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( Apr. 27th, 2007 11:44 pm)
Today, mum sent me pics of her new car. What a beauty. Look behind the cut to see.

Opel Corsa! )
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( Mar. 12th, 2007 09:47 am)
Just got an email from mum. Among other things, it said this (rough translation):
Gotta search for that bill. Can't find it in that mess. Gotta call NCIS.

Can you tell what her favourite series is? :3
BTW, she'll get a new car in April (Of course, it's a new Cosa, that damned Opel fangirl XD At least it's black^_~). And her license plate is gonna start with "SI CN". Now read it backwards and facepalm *lol*

Also, they sold Kou-chan. For the same price we bought him at. Well, at least I got the money back. It'll stay on my other, sealed account as emergency supply. Whew *wipes forehead*
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( Feb. 3rd, 2007 10:17 pm)
Happy Birthday, dad!!

- Right now, we're up against a wall with installing Etomite on that crappy Windows server mum's choir rented. Which drives me mad but right now, there is very little I can do.

- Got Super Eurobeat Vol. 174. So far, I've identified three huge highlights on there. More later (maybe).

- Had a nice lunch at the Thai restaurant even though the place was crammed. But I kinda feel like the place where we parked was trying to annoy us. There, I took a pic of it:

Yes, this says exit. And yes, it points to a wall. The real exit was even further to the left. Eek.

- Parents put up my parking sign without telling me so I was a bit surprised when I got to my car today. Look:

- Had trouble with all three cars today. Luckily, in case of Kou-chan, it was just a jammed trunk lock. Phew!

- Instead of staying at home, waiting for people to come and with him a happy birthday, dad went shopping on his own (As I said, mum's out with her choir all weekend). Which means that *I* had to explain to all the neighbours that he wasn't available and some of them were pretty surprised, to say the least. I mean, it's his choice and all, but the next person to call ME anti-social, will be shot without trial. BTW, right now, he's celebrating at our neighbour's place who became grandparents of twins recently. So he's hopefully having sort of an okay time after all.

- He got a heap of chocolate and cookies from bro and me. He said "Wow, that's a lot of stuff, so I'll call you to share it". I thought that was hella cute <3

- I also got some chocolate pudding for bro and me because I felt like it. Oh, and a bag of BUM. Still need to try it, though. Since my trunk didn't open, I had to put all of the food onto the front passenger seat. Looked funny *lol*

Okay, that's it for now. Coming up a bit alter: Some rambling about current House and c't TV episodes. Plus maybe some words concerning SEB 174. Yahoo... not XD
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( Jan. 31st, 2007 01:06 am)
I know I haven't been active on eBay for quite some time. Actually, mum has been almsot concerned about that.
Well, mum, worry no more, for here are tonight's purchases, yeehaaa :D

Twingo parking space sign

Okay, that one shouldn't surprise anyone. I actually think that people here wanted me to get it. Well, I got it ;)

New cover for 6230i

I like my cellphone a lot, but a lil' more black can never hurt, now can it? This is the old 6230 look, but I think it'll be really pretteh.

*cough* Raccoon *cough*

.... yes. My plushie madness has struck once more.
And yes, I bought a (temporary) villain from a Dreamworks CGI movie... to cuddle.
But awww, he's lovely, dontcha think?
Oh, and in case you were looking at the eBay article description, thinking "Why does it say Richie, he's called RJ!". Yeah, well... he was renamed in the dub. And in this case, it makes sense because we're not used to abbreviated names. But I of course prefer RJ. Ah, I hope he comes here real quick, I wanna huggle and pet him, he's so adorable <3 <3 <3


Okay, I'm back to normal. For now >:D

(And as you can see, I'm quick with user pics ^^)
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( Jan. 15th, 2007 11:28 pm)
(Somehow, Semagic crashed while sending this entry so I re-posted it now, about five hours later -_-)

Well, drove around a bit more.
Kou-chan's stereo and the speakers are very good. And listening to Majestic at eardrum-splitting volume makes every journey worthwhile \m/

However, before I could even start, I had to defrost him. The problem ist that the side of the valley we live on hardly gets any sun during the winter months. So my poor baby was completely frozen T_T Scratching away the ice with that plastic thingy nearly killed my arms, it's tons worse than my non-servo steering! [ profile] yamasagi said he'd get me some of that defrosting spray. Good idea XD

Anyway. Driving is still so much fun. Wouldn't ever wanna give Kou-chan away. It's so warm and comfortable inside. I'm so proud of him <3 <3 <3

I also have to take back all the bad stuff I said about the grocery store mum usually shops at. Not only did they have four (!) types of Oreo, I also found this:

Chocolate-coated caramel goodness. Yay ^_^

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to obtain a c't magazine anywhere. I tried four stores, but found exactly nothing. It looks like someone ate them all O_O;;;

One more weird thing:

Is it a CD cakebox?

No, it's the geekiest cookie jar in the world :D

Later, I'mma have a talk with that bunny of mine. Since I have a beta, I might just as well TRY to pull this one off. Yea *nods*
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( Jan. 11th, 2007 01:14 pm)
Here they are :D
Had to do two sessions cuz the blasted camera seemed to be unable to write beyond a certain point on the memory card.
Nearly froze my brain off during the first one since I forgot to take my coat (it's surprisingly cold outside if you're only wearing a shirt).
During session #2, our Russian neighbour passed by on her way back from the cigarette vending machine. She asked me whether I had a new car (good question indeed O_O;;;) and when I said yes, she congratulated me. Which is nice, seeing how we started driving school together back in the day (She got her driving license at the ripe old age of fifty-something).
Anywho. Enjoy the pics!

My cutie (10 pics / 800x600 / 800 KB)!! )

Well, hope you enjoyed those pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.... not. Because that damn camera crashing after every third photo is not fun. I like it because I got it from [ profile] yamasagi but it's still got major issues.
Anyway, last night's Daily Show is nearly finished so I'll go to watch that in a moment.
C ya!
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( Jan. 10th, 2007 06:51 pm)

Just the keys for now since it's too dark to take good pics of the thing itself. Well, tomorrow, promise!! BTW, the black one belogns to mum's Opel Corsa. I also gave her Kou-chan's spare key.

*sobs with happiness*
I got my little baby car! He's standing in front of the house and I... keep looking outta the window to check he's still there (sound familiar at all, [ profile] silicondreams?) ^_^;;;

Mum and me went to pick him up in the afternoon. He looked cuter than ever, especially now that he's wearing my custom plate ^_~
Of course, now, whenever someone or something needs a car, I'm the one to do it. Hey, I need practice *lol*
Picked up bro from the station today. Oh, and we ordered winter tires. Guess what brand I got? Fulda tires *giggles*
My driving is improving, and I'm also getting the hang of the controls.
Actually, it was better than I had thought from the very beginning. Sounds a bit like I'm underestimating myself...

Anway. I got Kou-chan.
He's just... indescribable. And he's MINE.
*happy sigh*

And... my car radio is... er... Hell, what on earth was I looking at on Friday?
Today, I fianlly noticed that it's actually one of these.
A bloody Sony CD mp3 radio, almost brand-new and worth 150$ *stares in disbelief*
Still need to check the speakers but... wow, that rocks O_O
Uh... anyone need a spare cassette adapter? *facepalm*

Tomorrow, [ profile] yamasagi will nip over and I'll show Kou-chan to him. He said the kittehs miss me so I'll accompany him back home ^_^
But you'll still get tons of Kou-chan pics and rambling beforehand!
And tonight, I have tons of manuals to read XD
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( Jan. 9th, 2007 01:15 pm)
Now I have about an hour if time to kill before last night's Daily Show has finished downloading *shivers with excitement*
Paid for Kou-chan today. I can go get him tomorrow at 3 PM. Yayness :D
The custom plate thingy was arranged as well. It's finally certain that I'll get it!
And I still think the car sales guy was kidna friendly. Mum was arguing the "it's just cuz you bought a car from him" thing again, but a) 5800 Euros prolly wouldn't save the place if it was near bankruptcy and b) giving them money is NEVER a reason AT ALL for ANY German sales person to be nice to you. 98% of them still treat you like shit or as though you're actually DISTURBING them even if you buy their whole goddamned market >:O

Okay, enough ranting for now.
I was goung to show you KIan-chan's new W2k look, right?
Well, here it is:

Beware, big-ish pic (800x600, 112 KB): )
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( Jan. 7th, 2007 06:07 pm)
I bought a new ramen bowl and last night, I tried it out:

Yummy *drools*

The bowl emptied

WTF?! For some reason, Squishy Cow likes to sit in it ^^

I also got this:

- Demae Ramen sesame flavour (2 packets) (one already eaten XD)
- Demae Ramen duck flavour (2 packets)
- Demae Ramen curry flavour (2 packets)
- Korean noodle soup (mild) (4 bowls)
- Onigiri flavouring vegetable flavour
- Onigiri flavouring Perilla flavour
- Korean plum candy
- Japanese melon bubblegum
- Japanese grape bubblegum

Other stuff I bought with my Xmas money:

- 80 GB HDD for Kan-chan - silent and super fucking fast *O*

- Warhammer Army figure case (Bought off Yama for half the usual price since he got a bigger one)
- Warhammer Tyranid model: Zoanthrope
- Warhammer Tyranid models: 2 Gargoyles
- Warhammer Citadel colours to paint my new and old Tyranids

- Rayman Raving Rabbids for PS2 (Amazing game!)

Car crap:

- New cassette adapter to connect Three to Kou-chan's radio (Can't WAIT to try ^_^). Mum is keeping the old one.
- Little white plushie ghost holding a pumpkin - rear view mirror decoration for Kou-chan

SEB 173 is pure bloody CRACK. I mean, 171 and especially 172 have been really great, but the number of mind-blowing guitar-enhanced songs on 173 is just incredible.
Also, there are 10 songs I like. Out of 18. The average is like, four or five. Good album, huh?
Well, maybe that's the reason I keep failing to tear myself away from it? =)
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( Jan. 6th, 2007 12:48 pm)
Last night, there was a marten in front of my window.
Now, I love animals of all sorts. I really do. And I think nobody should harm an animal for any reason.
But if that guy harms my car, I'll make marten stew. Seriously >:O

(I need a Kou-chan user icon...)
Did some research. Found some... uh... interesting thigns ;)

Yes, those are EYELASHES. Well, they kinda make sense since a) to me, cars' headlamps are not headlamps but eyes, and b) the Twingo's eyes look particularly alive. Still... ugh XD

Two pieces of metal that, when attached to your Twingo's headlamps, give him an evil look. Unfortunately, you'll have to mount and colour them yourself and you have to talk to the car registration people about it as well. Adorable and cool but sadly, too much of a hassle T______T

A sign saying "My Twingo parks here". Just one word: Awwwwwwwww <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Blue LEDs for the displays. Oh, you can see the digital speedometer quite well on the item pic!

ETA: Got the ghost after all. Love him ^^
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( Jan. 5th, 2007 11:51 pm)
Decisions, decisions...
This time: Rear view mirror decoration.
Should I get a plushie spider or a white ghost holding a pumpkin?

Well, at least I grabbed my own mp3 player cassette adapter =)

Memo to self: In case you're wondering who ate all of your chocolate coins - that was you =_=
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( Jan. 4th, 2007 07:51 pm)
So, [ profile] silicondreamss present arrived in Torino safely. And today, when I called mum from the train home from [ profile] yamasagis, she said something had arrived for me yesterday as well.
Y'know, from the moment I heard she had bought something for me, I knew what it was. It just HAD to be that.
And when mum told me, in a surprised tone, that the parcel was light as a feather, I was absolutely certain.
Well, I got home, grabbed the box, opened it, read the cute Xmas card (and gave it to mum who didn't understand it and got a bit frustrated ^_~), opened the wrapping paper and out came...

960x1280 )

Tomorrow: Car buying. With dad. And without mum a.k.a. "The Cheapest Offer is Just Enough For You" mum. Good thing. Yama actually wrote me a list of important things I need to check on all of the candidates. And I'll be damned if I don't get one of these cute little babys (preferrably the silver or the metallic-blue one) ^^
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( Jan. 1st, 2007 04:56 pm)
([ profile] yamasagi is playing Burnout Revenge)
Yama: "Ah, there's nothing like a game that has Dolby Surround sound"
Jessy: "Yeah, especially when you crash into walls as often as you do"

([ profile] yamasagi is driving around Rome in Burnout. He crashes into corners and destroys his car repeatedly)
Yama: "Damn Italy, corners everywhere"


First of all, Happy New Year everyone!!

So, what did we do so far?
Uh... nothing of significance, I'm afraid ^_^;;;

We watched a handful of movies, went shopping a couple of times, did hours of cat cuddling (<3) and worked on our Warhammer armies we got/bought for Xmas. Pics of various things later.

Also, Kan-chan is now running on an amazing 80 GB HDD. I was completely taken aback when I noticed that the laptop is suddenly completely SILENT. Before getting the new HDD, he always made a distinct humming kind of sound. We suspected that was due to some fan but turns out, it was the old HDD *gasp* Actually, we took it apart and found a small metal part that was flying around loose INSIDE the hard disk O______O
(Pics ofd that "operation" will be presented here on a later date as well)
Anywho, Kan-chan is now blazingly fast, silent as hell and seems to use up even less eletricity than before.

Apart from that, yours truly is about to buy one of these things that have four wheels and eat petrol. Yeehaa, an ador(k)able lil' motorized cutie for moi =)
Unfortnateloy, I won't be able to say anything interesting about that until I'm home at the end of the week. Still, thought you'd like to know.

Tobi is doing anohter Avantasia? OMFGguuuhhhhhh... *brain explodes*

Right. That was my little update. See you ^_^


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