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([personal profile] jessybxx Jul. 11th, 2007 03:15 pm)
As many of you should know, I've been dying my hair red for a couple of years. To be exact, I've been doing it since December 2001.

I've always had somewhat thin hair compared to some girls I knew. Needless to say, it was pretty frustrating, and adding my boring natural hair colour didn't make it better.
So, I went red and stayed there.
But during the last, say one and a half years, things have constantly been getting worse. Mind you, I don't think I'm in any danger of getting bald, but it's certainly noticeable, especially because I usually wear the damn things in a ponytail (NO comments about bangs, [ profile] silicondreams, 'kay? ^_~).
I need to change something since I don't wanna be stuck with either no hair or my stupid natural mid-blonde hair colour. However, it it seems that all chemical dyes are equally bad, no matter what brand or colour (Well, apart from blonde which must be deadly, but anyways). It's the damn ammoniac, I guess =_=

To be honest, I've been pretty desperate about this. Until today, when I finally remembered something that happened to me about two years ago.
Y'see, I was on my way home from [ profile] yamasagis, and on the train, I met this nice, elderly lady.
She offered me some of her cherries (<3) and praised my hair. And she also suggested using henna instead of chemical dye because it's not dangerous.
Hell, why haven't I thought of that before?
Back then, I barely registered her comment, but right now, I'm entriely prepared to have a go at it.
I found some powder-y products that appear to make your hair really blindingly red. My natural hair colour is mid-blonde, so it won't be carrot-coloured afterwards (duh), but hopefully, still bright enough.
There's this brand called "Henna Plus Colour Powder". It comes in several coulous, one of them being "Super Red". That SO sounds like the right shtuff for me *snicker*

I've also been thinking about going black for some time. But I s'ppose it just wouldn't be me. Naah...

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Henna is a great option. The colors are always cool and it smells much better than the chemical ones when you do it (and it doesn't burn them!). Also, I think it tends to "stick" more...when the time of pink will be over (alas) I so wanna try it as well! (yeah, it probably has to do with the fact Lush has some really really cool henna stuff....I am completely addicted. I need a support group!)

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, I read that while researching. It's also supposed to strengthen your hair and make it appear fuller, and goddamn, mine really needs that ;_;

And the moral of the story: You better listen to what nice old ladies tell ya ;)


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