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( Jul. 5th, 2007 04:05 pm)
Here I am, writing from a fresh - and most importantly, completely legal - English-language installation of Windows Vista Enterprise 32 bit.
This is my third one for today because I ran into a rather weird problem.

Cut for geeky woes. Don't read if you're not interested ;) )

Apart from that, I'm madly on love with the OS once again ^__^
I mean, hell, it's gorgeous!
Also, I got most of my drivers (graphics, sound, LAN) delivered via Windows Update. How crazy is that? Well, crazy but certainly convenient.

Right now, I still don't have most of the applications installed that are on my list.
However, my Firefox is completely equipped (OMG, getting all the addons back took an eternity ;_;), I can listen to mucis and all of my emails and bookmarks are still alive. Whee~!!

And my keyboard's fignerprint reader is working as well! For some strange reason, I feel so insecure without it protecting my Windows password *lol*

I also lost two LJ entries I was working on because Semagic saved the files on my C:\ drive. Oopsie-daisy. Seems I just can't set up a new installation of Windows without something being killed. At elast it wasn't anything too important since I can always write stuff again, maybe even better ^_^;;;

(BTW, meet my new "The world is trying to fuck with me but I don't give a damn" icon.)
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( Dec. 12th, 2006 05:30 pm)
(Seen on Pirate Bay)
if u dont know how to read a nfo file or how to unpack rar archives u dont belong near a computer.

Uh... agreed!

I wonder why Windows Update seems convinced I need the Arabic language pack...?

All this talk about "Vista will never be properly cracked" made me think. If that's true, this might the first OS I'll actually have to buy.
How much will an English copy of Vista Ultimate cost?... probably less than a German one because of the Dollar...
But until my RC1 deactivates (June 1, 2007 I think), I'll hold on to that instead of trying out any of those dodgy RTM version cracks.
Yes, I tried it.
It's kinda fun but really pointless even though you can control almost everything (Dictating, opening files and programs, using the start menu and even surfing the net).
Somehow, when you're actually using it, it doesn't work half as good as in the tutorial.
I swear to you, the thing fuckin' cheats =.=
And a few moments ago, the speech recognition was activated because while lying on top of my computer, the mike picked up the HDD activity noise and somehow mistook that for "Start listening".
That's how buggy the thing is ;)

However, I still might try dictating a post later =)

BTW, in case you haven't seen it yet, check this out ^_^


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