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( Dec. 14th, 2006 01:28 am)
Somehow, people are geting a little too rigid with cutting the commercials out of The Daily Show before releasing it to BT.
They don't even leave Jon's "We'll be right back" in there. Come on, now you're REALLY overdoing it =_=
But yesterday's show was once again GREAT. And it looks like Jon's getting better (he announced he has a cold two days ago, poor sweetie) :D

BTW, important question for you Americans: Are there more commercial breaks over there than there are here? I noticed that TDS gets interrupted every ten minutes or so. How long is such a commercial break?
(We get about six or seven minutes, and there's at least 20 minutes between them, sometimes more)
I think I heard Japan gets a lot of them, too...
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( Dec. 8th, 2006 02:46 pm)
Could someone please explain to me why the US made that Gerrncard thing a frickin' lottery??
(I just read up on that out of curiosity.)
That doesn't make sense :|
I mean, why can't they simply test the people who want to immgrate?
(And I'm not saying that because if that were the case, I might actually have a chance. Well, maybe I am XD)
It boggles the mind.
When I told mum about that, she was like "But then, they might let real idiots into their country"
Oh, really?
Well, *I* am an idiot too, but in another way. And I'd like to think they might like idiots like me XD
Cool fact: When dad heard about me reading up on the whole immigration thing, he was like "You go there. I would've done that too if I knew the language"
Awww <3 <3 <3

BTW, what was that stuff about the Xmas war at WalMart?
Did they really change "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays" for a short while?
How weird is that?
That's as if they were implying that Xmas is a religious thing.
It's not!
Well, it maybe was like, a hundred years ago.
But today? All economy.
Xmas is about presents and candy and putting up lights.
Hell, a good portion of German (and probably American, too) kids have NO IDEA why we started celebrating the day in the first place.
And here comes Wal Mart and makes such a fuss about the greeting.
But I'd love to live in a country where such weird thigns happen. Sounds like fun XD
*will shut up now*


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