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([personal profile] jessybxx Oct. 31st, 2007 10:27 am)
*crawls out from mountain of math problems* OH HAY. I CAN HAS SOLUTIONS NOW PLS?

Remember Ni-Juu-Ni? The IBM T22 (900 MHz - 100 MHz faster than my T21) [ profile] yamasagi bought to use at his job?
When he was looking at brand-new ones, he suddenly asked me whether an additional 100 MHz might be of any use to me. "Why of course", I said.
To which he replied: "Then we'll swap. I hardly use Ni-Juu-Ni anyway and you need the best laptop you can get to take to uni every day"
This means I'll use the long weekend ahead of us (All Saints' Day tomorrow) to swap all the drives between the two machines (I'm even taking my DVD drive because the one in the T22 seems to have mechanical closing issues), format them and reinstall the OSes. My new T22 will be getting XP Home, firstly because Yama bought a license just for it and secondly because I've seen it on this amchine and it runs a lot more smoothly than I could've imagined.
I also ordered two new TrackPoint caps because mine is rather severely used ^_^;;;
So, yay. My third laptop in two years. WTF?! XD

Tonight, we'll have dinner at the Chinese restaurant with a friend of Yama's and his girlfirend.
And on Sunday, it's off to mum, dad and bro once again. I'm sure there'll be tons of university talk. Hee ^^

Currently, I'm waiting for the Oberhausen tickets to arrive. I odered them the moment [ profile] silicondreams told me she'd booked the flgihts.
I also arranged for us to go meet my parents' on Saturday. This sounds weird. Never mind XD
Mum's cooking. Gonna be fun, especially seeing all of their attempts at communication in whatever language they might come up with *giggles*
So, 2008's not even here yet but there's one definitive highlight already planned. Nice, eh? ^_^

Mmh, new 'Ray promo pics *saves them to USB stick to cheer herself up during upcoming modeling methods lecture*


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