So, today is the day you better not believe anything anyone says about anything *lol* A few of the things I saw on sites I visit regularly:

- The site layout and all the videos on YouTube are upside down O.o (Click "I prefer the old-fashioned layout" next to any video to rectify this ^^)

- Tokyo Toshokan has renamed itself to "Beijing Tushuguan" and switched its site language to Mandarin in order to "acknowledge as well as cater to our Chinese users who serve to be a prominent factor in traffic stats of TokyoTosho."

- The staff at Boxtorrents wants to build "a platform for distributing [...] licensed titles."

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( Apr. 1st, 2007 02:27 pm)
Well, this year, I'm gonna spare you the usual "I hate this day because it destroyed a community I loved back in the day"-rant.
Instead, some stuff I discovered:

The guys at Tokyo Toshokan are trying to make us beleive they were bougzt by ADV. Yeeeah, sure.
Gendou's music DL page looks slightly spammy XD
The German Nintedocast temporarily turned into Sonycast. But apparently, at least three other major Nintendo-related sites hat the same idea. ops O_O;;;
MY friends at F5 (German movie blog) are telling us total crap about international "Grindhouse" release dates. is turning Germany's TV preferences upside down.
Wikipedia looks fishy as well. So far, I checked the English version and the German one. Strange stuff's happening there...
A site that no German geek should trust on this (not quite so) glorious day: heise online.
A "Tobi to leave Edguy?" thread at the Edguy board. Laaaaame =_=

And - of course - the Rockfic boards :D

Uh... any real good pranks I missed? Tell me ^_^

C ya,
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