So... I did translations of the German bits in the short video interview snippets found here.
Basically, the Rays talk about some songs from the upcoming album, and since Daniel and Henjo apparently were too lazy to speak English, I had some work to do on a lazy Saturday evening ;)
Anywho... enjoy ^_^

#1 "Rise"

Daniel: Melodic double-bass speed hymn. Recording it was really exhausting. I was sweating like a pig in the studio because, apart from the small middle part, there's lots of double-bass parts. Nice song, will work very well when played live.
Henjo: I enjoy Daniel's songs a lot, I like them very much. Daniel's got this thing I like to call an Eighties faible, which means that his stuff always sounds a bit Eighties-like. But I don't just mean Eighties Metal or Had Rock but Eighties music in general, especially when it comes to the melodies.

#2 "Deadlands"

Daniel: Good mit-tempo song, groovy like fuck. With this one, we tried out a lot of things. We just weren't sure what would work best for that song, we made a lot of parts.
Daniel: In the end, the song is carried by the guitar riff, it's a very heavy riff.
Henjo: Deadlands is a classic one. The chorus reminds me a bit of Tobi. However, he asked him and he's got nothing to do with it. So, no similarities, but it could be on an Avantasia album as well.

(If you ask me, Kai and Tobi probably wrote the song together... in bed. So there, mystery solved :P)
(Love Kai's game show vision. I hope he knows he's probably giving people ideas for fics ^_~)

#3 "No need to cry"

Henjo: He certainly needed that song to come to terms with the whole thing. Very nice ballad.
Daniel: The studio session with him was very good. He was very concentrated during the whole thing. That was one of the most concentrated sessions we had because he was 100% focused on the song. It was very important to him.
Daniel: The song is very powerful, full of feeling. I mean, of course, this sad stuff is not everyone's cup of tea. I like songs which are extreme, either extremely melancholic, extremely sad or extremely aggressive. I like extremes because they're so full of emotions.
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( Jul. 24th, 2007 10:43 am)
Here you go. I first put the whole article, untranslated, with my paragraph marked in red.
Then, I cut my part, made a separate file out of it and translated it best I could.
Uh... enjoy? =)

Jess in the Press *lol* )
Minimum requirements: Having read "Take me away"
Recommended requirements: Being [ profile] silicondreams ^_~

I am so going to regret this... )

Heh. I did it, I really did it XDD
[ profile] rdyfrde asked me to translate this. Here it is ^^
(Important: If some of the stuff in there sounds somewhat strange to you, believe me, it did so in the German version as well.This is weird '90s music magazine language. There were a few words even I had never heard of yet. Versuchsballon? Are you KIDDING me? Still, I hope you get the main ideas of the thing XD)
(BTW, I dunno whether you get that gilding thing, so here's an easy explanation: In German, there's this proverb that says that if someone gets rich, he earned him or herself a gilded nose. They kinda use it in a very weird way. Suppose they were trying to be funny. Falied :P)

Ingo Schwichtenberg is dead. The former Helloween drummer has been run ober by a train near Hamburg in the middle of March.
Ingo was part of the original line-up that's been in existence since 1983 and that off the cuff became the by far most successful speed act. Already in the previous year they had had their debut on the "Death Metal" sampler that was introduced by Noise Records as a tryout for new bands (for example, the neighbours of Running Wild were featured on this thing as well). In the beginning, the boss of Noise, Karl Walterbach, didn't want to sign the Weenies. Only the incredibly positive fan reactions finally made him grab the pencil - which he could have been getting gilded afterwards, as well as his nose. The '85 mini-Ep "Helloween" forshadowed a great album, featuring amazing songs such as "Victim of fate", and in the end of the year, said album, called "Walls of Jericho" was eventually released. More than 100.000 sold units in Germany alone turned the former basement-combo Iron Fist into media celebrities. The two "Keeper of the Seven Leys" albums got them gold awards: Helloween were at the top - and fell deep. In the fall of '89 Kai Hansen - main song writer along with Michael Weikath - left the band an in thge beginning of '90 a desastrous legal argument was initiated: Helloween cancelled their contract with Noise and subsequently were put on hold for years. Parallel to that, Ingo got more and more health problems that finally forced him to submit himself to long-term treatment. When he came back afterwards, he was thrown out of the door without getting another chance to prove himself and thereby, a major purpose of life was taken from him. To be fair it has to be said that the band didn't hold back on financial support for Ingo during this time. Anything going beyond these facts would be speculation and therefore unrespectable and unfitting. But we can still assume that some of his companions will have to live with a bad consciousness...


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