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( May. 19th, 2009 03:50 pm)
Got a Germanwings newsletter going "Thousands of tickets at reduced prices only until Sunday book now you moron" and so on XD
Yes, YES I got it. Jeez... n need to rub it in like that =_=
What's worse is that all the flights start at Cologne and not at bloody Dortmund which is exactly what I want.
Eek! I need to think of something. QUICKLY.
Mou~ I miss Kai. Wanna seeeee him *flails*
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( Oct. 14th, 2008 10:55 am)
Finally managed to order a new fluoxetine prescription. Will get it (and the stuff) tomorrow. Phew, I was just about to run out of 'em pills.
See, I didn't get them from my normal doc in the first place, so I wasn't sure if they'd be willing to give it to me at all. Y'know, what with all the junkies and things...
But! What I did was shove my day clinic discharge letter in their faces. It mentions both of the important meds I'm on right now, and the receptionist even asked if I need the thyroid stuff, too, which I don't right now since I've still got plenty of that left. She told me to come back tomorrow and get my prescription and the discharge letter because they want to make a copy of it.
And, not even three minutes after going in, I was back on the street, being all " That was it?!"
Wow, that was surprisingly easy, almsot anticlimactic *lol*
Still, since I was rather anxious to go there at all, [ profile] yamasagi was all proud when I called him afterwards. He even said he'll have a surprise for me when he comes home tonight. I wonder what that is...?
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( Nov. 24th, 2006 07:56 pm)
This week, once again, technology, no matter how much I love it, keeps kicking me in the face.
First, I nearly lost Max after the car journey home last night.
Second, the smartcard programmer I bought (that was the risky thing, BTW) seems to work but the card seems to be busted. So I dropped it into the mail tonight to have Yama get it replaced. Meh =_=
Third, Semagic stopped working. All of a sudden. Even re-installing didn't help. It just freezes during authentication. So I'm using the web interface right now. I'll look for another client later. I know there's more than just one...

On the bright side: I brought tons of delicious music and videos back from Yama's.
I'm gonna miss DL windows looking like this:

Well, can't be helped. At least I made good use of the time I had on 16 Mbit (and of my HDD space :D).
I... er... think I need to burn some DVDs *lol*

And Megaupload obviously needs some German lessons:

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( Nov. 10th, 2006 04:32 pm)
Temporary result of my "Who is Guy Fawkes" family survey
People asked: 3 (out of 4)
People who knew Guy Fawkes: 0 (out of 3)

Oh my. Guess we're Germans after all O_O


Well, I was wondering what Gordon Deitrich Stephen Fry is up to these days. So I grabbed the newest episode of QI.
And needless to say, me liked it. A lot.
Okay, I had NO IDEA who the candidates were, but I guess that would be no diifferent if someone from the UK would watch one of OUR shows.
Right now, I'm of course trying to get more. I even managed to sign up at Demonoid to get older torrents!

Speaking of downloads, Marykirspinning session.
He had read the text on the V for Vendetta DVD a bit earlier.

Dad: "When's the show starting?"
Me: "... of what?"
Dad: "That" *points to DVD*
Me: "About 6 PM?"
Dad: "Well, I won't be back home at that point"
Me: "Why?"
Dad: "Might've taken a look at it too"
Me: "Wha...?" *starts freaking out*
Dad: "Don't worry, it's OK" *leaves*
Me: "... fuck."

Dammit! He's interested in the movie! This is A RARE THING! I have an organizational problem right now. Crap crap crappity crap!!!
*flails and runs restelssly around the house*
*takes deep breath and sits back down to THINK*


BTW, V icon #3. Made by me while I was in a particularly pathetic mood. Sowwy for that ;)
But that's not exactly bad, seeing how I found a Kai interview there :D
Italian guy, lots of background noise, limited quality of the .flv file format. But still...
Isn't he just adorable? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Damn. Once again, I wish I had something you could actually cal a DSL connection.
I wanna watch Hidden Frontier. It looks kinda cool considering it's fan made O_O

And then... I just wrote my first comment on what's probably my favourite weblog evah. The guy who writes it made a mistake with a link.
Since I tend to make those a lot as well, I decided to inform him about it.
Whew, that almost felt like stepping up to a celebrity and saying "Hello" *shivers nervously*
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( Aug. 25th, 2006 04:31 pm)

- got up SOMEWHAT early (Not half as early as I had planned but I guess I'm still dead enough =_=)
- bought new allergy pills (No risks here!)
- talked to mum and dad about the trip to Cologne airport (I'll be getting up at 3 AM. Uh... yay??)
- prepared Kan-chan
- packed most of my clothes (pants, underwear, socks, shirts, shoes)
- burnt half of the DVDs I was planning to burn
- bought something to bring down to Italy APART from ALL of the SG-A episodes that already aired (up to 3x06 "The Real World") and some anime
- ordered (and paid for) a bunch of new DVDs cuz I'm running out of the little buggers

Yet to do:

- burn the rest of the DVDs
- pack something to wear while sleeping (Still no idea what *stares at old-fashioned granny-style nighties in horror*)
- pack the secret stuff I bought :D
- pack cosemtics stuff
- pack headset
- pack rucksack (Kan-chan, Three, cellphone, wallet, flight booking certificate etc.)
- say goodbye to Yama
- Calm THE FUCK down
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( Jul. 27th, 2006 12:12 am)
Talked to my friend at DB.

[ profile] silicondreams, I really hope you show up on IM tomorrow or something.
(Will be there from 2 PM, maybe earlier.)
We have a minor problem.
Though I'm still confident that we'll manage.
Damn, of course we will >:O
This is im-por-tant!!

I mean, it's mainly a prob of getting from one big city to another.
But hang on, I did that a couple of times and it always worked like a charm.
And it should be possible in any part of Europe, goddammit *mumbles*
At least it'd spare me the 12 hours of train and I'd be able to go on a plane again after what, five years?
Ooohhhhh, nice ^^

Still... This is gonna be a good night indeed.
I. Hate.Waiting.
Sleep? Far, far away.
Somewhere out in space...
*stacks up bottles of Coke*
*buries herself in thoughts about the ayatsauri ingyou remake and maybe various runs of her mum's Ralf Schmitz DVD*

Eek, an insect just flew into my lap and got roasted.
What a nice smell *pukes*

Sorry for my blabbering, but this is really getting to me right now. I'll shut up, okie?


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