And if you know our bed, you know that a) it's huge, almost as big as the whole room, and b) the frame is screwed to the rest of the thing so you can't lift it to reach below for cleaning.
Yes, I had fun today XD

However, I also got myself a referral to an allergist. I really, really need to talk to someone about this crap now, and if it's only to make plans for getting shots during the winter. Oh, and maybe, he/she will give me some better meds, too :D

We changed plans for my family's visit tomorrow. We'll take them to that awesome Chinese restaurant in Oberhausen. Yay ^^

And now... we travel back in time.

[ profile] thefridayfive for August 17, 2007

1. Who was your favorite teacher?
That was without a doubt my eighth/ninth grade English teacher, Herr Schatz. Mmh... I do wonder what he's up to these days...

2. Why was that teacher so special?
He was somewhat strict compared to the others, but very friendly with it, and always had a silly joke at the ready. He really made us work a lot, but damn, it was worth it. Actually, I liked doing those vocabulary cards a lot. I think it was him who got me on the way of becoming the English geek I am today, and I'm eternally grateful for that. Maybe I should write him a letter one of these days. Too bad he was such a relentless P.E. teacher at the same time *lol*

3. Do you think teachers get paid enough?
Hell no. Just look at teenagers these days. They're dumb, evil monsters who're only itnerested in drinking, their cellphones and goddamn HipHop. Well, most of them are. And I bet they're a nightmare to deal with. Regardless, teachers in Germany have the reputation of being lazy and whiny. Poor people. Glad I'm out of that kind of job prospect forever *shudders*

4. Do you have a favorite year of school?
Probably the last one. People really got along because... well, we weren't fourteen anymore ;) Also, we got to eat cake in biology on Fridays and asked our teacher useful questions about sunburns and such. What fun XD

5. If you could travel back in time and tell yourself something now that would have helped you get through school, what would you say?
"Hang in there. They're not worth it. You'll find better friends than them soon. Believe me, you'll be amazed."


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