1. Survive a visit at the the employment bureau, apparently, if I ask them, they'll pay for my lawyer. Or not. I really have no idea, so I gotta ask.
2. Buy groceries, maybe look for a bigger pan.

1. Get up at 5 AM to register for fall semester classes and pray I get the good ones.
2. Appointment with allergist at 8 AM, hope she's really as good as word of mouth suggests. Also, please make her have someone who can draw blood nicely, even from people with difficult arms (like me XD).

1. Go to uni to register for Japanese repeat exam and maybe pick up some credits for my successful exams.
2. Have a nice lunch at the cafeteria (According to the weekly plan, they'll have my beloved vegetarian cream cheese potato pockets <3).
3. Buy a stack of file cards to study kanji (Yeah, I'm dead serious about passing this time XD)

Nothing (What? Even I need a quiet day once in a while, also, it's supposed to be the time of holidays ;P).

1. Catch the train to the 'rents place
2. See "Inception" at the cinema with mum and bro.

Sounds good. Bring it on!!


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