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( May. 23rd, 2009 08:10 pm)
I'm sitting on my parent's veranda. They've gone to see a political cabaret show they've had tickets for since last year. Unfortunately, they didn't have a spare one for me, but I don't mind. It's nice and quiet out here (despite the sheep a few houses away), albeit a bit cool.
We had fun so far, we talked a lot and had BBQ and cake. I checked out the things they've done to the house so far. Looks new and much friendlier since almost everything is white now. Watched some "Chi's Sweet Home" with bro. Had a look at the electrical guitar mum bought for her bday and ordered some pleks on eBay for her ^^ Got a lot of news about former friends and relatives. Am still looking forward to getting back home to [profile] yamasagi and the boys tomorrow.

Also, of course, I've been writing emails to Kai all the way. Here are some news:
- He will be in "Bioshock 2". Yay! Still haven't played part 1 *cough*
- The final performance of his play should be going on right now.
- The DVD with two of th performances arrived. Guess I'll get it next week *squeaks*
- I miss him terribly. Sigh.

Now, I'll go wash my hair, check the basement for sellable eBay stuff and maybe watch some TV.
C ya tomorrow :D


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