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( Aug. 31st, 2008 09:12 pm)
I'm currently downloading four massive torrents containing all Super Eurobeat albums from 001 to 160. I already have most of them, but some additional copies never hurt, right? ;)

Here's why I shouldn't even be allowed to go near a Toys'R'Us store:

"Snaaaake, it's a snaaake..."

The guy is called Minty-Kaa. Minty because the first thing [ profile] yamasagi did when we brought him home was drenching him in catnip (called "catmint" in German). He didn't have the second name in the first place, but when Soulbro said he reminds him of "Kaa Taschner" (he voiced Baby Kaa in the "Jungle Cubs" spin-off series), that was a thing of the past *lol*

Speaking of Baby Kaa, this guy posted a bunch of German episodes of "Jungle Cubs".
I recommend watching "Geburtstagsschlange" ("Birthday Snake") since it's a) centered around Kaa and b) so sweet, it almsot hurts.
This is a role that - unfortunately - is a rather typical one for Kai, mainly becasue it's a bit silly and he has to speak in a much, MUCH higher pitch compared to his natural voice. However, he's one of those people who can do things like that somewhat easily. In that TV interview (one day, I'll post it here with a translation, promise!!!) he was asked to give an example of his voice work and he chose Baby Kaa, going in and out of that "pitched mode" for a moment. Fascinating, I tell you!

Anywho. What a cutie. ...I know, I keep saying I hate those kids' roles, but damn, it sure is adorable :x

Also, Baby Kaa icon FTW <3


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