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( May. 5th, 2009 08:23 pm)
No, this isn't the story about my new phone. I have to tell you something else first because it's just too infuriating and stupid to pass it up.

Like I said on Twitter, the moron from GLS (German parcel service) told me he couldn't find our house so he'd already sent another parcel back the other day.
I was like "Um... okay" but at the same time thoguht "Crap, that might have been the brake fluid for his model car [ profile] yamasagi has been desperately waiting for since last week".
So I took my parcel and called [ profile] yamasagi, telling him what happened. He wrote to the shop he ordered the brake fluid from and they advised him to check GLS's online tracking serive.
When we did that, this is what we saw:

Uh... wait... what?!?

According to this, the parcel bastard couldn't contact us when he arrived at the house (that doesn't exist :P) and left notification cards. Um, I was at home (and since it was 6 in the evening, [ profile] yamasagiwas, too) and even if he had just been too lazy to walk the stairs, we never received any of those cards. And then, on May 4, the guy suddenly decides the address doesn't exist after all?! What in the holy mother of crap is going on?? If you ask me, he's just making things up to hide his own inability to do his bloody job >:O
Needless to say, we're both angry as hell. All of the other parcel companies (DHL, Hermes, UPS and so on) always arrive at our place just fine. Also, it's not like the house is hidden or anything. We're number 1 which is right next to #3 and across from #2 so where the hell is the goddamn problem?!
The guy from the shop told us he'll call GLS tomorrow and ask what the fuck they've been doing. We'll see what's gonna happen next. Man...
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( Mar. 24th, 2009 05:48 pm)
Dear customer,

Your RapidShare Premium account will expire in 7 days.
We will delete your account 14 days after expiration (thus in 21 days),
unless you extend it. Remember that you can extend your account anytime.
Even months BEFORE expiration. Please notice that the following will be
lost if you do not extend your account in time.

Files: 0
MB in use: 0
Premium Points: 0

You can extend your account immediately by clicking this link:

Wow, this truly looks like something that deserves to be salvaged.
Not :P
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( Jan. 24th, 2008 09:13 pm)

I've got it.

And yes, today's the 24th. Crazy, huh?
Nuclear Blast shipped it on Tuesday. I'd have gotten it yesterday if the postman hadn't been too lazy to go to the third floor >:O
Anyway. What a lovely item. Gonna be a good fan. I won't listen to it before tomorrow ;)


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