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( Feb. 22nd, 2007 04:37 pm)
Stuff I did yesterday:

- Beat public transport that tried to fuck with me. Haha >:D
- Had my ugly mug photographed for applications (Maybe I'll show you the thing later...)
- Ate donuts and other bakery stuff from a take-away bakery. I had no idea these exist, but then, I'm from the middle of nowhere XD
- Bought a couple of socks because I'm running out of them (Blackadder reference, anyone? :3)
- Wrote biiig application to the store I told you about yesterday (GoshIhopetheytakemeohprettypleasepleasethanks ^_^;;)

Stuff I did today:

- Scanned and copied high school graduation certificate and uni kickout certificate
- Called too see whether I can still join the running CPE prep course. Will apply (and pay) for it tomorrow morning, first class on Monday *squee*
- Applied online for another job at another electronics store. Ahem ;)

Yes, looks good so far.
OMGROFL. Just now, the cats stretched in unison. Awww ^^
Ah, there's Yama. C ya!!
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( Feb. 21st, 2007 01:00 pm)
(The only reason I friends-locked this entry is that I don't want my family to read this. Right now, I'm on a "no contact" policy with them and I have no intention of breaking that one.)

Yeah. Not dead.
Which is more than can be said of that one tooth over there. The damn thing is fucked. Which is funny since every dentist always swooned about my great teeth. Ha ha fuckin' ha =_=
But this was the first dentist that had a TV in the waiting room. Well, actually, it was a small, VCR-sized computer. I have to say I'm kind of sceptical about those. I mean, they run bloody Windows. No matter how much I love that OS, the thing cannot possibly run for whole days without any error. And while I was still thinking about that, the thing stopped and falshed a message telling us patients to alert the staff because the machine had lost contact to the transmitter. Haha >:D See, I knew ;)
Anway. Front right tooth's rood totally inflamed. They did some emergency work and once again, it took them two attempts to get my bloody jaw numb. Gotta get back there in two weeks to continue the repairs - and hopefully NOT for the thing to be pulled out. Which would be... crap. Ah, damn. Now the pain is gone but of course, I'm bloody afraid of the thing dying. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!

I also sent an email to a company I'd kill to work for, asking whether they need anyone. Of course, I'll be applying to a lot more places, but until my chances are proven zero - which hasn't happened yet - they're my top priority.
Their answer was something like "Thanks for your interest in working with our company. We are always in need of competent and industrious personnel. Now, I'd like you to send us your full application."
Right. So "interested" is a bit of an understatement (Hell, those people sell computer parts. Why would someone like me NOT want to work for them?!), but hey, that's cool. And since I can easily get around a rather large area by bus, I have several of their shops to choose from. Also, I love the things they sell so I'd be more than motivated to do stuff for them. Well, that could look worse, I guess. And they're not the only electronics-related store around. Plus, should all of this fail, I can still take up private teaching again. Yea *nod nod*

Oh! Oh! On Sunday, I cooked. Which is something unusual for me. And guess what? It was tasty @.@
Well, I have to say, the recipe was pretty damn great in the first place (Thanks, Georg ^^).
Anway. It seems like, if you're able to read and follow instructions it's no big deal, really. But back home, I was constantly afrait of mum dumping the job on me entirely. So, yeah. For me (and Yama), it's cool =)

Yeah, so. For now, everything seems to be kinda okay.

The only thing that drives me craa~aazy is Yama's damn router. The thing seems to be unable to handle HTTP traffic correctly. Which means I get tons of timeouts and sometimes, it takes a dozen attempts to open a web site. Bittorrent, however? Not a problem. Crappy thing *kicks it*

Soon, I gotta go and take pictures for my applications. Laterz ^_^


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