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( May. 4th, 2009 04:02 am)
  • 14:42 DLing Naruto Shipp. for hun. Why does nobody despite the German subbers even CONSIDER making a batch for a series that so far has 107 eps?!? #
  • 14:44 OMG, Windows 7 RC will be released to the public on Tuesday :D :D :D #
  • 19:43 It's Golden Week in Japan, isn't it? ^_^ #
  • 21:17 RARGH, I can't order my new phone online. "Unexpected error". Their site has been crap ever since 2005. Gotta call them tomorrow. Bleh.. -_- #
  • 21:22 Spoke to soon! The page finally decided to work as it should. Got my order confirmation and the phone will hopefully show up here soon :D :D #
  • 22:37 Finished another translation for dad-in-law's company. No lawyer's language this time, so it was really easy and almost fun to do :D #
  • 23:46 @amethystvisions Ooooh, nice *munch munch* ^___^ #
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Today, I was watching some four-part documentary about young people during the Third Reich. Around timestamp 15 minutes... I saw this:

I had to brighten these because the lighting during that scene was utter crap. Also cut out the TV station's logo which was on the left.
But, honestly, like I could mistake that nose for anyone else's. Yes, what you're looking at right now is Kai Taschner, aged 25. In other words, Baby Kai ^^
What a cutie pie, despite the Nazi uniform. Still, I rpefer today's Kai, mainly because I only really know this version ;) Also, it's not like he's not painfully adorable any more *swoons*

Anyway, the facts.
In 1882, a four-part TV movie called "Blut und Ehre" was shot, depicting a German boy's involvement in the Hitler Youth. Apparently, they took this dramatization, shortened and re-edited it, added documentary bits, called it "Jugend unter Hitler" and released it to be shown in schools. And for some reason, me, being the WWII documentary junkie that I am, got my hands onto it.

Also, a rather crazy detail: Most of the actors were re-dubbed. Including Kai. What the...?! Gotta ask him why the hell that was done because it somwhat boggles the mind O_o

Geez, why do I keep running into Kai when I least expect it? You'd almost think I was doing this on purpose XD
Apparently, mobilcom has some secret phone plans only available to standing customers. Woohoo~
Look at that, so we're not entirely fucked compared to new customers. Only, y'know, almost :P
When I selected my new phone last night, they practically forced me to change my plan as well because the one I was using since 2007 isn't available any more. Unfortunately, st00pid me misread some fine print and switched to one that's just as bad as the one before, meaning I have to pay extra for every text message I send. Ugh.
However, when I checked the customer login pages today, there was a whole bunch of plans I'd never seen before. For some reason, they'd been hiding from me. But since the system still allowed me to switch plans again, I checked three others and selected one that basically makes me pay 13 Euros (about $18) a month which I can use up using both text messages and calls. Ah, that's much, much better. I just hope they'll actually switch me over to that next month or I'll have to yell at them yet again ;)

Now, I just wished the Twitter text thingy would work T-T

BTW, I'm working on a "Cellphone history" page for my German blog, showing all the phones I ever owned. Why? Because I can XDDDD

I also just installed xampp, so I might set up a local WordPress blog and work on a new layout...


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