Long but hopefully amusing ^^ )

Sorry for going on so much, but I felt like writing. Weird, huh? XD
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( Jun. 13th, 2007 11:45 pm)
Okay, final post before tomorrow.
Uh... wish me luck?
But even if nobody did, I can do this. It's not something I'm bad at or don't really care about. I can do this! Gonna pwn Cambridge >:D
*clenches fists*

Exams starts at 9:15 AM. Gotta get up at 6:15. Damn trains. Ugh.
I expect not to be home before 7 PM. Double-ugh.
Anyway. C ya tomorrow *wavey*
I finally managed to pull myself together and looked up public transport infos to get to the CPE exams (written: 14 [Thursday], oral: 22 [Friday next week]).
What idiot decided to hold them at the adult education center in Dortmund? Rumour first had it that they were supposed to be at the one in Düsseldorf, but nooo...
Getting there is gonna cost me 20 Euros. Per day. Not to mention I'll have to get up at like, six AM on Thursday. OMFG.
But Julia was cute when telling me that "The center in Düsseldorf is right next to the station". Uh... most of them are ;)

The letter stating the place and time(s) of the exams starts with "We'd like to invite you to the exam..." O_o Invite? Well, I hope they have the red carpet and champagne ready XD
There's also this sheet called "Notice to candidates", telling you stuff you're allowed to do ("drink plain, still water only from a plastic bottle with a secure lid" - What, are they afraid of bombigns?) during the exam and anything that's forbidden. Like, cheating. Woah, big news there. Anyway. Of course, the thing is in English and one of the first sentences on it is "If there is anything you do not understand, ask your teacher or the examination supervisor.". Or don't even try talking the exam, is what I say XD
Another sheet also states the sames of the candidates for the oral exam. You take it in pairs and apparently, I've been teamed up with a woman whose name looks like she's from an Eastern Eurpoean country. Which is nice since people from those countries are usually friendly people and have lovely accents ^^ (What's that, backwards racism? X_x)

And no, I'm still not scared. The different types of exams and exercises are all fun and challenging and the overall feel kinda compares to playing Sudoku... if I palyed Sudoku ^_~
So I'll try approaching the whole thing as calmly as possible because I know I'm not totally hopeless =)

ETA: What? I just read that to achieve a grade A, you need 80% and above? I thought that eprcentage was much higher O_o
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( Feb. 22nd, 2007 04:37 pm)
Stuff I did yesterday:

- Beat public transport that tried to fuck with me. Haha >:D
- Had my ugly mug photographed for applications (Maybe I'll show you the thing later...)
- Ate donuts and other bakery stuff from a take-away bakery. I had no idea these exist, but then, I'm from the middle of nowhere XD
- Bought a couple of socks because I'm running out of them (Blackadder reference, anyone? :3)
- Wrote biiig application to the store I told you about yesterday (GoshIhopetheytakemeohprettypleasepleasethanks ^_^;;)

Stuff I did today:

- Scanned and copied high school graduation certificate and uni kickout certificate
- Called too see whether I can still join the running CPE prep course. Will apply (and pay) for it tomorrow morning, first class on Monday *squee*
- Applied online for another job at another electronics store. Ahem ;)

Yes, looks good so far.
OMGROFL. Just now, the cats stretched in unison. Awww ^^
Ah, there's Yama. C ya!!


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