Rob Brydon and Ben Miller

Can you guess how this goes on?

O.O )

Y'know, I can't stop thinking... Those two might actually be an interesting pairing, what with them looking alike and constantly being confused and all that. Too bad you can't really find out that much about them outisde the UK. Also, I wouldn't dare trying anyway ;)
Damn, this season of Qi is getting better and better^_^
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( Sep. 6th, 2008 02:06 am)
Okay, that's the final proof.
I must have "slasher" written on my forehead.
Well, guess who just sent me this link?
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( Oct. 10th, 2007 10:10 pm)
For anyone who wants to see the crucial scene of 4x03 again (and again and again and...), go here. I hope it doesn't get deleted too quickly.
(Thanks to [ profile] sorion for the link ^^)

Also, the German version has reached another record in rankings. 35.1 percent. Holy damn. Is this ever gonna stop?
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( Jul. 25th, 2007 03:59 pm)
On Saturday, the c't TV magazine started airing in 16:9. And I could tell before they even said anything. Thing is, if you watch a 4:3 broadcast on a 16:9 TV, everything gets stretched, so things - and more noticeable, people - look rather fat. But this time, everything looked normal, so I went "... whut?", and when they announced it, I was like "Haha, I noticed... I'm such a geek..." XD

... and I wish they'd stop making naughty jokes. It makes the thing a bit difficult to watch with other people around O_o

While I'm at it...

Slashy TMI moment from Saturday )
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( Mar. 6th, 2007 01:14 pm)
Eddie Murphy lost his voice. His German voice, to be precise. Yes, that's right. Randolf Kronberg, who voiced Eddie since like, forever, died on March 2.
Holy hell, we got ourselves another big hole in the dubbing scene.
The last huge one was when Elisabeth Volkmann (a.k.a. Marge Simpson) passed away last year. They found someone new but most Simpsons fans loathe her because she's a crappy choice indeed >:|

Also, I wanna see This Film Is Not Yet Rated (Note that each of the six words is a different link concerning the movie! Ha, I rule >:D). Badly.

If you want to see Stephen Colbert switching in and out of character, download this. Wow. On the one hand, he scares me a bit. On the other, he seems like such a sweet, friendly guy *swoons*

What? There's a new Precure anime? Again? It's called "Yes! Precure 5" (ANN AnimeNfo) Crap, I haven't even completed the first one yet.! Anime producers, I hate you. Nah, not really. Guess I'm just toooo slooooow XD

And then... Is it just me or is Robbie Williams about to turn into the third Pet Shop Boy?
Don't get me wrong, I think them working together is pretty damn cool. "She's Madonna" is a good song even though the bridge sounds an awful lot like that in "Being boring". But I suggest everyone who likes some nice elctronic tunes check out "We're the Pet Shop Boys" (it's on Robbie's new album "Rudebox"). That one simply rules :D

Finally, a nice take on the infamous "Responsible Drinking" episode of Even Stevphen. As much as I adore Jon/Stephen, Stephen/Steve does indeed need more love. And I'm not even mentioning Jon/John here ^_~
(from a TCR taping report which can be found here)
Stephen does Q&A, my hand SHOOTS up. He calls on my first! I really didn’t have much of a question prepared... but I said , "Between Colboard, JSX, and OSCLA.... Aren’t you SCARED?!" At first, he didn’t know what I was talking about and goes, "Is that part of the united nations....?" Then he goes "OH the colboard, the colbernation message board. I read that once.... NEVER AGAIN." I was LMAO. Then he goes, "Yes, I am scared! Oh yeah. I love Fanfiction...." We all look at each other like OMG then he adds, "Me and Jon... NEVER DID IT..." then nodded his head yes.

ZOMG!!! *faints*
This is exactly how I want people to react to RPF/RPS being written about them.
And it made me love Stephen even more... if that's even possible :3

€dit: Addon (from said forum thread, again concerning the fact Stephen knows about fanfic and RPS):

Oh, he's known about it for a while. Part of the fandom lore (which I've never seen a link to, so it might be in a locked LJ post or something) goes that someone asked him about it before, and he responded by quoting part of a fic.

Er... guuuuuhhhhhh.... *thud*

€dit #2: Reading all those taping reports makes me a bit sad. I wonder whether TDS and/or TCR will run long enough for me to have even the slightest, most theoretical chance to go see a taping? Well, I doubt it, but one can dream, right?
Stephen barely heard the question. "Yes! Two NC-17s!"
"You're...cheering for porn," Jon observed with a healthy amount of concern.

Hell... that sounds so much like me, it's not even funny O_O;;;

(BTW, said fic is here)

... if only I were be able to write such stuff... mentally, I mean... it's not like there's a lack of bunn... Argh, dammit >:O
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( Jan. 16th, 2007 11:41 pm)
I don't quite know how to put this, but someone actually wrote a fic about the Rice thingy that happened on both TDS and TCR last night. Don't read it. This is so very yucky but yet another proof that on the intarwebs, everything's possible O_O;;;
However, there's also those two drabbles which are both very, very cute. Stephen singing a lullaby for Jon? OMGawww <3 <3 <3

*is being whacked on the head by muse*
Ow. Yeah, I know!
*lets herself be dragged away*
Holy shit, there's half a tornado blowing outside. Actually, it's upposed to get even worse tomorrow.
*checks on Kou-chan*
You just hold on to the ground tightly, right? And if that doesn't help, I'm gonna grab my blanket and sleep inside you *lol*
... did I just say that? O_____o
(Actually, I wouldn't mind that since he's mine and stuff...)

I just came back from a grrrreat evening. Bro and me looked at old Nintendo games on an emulator, laughed, talked and just had a lot of fun in general.
Sorry for being sentimental, but I'm lucky to have a brother like him. I mean, I've always said that I wouldn't exchange him for anyone else and it's still true.

Last night, I've been raiding YouTube for TDS/TCR and JonxStephen-related stuff.

Well, there's a number of fanvids, and since most of them use similar sets of scenes, I'll bring you my favourite:

Awwwwww *swoons*
I like the song, it's cute and fits the pictures. Awesome editing job as well!

And a nice one for everyone else who is just interested in good comedy.
Here, Jon checks in with Stephen at the end of his show and something seems to be wrong with Stephen's text. But see for yourself, it's hilarious!

OMG - Stephen speaking in typos XDDD
"It just so happlens my normal proogreafer is out dick." I nearly fainted from laughing so hard when I watched that for the first time.
And Jon losing it, like most of the time? Too adorkable *giggles*
I love those two. So much.

(PS: Made even more icons, this time: JonxStephen all the way ^_^)
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( Jan. 9th, 2007 01:01 am)
August. (by [ profile] zellieh, Jeeves/Wooster, slash, 15+)
Loo~oovely. I can so see this happening *fangirly squeal*
Oh... and it has the "Normal - for Norfolk" anecdote from QI!! Eeeeee :D
*hopeless case*
The last Daily Show of 2006 was without a shred of doubt the best one I've seen so far. And I've seen like, thirty of 'em? Yeah, well... O_O;;;
Jon was obviously happy about the holidays, he was smiling and laughing even more than usual. During the opening, the audience actually stood up to applaud. Woohoo!
This was the second time he did this "I look so cute when I put my index finger to my mouth and beam in a cheeky fashion" sort of thing. And it was the second time I literally felt my brain dripping outta my ears. And I swear to you, he does that on purpose! Guuuhhhh..... :)~~~~
But apart from the fangirly goodness, the show was also one of the funniest ones I've watched so far. The part about Iraq and the gerunds nearly killed me *lol*
I need to tell mum about the Ben Stiller interview. She keeps annoying me with Night at the Museum and how much she wants to see it.

Also, someone at [ profile] tds_rps suggested a Jon/Sacha Baron Cohen fic. Which is not a bad idea AT ALL. Now they only need someone to write it.
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( Nov. 30th, 2006 02:14 am)
It's called "Arsegravy".
Its pairing is Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie.
It's very short but pretty hilarious.
It's Here.
Today, I showed mum the beginning of an episode of Qi. What? She asked for it! And then, she was upset about not getting anything. Er... the hell was she expecting??
She laughed about the buzzers, though ;)
Ah crap, only eight episodes left ;_;

BTW, I noticed that one episode of The Daily Show is only about 175 MB in size. That amount of data takes me about an hour to download. Which means that I'll be able to follow the show with a delay of one day only. Hail to BT :D

I really wanted to watch the joint Daily Show/Colbert Report episode from November 7, the thing they called Midterm Midtacular (*lol*).
That file was a bit bigger but I eventually got it. The show was really interesting and cool.
And that conversation in the middle... Well, I'll put it like this: If Jon/Stephen slash (Which idiot started calling that Stewbert, anyway? *is appalled*) hadn't existed before November 7, that skit certainly would've created it ALL ^_~

Jon's such a beast. But he's so bloody charming as well. And he's got such a goofy, silly laugh. That man is just gorgeous *dreamy eyes*
On the other hand, Stephen Colbert is ten times more beast than Jon could ever be. So that one RPS fic where Stephen was abusing Jon really made quite a lot of sense, actually O_o
Ew. I almost took that quiz right now. I forgot where it was. Anyway. When I skipped through the questions, I noticed it was going to make me decide between Hugh Laurie and Jon Stewart. No way!!

That was five minutes before this convinced me that if something's slashy, someone will be slashing it at one point or the other.

Life's good.


Gosh, I'm easy to please, aren't I?


€dit: Wow. There's a fandom that needs an army of BETAs *is appalled* What a pity, though...
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( Nov. 12th, 2006 06:59 pm)
First, some similarities between Boffle and MPFC I discovered (mainly from watching only the first episode and a handful of random clips):

- The mix of quite intellectual and really clever stuff with absolute, mind-rippling nonsense (Their vox pops, where they only show the weird answers and you have NO IDEA what they're on about are just pricelss!)
- Their use of links ("We need someone to go through that door" - which leads to the next sketch)
- The sudden going out of character ("I can end this sketch in forty-five seconds")
- And, not to be taken that seriously, the fact that Stephen Fry is almost as good at shouting (complete with cracking of voice) as John Cleese *lol*


Now, some YouTube links:

That one nearly killed me. Seriously. Their timing is brilliant.

From episode one. "And then the sketch ends with us going to bed together" - "..... violently." *snort* Though I know a couple of fics that beat them to the punchline on this one, hehe ;)

(No title)
I wonder why people keep remarking upon the Python similarities. I doubt they were EVER trying to hide it ;)

Major Donaldson
Speaking of obvious. Hugh's German accent is bad as always, but OMFG teh slash. It's almost as if Stephen were out of character in this one from a certain point on. Hey, you can dream, can you? XD

My Dear Boy
This one is almost too much. Gay men playing gay men (especially that... type O_o) always scares me a bit. But it's still hilarious.

Monday: Hugh Laurie. Wheeee~!
Friday: Stephen Fry (... on US TV. Dun get it, but that's damn cool!)
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( Nov. 12th, 2006 04:52 pm)
Gods. I'm so bloody tired *yawn*
Why? Because I spent half the night watching Boffle clips on blasted YouTube.
Somehow, that series feels mightily deja vu-ish.
The way they do their stuff is so similar of the Pythons, it almost made me squeal with delight.
*is currently trying to grab some whole eps*

Damn, I'm just so sleepy *clutches tea cup*
Some Fry and/or Laurie related fic recs fer ya.
(Slash only. Please read - and mind - the ratings. You've been warned.)

Physical comedy
A nice short-ish piece in six parts.

OMG, smutty humour! This one is made of pure awesome!

See Evil
The general idea of this one almost made my head explode. It's just so shockingly brilliant *0*

Coming up later: Some actual Boffle sketches via YouTube... provided I haven't fallen asleep by then *sigh*
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( Nov. 7th, 2006 06:29 pm)
No spoilers here, but gosh, what an amazing episode.
The ending made me a bit angry, though >:O
So, the new asshole.
[ profile] sorion said she prolly won't hate him as much as she hated Vogler.
Well, *I* think he could give Vogler a run for his money.
Now I can't wait for 3x06 to show up. I wanna know whether we are really being heard or whether it was just anohter of his stoopid jokes.
*shivers with excitement*
*grabs some H/W fics for distraction*

BTW, has the videos of Hugh's apparance on SNL. Even I haven't seen them yet.
Yesterday, I told mum all that stuff about (non existant) gay people on Star Trek and the Picard/Q thingy.
And she asked me to honestly tell her whether I think it's awkward when two guys are kissing. Because she thinks it is. Well, I honestly told her that I don't.
Okay, it does depend on the guys in question whether it's hot or not, but me being gossed out by the general idea? No, ma'am.
Anyway, me holding that speech was entirely in vain ONCE AGAIN. Don't try to expand horizons that are apparently made of lead =_=

Today, I stole mum's pay TV card out of her receiver and tested it in mine. Works perfectly :D
Mum also told me her choir has just started rehearsing Son of a preacher man. Now is that bloody COOL or what?
Bro FINALLY got his Nokia 6230i today. Awww, twins *glassy eyes* [/stupid]

In other news: Got Initial D Fourth Stage D Selection 3 today. Okay, most of the songs are old, but they're all mixed in a different way to make them LONGER. And that's certainly nice. But some of the few new songs are pretty good, too. "Mission impossible" by Nick Mansell, for example, simply rocks. It's also an ideal "first time"-track for those people who have never listened to Eurobeat before. Same goes for "City lover city rider" by dear Matt Land. Simply brilliant. What scared the hell outta me is that fact that they chose to add an extended version of "Back on the rocks" by Mega NRG Man. That was my first Eurobeat song ever. Wow. Circle complete, or something?
Anway, if you want to have a listen, the torrent (among others) can be grabbed at the Initial D WOrld Tracker. It's more than well-seeded right now so act quickly ;) Lancie could read a calculus textbook and make it sound sexual

How true, how true...

This was quoted from here, an amazing essay about Picard/Q. I know, the thing is effing long, but it explores the whole thing in an awesome way, complete with quotes from the actors themselves.

This is prolly my fave example: Patrick Stewart after being told that some fans consider Q as being gay:
"I did. Again, I would say this was an impression given you entirely bythe quality of the performances rather than by anything that wasdeliberately placed in the script. [Laughs.] John [de Lancey [sic]],whose work was brilliant on the show, had a kind of boldness about him,a way of looking at Picard that was provocative."

My point EXACTLY.

In other news: Am currently in the middle of a three-part John-centered Star Trek-related series of articles for |~fuwa fuwa~|.
Part one was about the non-existance of gay characters in the franchise and especially the still very obvious Picard/Q subtext.
Parts two and three will be about the "Spock VS Q" audio plays and "Star Trek:Borg", respectively.
What fun it is to rant and rave about that stuff in two different languages ^___^

The company [ profile] yamasagi works for bought used IBM T22 laptops. He got one, too. The T22 is exactly the same as my T21 apart from the CPU which is 100 MHz faster. He named the thing "Ni-juu-ni" (Twentytwo). Very original indeed ;)


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