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( Aug. 29th, 2010 05:10 pm)
Crazy stuff up ahead, read at your own risk (Do I have th keep writing this in EVER ENTRY? XD) )

PS: On a semi-related note, I was shocked to see how many haters La Carmina has around the intarwebs. Sure, whenever anyone does anything that gets some attention, there's at least some people who'll start bitching the heck out of them. Sure, I'm bloody jealous of her job and the fact that she got to film with Andrew *cough* but I still wouldn't HATE her for it. She's doing good stuff, and if people criticize her for having plagiarized some of the stuff she's put on her blog, they should look at themselves first. I mean, I'm quite convinced that there are only a few people who have NEVER taken a picture or a video without asking the creator for permission. Also, if people think that the things La Carmina writes about Japanese culture are wrong, why don't they tell her and instead bitch behind her back? Oh, right, they're envious lowlifes without even a shred of character or dignity who probably can't even spell. I forgot :P
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( Dec. 11th, 2008 11:37 pm)
... for telling me that you went swimming today... OMG...
*nosebleed of death*
(Icon somewhat related)
“Never doubted him. Never will.”
(Jack Harkness - The Parting of the Ways)

Remember when I said that, in order to not fuck up the dub's translation, Kai #2 would have to be even more of a genius than me?
Well, I can now officially state that he is exactly that.

In other words: The German dub is excellent. For more, read on.

Praise, praise, and... uh... more praise ^^ )
These days, I love watching a certain TV station.

A lot of babbling about You-Know-Who. Just don't mind me^^ )
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( Oct. 10th, 2007 10:00 pm)
Whenever I hear Kai #2 doing voiceovers for some TV magazine or other, I have rather mixed feelings.

Of course, I'm always delighted to hear him (Wanna see me go "bounce"? Put him on XD), even though I hardly ever seem to be able to pay attention to what he's actually saying. My brain kinda switches to "Eeeee" mode the moment I notice it's him, and then, noting reaches me any more *lol*

On the other hand, it's such a terribly sad waste of his talent.
He's such a great actor (and I'm not adding the "voice" here because he's both, and to me, they're not really different). You can hear how good he is even when he talks about tires being made. Yep, that's one of the reports I saw today where he was the voice in the background. He just puts much more emphasis to the text than many others. Not to mention the fact he speaks clearer, purer German than me. Even though he's Bavarian. And believe me, that's really weird ;)

It's been more than five years now. And I still can't quite explain why I love that man('s voice) so much. Ah well. I suppose I just do, and that's enough ^^
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( Aug. 25th, 2007 12:57 am)
Whee, we got our first "own" Blu-Ray movie today. And of course, we've watched ti already.
It was 300.
Holy shit, that thing completely redefines the word "badass". The visuals were stunning, the story was utter, meaningless nonsense. Which was to be expected.
But it was still worth it, if only for the effects and spectacularly choreographed fighting scenes.

On the Who side... There's only three episodes left until... damn, I don't even wanna think of it. I'm terrified of 1x13. Utterly terrified.
Well. Maybe a pause (until Monday) is a good thing. Though I will keep staring at Chris pics whenever I get the chance. That man is just too gorgeous to be real.
Just burned all the episodes, including a documentary from 2003 and the Xmas special.
Dammit, I need to get someone into that thing. Too bad there's only one person left. But I know my bro will like it, I just know it. He's the type for trashy-looking, British SciFi. I mean, he loves the Hitchhiker! And he will watch Who, even if I'll have to tie him down >:)

*is totally not downloading anything else that Chris has starred in*
Holy damn, help me... not O_o

We'll be out of town at my parents' tomorrow. C ya on Sunday, then ^^
I'm up to 1x07 now. Gotta say that I watched every episode twice. For now. I expect to know them by heart in the rather nearer future O_o
Actually, I'm running out of adjectives to describe the thing (and a certain, gorgeous time-traveling alien :D~~~).
The way you get pulled into this thirty-four years old franchise and feel at home immediately is just amazing. Not to mention the fact you can't stop once you've started. Apart from [ profile] yamasagi, who needs to get his taste fixed. But then, I wouldn't wanna have him see me while watching it (XD), so it's probably better like this.
I wish my bro wasn't too lazy to watch stuff in English. That series would be just the thing for him. Grrrr...
Also, having Chris dubbed would be the saddest thing ever, wouldn't it? Too bad I don't take on accents like [ profile] silicondreams does, otherwise, I'd totally sound like him now. I'd never have thought a Northern accent could be this cute, but combined with a character like this, it becomes totally irresistible... to me, that is ;)
Gotta do some icons for my JF, since there's no space left on here, and in about two weeks, I'll get reduced to... what was it? 15 pics if I use the Plus feature, which I probably will.
Yeah. That's it. Nothing more to say, really. I'll treat myself to 1x08 - 1x10 tomorrow. What a nice bday pressie *lol*
1. Do you download music not from the popular genres of Top 40, pop, rock, rap, dance, R&B, or country?
I guess most of my music - downloaded or not - is from non-popular genres, and I'm pretty happy about that, thankyouverymuch XD

2. Are there any musicians for whom you've downloaded a significant amount of their material yet own few or none of their albums?

3. Have you ever enjoyed a downloaded album so much that you went and bought the physical album?
Sure. One of my favourite examples is an album called "Hellfire Club" by some German band called Edguy.

4. How many different ways of playing music do you own (such as radio, stereo system, computer, Walkman/Discman, mp3 player, mp3-ready phone, etc.)?
Computer, laptop, two mp3 players, phone. I don't own a stereo any more ;)

5. Do you still have and/or play a favorite vinyl album, cassette tape, or 8-track tape?

Aaand some old ones! )

Whew. I think that was enough FF to last me a lifetime. Or, maybe, not ^_~
... I gotta send out my best wishes to the sexiest fake pundit in the world.

Happy Birthday, Stephen Colbert!!!
Last night, we watched "Neko no Onageshi". Who the heck had the great idea of calling it "Das Königreich der Katzen" in German? It's "The Cat returns", not "The Kingdom of Cats". What's wrong with "Die Rückkehr der Katze"? Huh? Huh???
Anyway *cough*
What a cute, original and beautiful movie. But hey, it's Studio Ghibli, so I didn't expect anything less! The DVD menu was purring. No kidding!

And today, I found out that my favourite German voice actor is playing a major role in the movie.
We watched the subbed version because I didn't know. And how could I, being all but used to him getting big appearances like that?
Unfortunately, [ profile] yamasagi has already put the DVD back in the mail.
Awww, noooooooo ;_____;

I mean, we'll be getting "Tokyo Godfathers" soon, and he's got an even bigger role in that one. He plays Hana, one of the three main characters. He's even got two (!) singing parts and dammit, I so wanna hear that <3
But still, what a stupid coincidence =_=

Which reminds me, I never really talked about him, did I? Holy hell, that's more than overdue!
I mean, I actually have two crushes who share the same first name. If that isn't cool, I dunno what is XD [Hint, hint: Look at my icon ^^]
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( Dec. 15th, 2006 02:59 pm)
[ profile] thefridayfive for 15 December 2006: Crushes

1) Who was your first crush? (Celebrity or average)
I know this is not the first time I'm saying this so I guess it's only half as embarrassing. It was Tommy (played by Jason David Frank) from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
These wer SO NOT the days *hides*

2) Who do you currently have a crush on now?
The most prominent ones:
- Jon Stewart!!
- Hugh Laurie
- certain people on Qi
- various SG-A cast members
... and one I don't really wanna admit to myself because it's a wee bit stupid... geez...

3) Have you ever become so obsessed with a crush, you went to extreme measures to find out everything about him/her?
That's the usual procedure, why're you asking? O_O;;;
However, I'm not a stalker or anything, mind you!

4) Has your crush ever turned out to be your future girlfriend/boyfriend?
Since virtually all of my crushes are/were celebrities, I can answer this one with a clear NO.

5) Did a best friend ever turn into more than just a friend?
[ profile] yamasagi and I considered ourselves lost siblings in the beginning, but I dunno whether that counts...


The heating is running again. Wheee~

Our small local cinema will show Borat subtitled around Xmas! Seems I got a date for the 23rd *bounces off walls*

If things go well, one of my Xmas pressies will be a new, big (60-80 GB) HDD for Kan-chan :D
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( Nov. 26th, 2006 03:11 am)
I do hope this file will still be up tomorrow. Y'know, what with Google having taken over YouTube and deleting all the illegal stuff...

Now this is interesting.
A few weeks ago, Borat was on a late night show in Germany. And the host of that one was COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY helpless.
Jon, on the other side... does quite a good job.
Well, that just shows who's the good host and who isn't >:D

The way Borat looks at Jon when he tells him he's a Jew... just priceless ^_^;;;
"You have had your horns removed" - "They're under my hair". That's both *lol* and *awww* ^^

Would you please excuse me now while I have said host for a very late night early morning snack :D~~~~
I just found ot that El Jay actually supports embedded FLV videos (FLV = Flash Video, the file format used by YouTube and such). Yayness!
And I decided to try it.
This is a very beautiful V for Vendetta fan video set to a song we all know and love - "Nemo" by Nightwish.
Hope the code works. If it does, I'm afraid you'll have to expect more vids from me in the futue ;)
Fans of the movie - enjoy ^_^
Important: The video contains a lot of crucial scenes so don't watch it if you haven't seen V yet but intend to do so at some point. You have been warned!
(FYI: Length is about five minutes, the size of the file is 12 MB)

Oh wow *wipes eyes*

... and to think that it's quite possible for most of such videos to be gone soon since Google owns YouTube now and seems to be raiding the site for copyrighted material... makes me fucking angry. Argh!!

V is just amazing. I particularly like his introductory speech:
Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.


In German, the "using as many V words as possible" thing doesn't work since we hardly have any. So they only made his way of expression totally elaborate. Which, of course, kills most of the appeal.
I also find it extremely funny that Wikiquote included a version of the speech that was translated into "simpler words". So this is a bit hard to understand even for native speakers?

But AW! Hugo Weaving has such a beautiful voice. It's amazing how much feeling he puts into his acting even though his face is hidden behind a mask the whole damn time. Crush? Who, me? XD

BTW, like my cooking icon? I love those scenes, both the V and the Gordon one. They're really cute, each in its own little way ^_^
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( Oct. 19th, 2006 10:07 pm)
So CD 1 of Star Trek: Borg finished some times this afternoon.
I am not going tot ell you about the depths of hell I went through to get the game running on Max.
However, I can tell you that I failed miserably.
About to try the same long and frustrating set of options on Kan-chan I became stupid and just popped CD 1 into the DVD drive. For some weird reason the installation actually started, though it finished with an error message saying something about the software not being able to create the DIrect X library.
I set the display resolution to 640x480 as the game requires, opened the directory where the files had obviously been dropped by the installation software, clicked borg.exe... and burst into tears.
The bloody thing IS RUNNING. Kan-chan IS ABLE TO RUN IT.
Okay, the resolution is a bad joke, half of my display lines are blank cuz the game forces fullscreen, but it still looks kinda good to me. And it's not half as jerky as the videos I saw looked like.
I even managed to click onto the bag Q is holding (first decision in the game) and see the game over screen. Which means that the playing interface is working as well.
Holy fuck. I can't believe it.
This means that if I'm able to download CD 2 and 3 (which is but a matter of a few hours), I'll be able to PLAY THE GAME.
Thank you, Kan-chan. I can now safely say that you're the best electronic thing that ever happened to me. I love you. And I promise to polish you tomorrow.

ETA: Heh. The game actually has cheats to skip backwards and forwards thorugh the scenes as you like it. Which is a good think cuz that code-clicking thing in the transporter seems difficult to do with a normal mouse but is utterly impossible to do with a TrackPoint. And - oh noes - CD 1 ended even BEFORE the Q-Borg (or Borg-Q?) part. Damn =_=
But... John is pure eye candy, even in 640x480 :)~~~
Update on the "Star Trek: Borg" issue!

Since I doubt that this interests anyone at all... )
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( Sep. 14th, 2006 06:54 pm)
Guess what? I just listened to the original "Spock VS Q" audio play. I still need a better version of its second half as the 64 kbps one turned out to be mightily crappy indeed. Well, I'm certainly working on it.
That thing is absolutely hilarious *giggles*
Leonard Nimoy as Spock is kinda cool. But John just rocks so much. He's so FUNNY <3
Somehow, I don't see why some people accuse him of being out of character. He ISN'T! I mean, remember the party Q threw on the bridge of the Enterprise when he got his powers back (episode "Deja Q")? And remember how he made Data have a laughing fit? Damnit, that character has its goofy sides, certainly. Okay, he IS overdoing it in that audio play, but I dun care.
I mean... Gosh, what a performer O_o
Actually, there's a copy of the full set (both plays + bonus disc that has the five-minute video) on eBay Germany right now. And if I'm able to get it for the initial bidding price, I'm gonna take it. Yea.

BTW, I noticed something odd.
No matter how much the writers ruined Q's character in Voyager (and DS9, tho I'm not sure whether that one episode actually counts), when it comes to visuals, I really prefer that older version of him.

Yep. Certainly. And it's also a good thing they didn't make him wear purple lipstick again (I really wonder, am I the only one who ever noticed that? XDDD).

I also noticed there's a lack of high quality Q screencaps (or, indeed, Q/John pics in general) on the net. Well, one more reason to wait until the DVDs get cheaper ^_~

Apart from that... Aw man... Stargate SG-1 seasons five and six. He was in a couple of episodes back then. Dunno how important his role was (he played a - terribly handsome - Colonel) but I know he was sorta evil and got a very cool story (and death, ehe XD). Ebil John? REAL ebil? I want!!

The problem about John is that he's one of those people who tend to appear everywhere, but only as guest stars. I think half of the 'net is wondering why he never got a really big role anywhere. Or why Q never appeared ion any of the movies, considering he's one of the most popular recurring characters. Nobody really seems to understand those things. And that includes me. Meh.

Oh, and I got that. For Kan-chan. Cuz the old one was peeling off. Now I removed it and am going to replace it with the new one. Pretteh notebook ^_^

Speaking of pretteh, how do you like my "under construction" page? The graphic was done by Blade. His stuff rocks!!
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( Sep. 12th, 2006 08:52 pm)
I just heard Paul McGillion speak without the Scottish accent.
And I have to say it was a bit sad.
I mean, I've grown to really appreciate US accents, which is something I would've never believed possible say, five years ago.
But Paul is just so much cuter playing Carson <3

As you might notice, I made a bunch of random LJ icons. Stargate, a Q one and... that's it. Yesterday, I made a second House one as well. Now my collection is still hugely centered on Kai and Tobi, but at least I have SOME from my other fandoms to use when I need them :D

Ah, fandoms. Aren't they the most lovely thing ever created? They should be on the same list as the wheel, electricity and the internet, if you ask me XD

€dit: Something for the McKay/Beckett shippers/supporters: A bit of making-of centered on a certain SG-A episode. Be sure to WATCH THE ENDING OF THAT! I think I'm dead now :P~~~

(Damn, I love YouTube!!!)
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( Sep. 11th, 2006 07:52 pm)
... my pathetic, fangirly and utterly stupid contribution to Star Trek's 40th anniversary. Run away if you can XD

Earlier than expected, but this entry just WANTED to be written like, RIGHT NOW.

Contains slashy stuff, please click to read ^^ )

PPS: And I forgot something else: One of my first attempts at real writing was a series of fantasy stories based on a Game Boy rendition of Final Fantasy. And it featured Q. Holy crap, that character really influenced me a lot back then. I actually remember QMuse attacking me almost every night to make the stuff even more dramatic and more heartbreaking. Strange guy. Why of course, he was MY muse ;)

PPPS: John de Lancie is not only hot. He's funny, too ^___^
... and how they managed to ruin ALL of the characters!
Yay! ... not XD

So this thing happened last Wednesday.
I was watching the interview with that young woman who had been imprisoned by a guy for eight and a half years but during the commercials, I switched around the channels a bit and suddenly found myself in the middle of a SG-A episode. A dubbed SG-A episode. A second before I started yelling and destroying random pieces of furniture, I decided to take this opportunity and make some notes about the stuff they did to the characters. That way, I'd have some real arguments against the bloody dub of doom.
Fun fact: I actually did this in ENglish almost automatically cuz I know nobody would read that if I put it onto my German blog and... let's face it, you guys simply got better adjectives than we do ^_~

This was an episode from the second season and that's why Lt. Ford isn't mentioned. And I really would've liked to hear Radek Zelenka, too (maybe in his case, they didn't remove an accent FOR ONCE, but my hopes aren't exactly high) but he didn't appear during the five minutes I managed to stand this crap.
I also researched the names of the pathetic idiots voice actors just for the sake of completeness.
Anyway, here are my (slightly exteneded) notes, sorted by character! Grab your vomiting bags, hold on to something and have... fun X_x


John Sheppard
This is the only character where I can tell you the name of the voice actor without research: Marcus Off, who also played Eric Idle in Monty Python's Flying Circus and Jack Sparrow in You-Know-What. And you know how much I love him in both roles. But John Sheppared is probably the single wrongest thing he ever did! I mean, John's behaviour and the stuff he says tend to be kinda dorky (space bugs, anyone? XD) but he's also very brave and saves the days on Atlantis on a somewhat regular basis. But the dub really reduces him to the silly comments. Which hurts. Badly.

Elizabeth Weir
(played by Elisabeth Günther)
Heck, no. Now, Elizabeth can be TUFF when danger looms large. But in general, she really CARES for her people a lot. Well, her German version sounds more like a teenage bitch than anything else. Yuck.

Rodney McKay
(played by Axel Malzacher)
OMG I always hated Axel Malzacher and now it's just getting worse >:O Okay, Rodney is an ass. But he's a brilliant, funny, loveable and terribly charming ass. Not to mention he's a lot hotter than I tend to admit to myself, ahem XD Anway, the dubbers somehow succeeded in taking away all of his charm and leaving only the ass behind. Great job. Not.

Teyla Emmagan
(played by Natascha Geisler)
The leader of the Athosian people is friendly, caring and compassionate. Her German version sounds as if she had an IQ of about 12.7. Wow.

Carson Beckett
(played by Tobias Lelle)
Okay, it's impossible to recreate a Scottish accent in German language. But it's still irritating because there's certainly something missing. And that's not the worst aspect of Carson's dubbed version. Oh no. As I told [ profile] silicondreams, he's my favourite character in SG-A. Why? Because he's cute and gentle and easily scared ;) In contrast, the German Beckett sounds as if he was being constantly annoyed. Where is my adorable, shy Carson gone? Oh god, this is just so terrible!!! *sobs*

Ronon Dex
(played by Ole Pfennig)
Heh. He's the only main character that sounded somewhat similar to the original. Strange.


Y'know what? Right now, I firmly believe the vocie actors were chosen by throwing some dice T_T

And we can do better, we really can. And we did.
For example, I have heard John de Lancie speak. It was only a short piece and it was years ago, but that really burned into my brain (God, I had have such a crush on that man, but more about the embarrassing stuff tomorrow ^_~). And his German VA (Hans-Werner Bussinger) really sounds remarkably similar. No kidding.

Okay, this doesn't change the fact that I want to watch the Q episodes in English but anyway. We can do better.

Coming up: 40 years and not counting anymore: Star Trek and me - Of crushes on ominpotent creatures and slashy POVs before I even knew what slash is ^_^


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