*points to icon*
Yes, that really did happen. S01E03. I'm still not sure who to be jealous of here ;)
Bloody props game. That one usually propels the weirdness to a whole 'nother level, let me tell you.
Also, seven episodes before that, you can see that very same Mr. Fry dropping his pants.
Ah, where would RPS comedy be without WLiiA?
Actually, I think I don't want to know XD
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( Dec. 17th, 2010 10:42 pm)
I know, you shouldn't use YouTube as an indicator for the popularity of ANYTHING.
Still, I was appalled to see how many mean and simply horrible comments John's stuff gets on there.
Most of them are along the lines of "He's an arrogant git and he's not funny."

Oh, PLEASE... )


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