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( May. 13th, 2009 09:51 pm)
Just started listening to the new Stratovarius album "Polaris".
Wow, I actually recognize the band again! For their self-titled 2005 album, they had changed into something weird I didn't feel comfortable with at all.
If you ask me, leaving was the best thing Tolkki could have done for Koti and the others. Now, they can be themselves and once again create wonderful Power Metal ^_^
So far, the new CD sounds really good. It's certainly much more like "classic" Strato, with lots of giutar/key solos and Timo singing the way he's supposed to sing.
Awesome. Missed you, guys <3 One day, I'll SO catch a gig of yours, also to check out how short your vocalist REALLY is *lol*


:D :D


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