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( Feb. 15th, 2009 07:22 pm)
Been checking the Swedish furniture dealer's website. Damn, their stuff is simple but convenient and... so pricey <3

I was looking for beds just for fun and bumped into this.
Hm... Where have I seen this thing before...?! *lol*
If I have the choice, I'd want that because:
a) It's a good way to save space
b) I've always loved high beds
c) The one I'm currently sleeping in is far too low for my liking
I already have a table (the one I'm sitting at right now, [ profile] yamasagi actuaolly demands for me to take it with me so he can use the space again O.o) so a bed will probably be one of the few things I'll actually need. As for kitchen stuff, I have a ton of house-gifts from my mum still stacked up at my family's place. I guess this is the time when I'll actually be able to put it to good use =)
Anyway, Tromsö (XD) it is ^^
I mean, 125€ for the smaller, single version? That's pretty good (I noticed the Italian prices are somewhat higher than ours). Sure, normal beds are still cheaper, but I'd love to retain the storage space below...
Also, I know it won't break under my weight since it managed to carry me, [ profile] silicondreams and a cat, too ^_~
Ah, dreams... *sigh*
... jeez, it's not like I don't have the money. I just need to pull it (or at least a part of it) out of my parent's grip. And hey, I'm not gonna use it for nonsense >:O
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( Feb. 13th, 2009 06:43 pm)
Just now, [ profile] yamasagi and me had a long, earnest talk which lasted about two hours.
The result: I'll be moving out within the next few weeks.
We both agreed that I need the experience and the feeling of sustaining myself.
I'll find myself a nice little apartment in Essen (where the university is) and a job so I can pay for it.
During the week, I'll be there and the weekends wil be spent at [ profile] yamasagi's.
Sounds like a plan, eh?
On Monday, the oepration "Life on my own" will officially begin.

ETA: On a silly note: I'l lbe living and studying in NOM from now on *lol* (Yes, "Essen" means "food" XD)


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