after going in, I was back on the street, being all " That was it?!"
Wow, that was surprisingly easy, almsot anticlimactic *lol*
Still, since I was rather anxious to go there at all, [ profile] yamasagi was all proud when I called him afterwards. He even said he'll have a surprise for me when he comes home tonight. I wonder what that is...?
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( Jan. 25th, 2008 01:40 pm)
- For several reasons (among them psychological and financial ones), we had to downgrade the wedding. Now, it'll just be a small celebration with our parents, siblings, and the witnesses. No further guests, no invitations, no nothing. So sorry, everyone, but this is the only way. Otherwise, it'd have been a disaster in many, many ways.

- I'm also no longer a member of the Evangelical church. It cost me 30 Euros and a day of walking around wearing sneakers (Ugh XD).

- Yours truly went to the psych and got treatment options (group and single therapy). Also, I've been on Fluoxetine since yesterday. You Americans know the stuff, I think you call it Prozac. So far, it's good (Where the heck has my general fear of psych meds gone to, huh? O_O), though my stomach still needs a few days to adjust. Ow.

- We signed a marriage contract to protect the company (that, incidentally, will be [ profile] yamasagis sooner than we thought, read on to see what I mean). Loved the lawyer. So cute, but soooo gay :D

- [ profile] yamasagi's dad is planning to retire to Austria some time between this year and 2010. We'll apparently get the house. And I'll get hired as the company secretary and, possibly, software consultant. OMG times two.

- Listened to "The Scarecrow" and it's unbelievable, stellar, divine. Better than anything I've known before. Next week, I'll take pictures of the tin box's inside and scan the cards that came with it :D


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