Today, I was watching some four-part documentary about young people during the Third Reich. Around timestamp 15 minutes... I saw this:

I had to brighten these because the lighting during that scene was utter crap. Also cut out the TV station's logo which was on the left.
But, honestly, like I could mistake that nose for anyone else's. Yes, what you're looking at right now is Kai Taschner, aged 25. In other words, Baby Kai ^^
What a cutie pie, despite the Nazi uniform. Still, I rpefer today's Kai, mainly because I only really know this version ;) Also, it's not like he's not painfully adorable any more *swoons*

Anyway, the facts.
In 1882, a four-part TV movie called "Blut und Ehre" was shot, depicting a German boy's involvement in the Hitler Youth. Apparently, they took this dramatization, shortened and re-edited it, added documentary bits, called it "Jugend unter Hitler" and released it to be shown in schools. And for some reason, me, being the WWII documentary junkie that I am, got my hands onto it.

Also, a rather crazy detail: Most of the actors were re-dubbed. Including Kai. What the...?! Gotta ask him why the hell that was done because it somwhat boggles the mind O_o

Geez, why do I keep running into Kai when I least expect it? You'd almost think I was doing this on purpose XD
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( Jan. 23rd, 2009 08:13 pm)
We're not sure if he said "Papa" or "Mama", but it certainly was one of the two.
OMG. He's like one of those kitties on YouTube :D
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 02:04 pm)
I can't believe I managed to miss this.
From the official site and forum, respectively:
Due to the acquisition of the Sanctuary Group by the Universal Group Gamma Ray have ended their contract with Sanctuary and signed a new contract with SPV Records in Hannover, Germany.

The new album “Land Of The Free Part II” will be released on November 16 2007 by SPV. The CD is completely recorded and actually Tommy Hansen works on the final mix in his Area 51 studio. Last week the band made a photoshooting at the Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg and also finished the work on the album cover.

I'm nearly crying right now. I really am.

This seems to be the tracklist, but apparently, the order of the songs isn't final:
1. Rising Again 0:28
2. To Mother Earth 5:09
3. Empress 6:22
4. Rain 5:20
5. Into the Storm 3:45
6. When the World 5:43
7. From the Ashes 5:30
8. Leaving Hell 4:20
9. Real World 5:44
10. Hear Me Calling 6:45
11. Opportunity 7:15
12. Insurrection 11:30

The CD has a total running time of about 65 minutes which is plenty of stuff for our moolah, I guess XD
Hell, this fall is gonna be great ^___^


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